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  1. Trade question

    I think this is a valid concern. He's going to fall to me in my draft. I was initially thrilled to have a shot at him but I'm starting to hesitate due to the same concern as you. The extra touches with Ingram gone scares me. Especially if they're going to start consistently run him between the tackles. It reminds me somewhat of Freeman when Shanahan was in Atlanta. He got a lot of rushing and receiving work and put up great numbers but it seemed like he was always getting dinged up. All that being said, Freeman's only missed a handful of games in the last three years. And Kamara is bigger.
  2. I think what makes it a tough choice is the longevity of Bell. He might not even be in Pittsburgh next year. And he's got a lot of mileage on his body as well. It'd be hard not to keep him but I could also see holding on to Johnson and Kamara. That being said, if you're in a position to win now, Bell is the most obvious to hold on to.
  3. Milk Carton Week 9

    From my starting lineup: Doug Martin : 0 Devonta Freeman : 9 Michael Crabtree: 7 Mike Evans: 2 Cameron Brate: 1
  4. I don't think you're getting enough value there. Jones could be your second best RB right now. Hard to say what GB is going to do. Were they resting Ty through the bye week? I don't know but it sure looks like Jones has done enough to earn a significant role. But do need some WR depth. That being said, I don't know that Jones is any better than what you have. And it doesn't seem like Thomas is Simeans favorite target. I'd try to hold out and see if you can get something better or see if Jones can continue to perform at this level after the bye.
  5. Did my team improve? 2 big trades

    You've upgraded at WR but I'm not sure that you're going to make up for the difference between Rogers and whichever QB you roll out.
  6. Drop Matt Forte for Mike Williams?

    You've got good enough RB where you don't need Forte. You'll have to deal with Hunt's bye week. Williams has huge upside and his downside should be similar to Forte's average. But until you seem him on the field, you'll never know. But at that point, it's going to be too late if he looks good.
  7. Full point PPR. Freeman is my RB1. With Jones facing Minny (and the uncertainty of Ty's return) I'm leaning toward Martin. But about half of the ratings I've seen put Jones slightly ahead. I have Montgomery as well. Also starting Evans and Brate. I'm not sure if starting 3 players on the same team is good or bad.
  8. Sterling Shephard's Value

    He's talented and has shown potential. But without OBJ, he's going to draw the top secondary assignments. Without any other true offensive weapons, I don't know how much he'll be able to do.
  9. McKinnon or Aaron Jones

    Tough call because of what Iplay said. Would be nice to have one more week to make your decision to see what Jones does again. That being said, even if Montgomery comes back, I think Jones gets good work. And he's in a better offense. I'd go with Jones.
  10. PPR ROS RB rank them

    I think in PPR, Kamara is the clear #1
  11. PPR I'm a DJ owner so I'm having to start Ingram at RB this weekend. I have Kamara on the bench but would he be a better flex option than Dez? Kamara is probably safe for 8-10 points but he also provides some upside and protection for me if he gets more workload than Ingram. Another route I could go would be to start Abdullah at RB and run Ingram as the flex. Hunt is my RB1 at this point.
  12. DJ Injury

    That's pretty decent considering you lost Johnson. Use Abdullah, West, and Coleman to bridge the gap until Martin returns. Abdullah could have a nice season.
  13. Who to start at WR

    I think it's a pretty easy decision. Start your best two, Green and Cooper.
  14. I have Dez, Crabtree, D Parker, C Davis, and Golliday in PPR. I'm worried about Dez in Denver. More so because Dak is my QB. So if they get shut out, I take a big hit. I'm fairly sure that I start Crabtree and Parker. So I need to choose between Dez, Davis, and Golliday. Alll three have tough matchups.