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  1. 016* 28 DAL WR 88 13 13 96 50 796 15.9 8 56 3.8 61.2 52.1% 796 8 1 8 Above is Dez's stat line for 2016. Targeted 96 times but only caught 50. He led the league in drops and hasn't had a 1000 yard season since 2014. 016 24 GNB WR 17 16 15 121 75 997 13.3 12 66 4.7 62.3 62.0% 997 12 2 10 Above is Adams 2016 stat line. The biggest surprise here aside from the 12 TD's is he was targeted 121 times and caught 75 balls for almost a 1000 yard season. What is more shocking is Dez received a pro bowl and adams didnt last year. Not sure if this helps make your decision any easier. Also, Giants have a solid secondary, and if Dez is lined up against Jenkins, it will be a very physical battle between those 2. Apple and Cromartie are 2 other guys that might get lined up and both are able to cover. I think if OBJ plays Dez is a must start. Dez vs. OBJ
  2. The problem with Dez is he has continuously been under performing over the last 2 years. On the contrary Adams has been developing and getting better in the packers lineup. He is becoming a favorite target for Rodgers. Unfortunately for Adams, the Packers have added more weapons, Bennett, Cobb, Nelson, Kendricks, Rodgers, Montgomery. Its hard to predict who will get the attention. I would stick with Dez for week 1 against the giants, but I would look for Adams to supplant him in your lineup eventually.
  3. Advice for a crazed newbie

    I would stay away from Anderson as he has not been the same productive RB in fantasy for the last 2 years. Hyde has injury questions. If he can stay healthy he will be the main focus in SF run game. He is currently being undervalued in most drafts, again assuming he stays healthy he could break into the top 10 RB. Henry will get his opportunities behind Murray, but unless Murray gets hurt Henry will be limited. Kelly is a good RB2, and I would stick with Johnson and Kelly. Wait and see because there will be injuries and you can always pick someone up off waivers.
  4. League info: 10 team standard yahoo PPR keeper league. Players kept: Jay Ajaji, James White, Michael Crabtree, Tevin Coleman, Melvin Gordon, Tom Brady, Kelvin Benjamin, L. Blount, and Matt Ryan. 1 league member decided not to keep anyone. QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, W/R/T, K DEF, 6BE My Draft position was 5th. Team Drafted in Round Order: 1. Julio Jones 2. Doug Baldwin 3. Isaiah Crowell 4. Christian McCaffrey 5. Michael Crabtree (Keeper) 6. DeSean Jackson 7. Ameer Abdullah 8. Darren McFadden 9. Kyle Rudolph 10. Darren Sproles 11. Kendall Wright 12. Zay Jones 13. Justin Tucker 14. Philip Rivers 15. Jamal Williams 16. Cardinals
  5. Cousins, Prescott, A.Smith - I need two

    Cousins & Prescott.
  6. Do make this trade

    Yes, this is a no brainer
  7. Who to keep?

    Jay and Gordon no doubt. Those 2 are great backs and even better value based on the rounds you will get them in.
  8. LeSean McCoy or DeMarco Murray

    I too think it is very close. Henry will be sure to see more action this year. i think McCoy has more value and will be incorporated in the passing game slightly more than Murray.
  9. Ravens WR's

    Definitely Maclin.
  10. huge draft pick trade question?

    Yes absolutely. The first 2 rounds doesn't make or break your team. Its the players that you take in the mid to late rounds that have the most impact, especially when trying to make a playoff run. You have the ability to really deepen your team and then use that as leverage in trades throughout the year.
  11. Rookie rb

    ESPN's David Newton reports the Panthers are peppering Christian McCaffrey with "short passes and screens" in practice. After observing on Thursday, Newton reports it's "obvious" the Panthers have "big plans" for their first-round pick. Per Newton, McCaffrey is "so fast on his cuts that it leaves (defenders) grasping for air." McCaffrey is an exceptional runner, but it's become clear the Panthers view the passing game as the best way for him to make a rookie impact. It will be a big change for an offense that hasn't been big on screens or running back targets under Cam Newton. Jonathan Stewart said Christian McCaffrey is "pretty unstoppable" running routes out of the backfield. "There’s not going to be anybody in this league that can cover him 1-on-1," Stewart continued. "(OC Mike) Shula has definitely found some pretty good ways to put him in positions to win." Stewart's comments align with early camp reports; ESPN's David Newton wrote McCaffrey has been peppered with "short passes and screens." Stewart will likely keep most of his early-down role, but the Panthers clearly plan for McCaffrey to be heavily involved as well This is a no brainer to me. McCaffrey has been receiving this kind of praise all summer and through camp. In a PPR league he is going to be legit. Yes, Stewart will get most of the first and second down reps but McCaffrey is going to be a big part of this offense.
  12. Drafting Advice

    Personally I think the guys worth taking are Adams or McCaffrey. McCaffrey has been turning heads in camp and looks to be a big part of the Panthers offense. Adams is a solid choice, He's in a high powered offense and Rodgers will sure to find him targets. The downside is they have a ton of weapons so this is a low risk/low reward. The other player worth looking at but maybe a little early is Rudolph. He was a top 3 TE in PPR in Yahoo formats last year and should be in line for another big year.
  13. Keeper Help

    If the keeper doesn't affect your draft picks then I think its easy to keep M. Ryan. I personally like to try and double up my QB and WR, so if you could grab Jones with the 3rd, that right there has a lot of potential.
  14. Keeper Help!

    Yeah if you don't lose anything Gordon is the best value.
  15. Trade Brady???

    There is a lot of upside with Ajayi as is anticipated to be a top tier RB. Brady is consistent and will of course be a top tier fantasy QB joining Rodgers, and Brees. I personally like to stock up on position players and take a QB in later rounds. I definitely like Matt Ryan and Winston, but if available I would also throw in Rivers. I would make the trade and get a QB later.