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  1. first draft pick

    It's ok ,the kicker was last two rounds, so I really don't lose anything, and Dan bailey is rated number 3. Only reason why I keep him as a keeper.
  2. first draft pick

    Thanks for the insite, we can keep up to 4 keepers, my other two are prescott and Dan bailey I have done a couple of mock drafts in the first spot taking Johnson with my first pick. And zek was there to pick on my second pick, but I don't see that happening in a live draft, I don't think zek will be there in the 21 pick. My first choice was taking brown. Before zek was released as a keeper. I think I will still go with my plan, taking brown and having johnson. Maybe zek will be there with my 3 pick as my second pick will be taking by brown. Thanks for your help. Have a great draft .
  3. first draft pick

    It's a two qb two rb's and three wr, with a flex spot to start. Already have Johnson as keeper and Cameron meredith .
  4. first draft pick

    Hey guys need a little advice, I'm in a keeper league, I have David Johnson as one of my keepers, I have the first pick in our drift. Now the player who hads zek is dropping him as his keeper, Antonio brown is also out there for a draft choice. Should I take zek and wait 6 games and have two very strong brs. Or go as planed and take brown having number one rb and number one receiver. I will lose Johnson next year for We can only keep a keeper two years. By taking zek will give me a great rb for the next two years. How should I play this. Thanks guys.