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  1. BIG QB Quandary

    Is this Fantasy Boxing or Fantasy Football?
  2. BIG QB Quandary

    Hey what do you want for HOLT? I could use a upgrade at WR
  3. BIG QB Quandary

    Hears the deal with that. We only start 1 QB Most teams have who they want or there QB's suck Now why trade a Good QB for a player I wouldnt start Or even if i did get another solid WR or RB Why make someone elses team stronger? My goal is to go undefeated this year. Dont want to help out anyone. Also i like to trade with teams that I already have played or teams that will get a player from me that has there bye the week they play me Anyway thanks for your have some great stuff........ Good luck this week and for weeks to come
  4. BIG QB Quandary

    Hear the story Its a 1 player keeper. You get to keep 1 player each year only if he was drafted in the 6th round or latter. and get to keep them foR up to 3 years with a max of 3 players held at any time. you can add 1 year to there contract only if they dont START more than 4 games a year. (this is great for rookies that you have high hopes for) we have had 12-14 teams most years but this year our 6th we only have 10. NOW hears the deal. we started our keepers 2 years ago. 2003 was C.Johnson a 6th round pick 14 teams 2004 was J.Jones a 6th round pick 14 teams Now we can trade players for players or draft picks. I traded at the end of last season these players for these draft picks. N.Burlinson 6th rd (took Ricky Williams hear) A.Bouldin 6th rd (took C.Palmer hear) R.Curry 6th rd (Took L.Johnson hear) T.bell 4th rd (Took Roy Williams hear) S.Jackson 2nd rd (took Moss hear) Then my picks where as fallows 1st J.Lewis 2nd C.Martin 3rd M.Bulger 4th D.Mason 5th D.Foster 6th L.Fitz and the rest dont really matter Now I was offerd a trade for D.Foster (He was the starter at the time) and D.Mason for T.Owens (I jumped on that one) Then I picked up W.Green after week 1. someone that was hurting at WR. But was good at RB. offerd me L.Jordon for W.Green and L.Fitz (59 points in week 1) (so I jumped on that) There is a little more to the story. But this is 90% of it. I am known as the DEALER becouse every player I have im willing to deal. But only if it helps my team get even better. other Owner give up to easy. after 1 loss they start to panic. Me I just kick back and watch them squirm. They all come to me for help. Its great. You would think they didnt know a thing about football. but 70% of them do. But after 5 seasons I have always been the team to beat. I have been to 3 Championship games But only won 1 time. last season. also Have had 3 seasons with best offence. And hold 65% of all records. they dont understand how I do it. But if they would just try to wheel and deal a bite more they to could have better teams. Now to end this all. becouse I can only keep 1 player next season that was drafted after the 6th round i will have a butt load of players to trade to teams that have no good hold overs for draft picks. like Ricky Williams L.Johnson L.Jordan (he was held ove by the team i traded with) (Dumb move) C.Palmer B Edwards T Taylor C Taylor M Moore R Dayne Any way I will be suprised if anyone reads all this. But that in a nutt shell is why my team looks so good. NOW LETS MAKE A DEAL..........
  5. BIG QB Quandary

    Where would I upgrade? and before you ask this is a 10 team FFL. C Palmer M Bulger J Jones J Lewis L Johnson C Taylor L Jordan M Moore C Martin R Dayne R Williams R Williams C Johnson R Moss B Edwards T Taylor T Owens M Vanderjagt Ravens Dolphins
  6. BIG QB Quandary

    I get 4 points for TD's and a bonus for 300 yrd passing. Palmer is HOT right now But his match up dont favor him this week. looking for 10+ votes to help me make my choice. Thanks for your help And God Bless America
  7. trade advice

    Jones will get it going.........just hang in there for a few more weeks
  8. Should I trade Parker for P. Manning

  9. Should I trade Parker for P. Manning

    You must both be stoned That guy for wanting to make the trade and you for asking if you should do it or not............ take another HIT off the BONG and do the deal............
  10. Would you do this

    I would only do it if I got another WR or TE in return that I could use in my line up. Martin should do well. Hes always been a player you can count on every year. But I dont like doing a 2 for 1 unless your getting a down right stud or the players you give up are not players you need to start weekly. Good luck
  11. Would you consider this trade?

    if you make this trade then right after make sure you do this
  12. Dilema Due To J. Walker

    Stand pat...........dont make things worst than they are. I think trading Jones would be like throwing in the towel on your season. Give it a few more weeks. see what happens. Try to keep your RB's and try to make a trade elsewhere or pick someone up off wavers. I won the whole thing by doing that last season. Players like J.Jones and L.Johnson where there when I needed to replace my starters. Good luck
  13. trade help

    I would do it. Driver is an up grade from Jones I feel. Jones may be a good one if your in a keeper league. Shockey is so UN reliable as fare im concerned he's worthless. If you can get someone other than Miller that would be better deal for you. Good luck
  14. Start Priest and LJ from now on?

    Trade Holmes and Start Johnson ever week. I seen the game and Johnson will get as many points as Holmes just about every week. And im sure you can get another stud starter at RB and maybe even a good WR for holmes. the other factor is i think holmes will miss some time this year. Pull the trigger and make a trade. thats what i would do. just Keep it NOW
  15. plummer is down the drain

    Hang in there SEXY.........its only one week if I was gonna cut anyone it would be that kicker of yours. Miami's DEF looked good. They could be a top 5-10 DEF this year. keep plummer and Lelie for 1-2 more weeks then make a move if you feel you need to. One week dont make or break a season. But if you do cut one I would then go with Plumer and keep Lelie for a bit longer. Good luck you SEXY THING!