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  1. My team

    I just checked who were the top receivers left in our waiver wire that I could switch McLaurin with. Marquise Brown John Brown DeSean Jackson Nelson Agholor Anthony Miller Mohamed Sanu MVS
  2. My team

    Before my draft I read good things about McLaurin now I'm reading he will probably be hardly used. Miles Boykin is available on waiver wire. In your opinion is that a worthy trade off??
  3. My team

    Yeah I'm not as happy with my receivers as I want to be but figured I could always do some waiver wire moves.
  4. My team

    Qb 2 RB 2 WR TE FLEX DEF K
  5. My team

    Full PPR 10 man league QB J.Winston RBs - S.Barkley D. Cook D.Montgomery R.Freeman WRs - M.Evans R.Woods C.Kirk C.Davis E.Sanders T.McLaurin TEs - H.Henry A.Hooper DEF - Denver K - M.Crosby
  6. Preparing for my draft

    Our draft is done through fantasy pros. Think I will do the just one cheat sheet strategy this year. Keep it simple. I've never kept track of what other guys are picking so may do that this year.
  7. Preparing for my draft

    Lol using that website would just make too much sense this will be my third year doing fantasy and last year I felt like I made it too complicated. Lol I did win the league but I was rifling through so many papers at our draft.
  8. Preparing for my draft

    I was curious on how and what you guys use to prepare for your draft? Do you get the cheat sheets from certain websites? What do you take to the draft? Just wondering what if any strategies other people use. Thanks!