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  1. Going to be close...

    Won 142 to 138! No thanks to Denver's defense who got me one point but Hamilton got 16! First time ever winning a league! Want to thank everyone on this forum because I do seriously consider and appreciate your guys opinions even over the "experts"!
  2. Wow...

    Yes I do
  3. Going to be close...

    Score is 126 to 138. He had Russell Wilson tonight and now he is done. I have DaSean Hamilton and Denver defense tomorrow night. I should win but you can never trust Denver's passing game to do anything good😧
  4. Wow...

    I started this topic last week thinking I had lost my semifinal game. Well apparently there was a point correction because I got on my fantasy two days ago and I was in the championship game. I looked at the final score of last weeks game and instead of losing 112.90 to 112.27 I won 114 to 112.90. I've never been so happy! And in the championship right now he has Russell Wilson and he is done. Score right now is 126 to 122 me and I have daesean Hamilton and denver defense tomorrow night. I'm feeling good!
  5. Wow...

    Josh Gordon got me 2.9 points this week. 2 point freaking 9. Good thing I started Luck over Brees. Got 8 points over 5🤦‍♂️
  6. Wow...

    Holy crap. Lol atleast you currently have somewhat of a feeling that your still in it🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  7. Wow...

    Just lost the semi final game 112.27 to 112.90. Started tonight down 100 to 86 and he had saints defense and I had McCaffrey. 365 days to go till next season🙄😭😭😭
  8. In the semifinal

    Just looking for advice on my lineup for this big game. Full PPR league. Starters right now are... QB - Brees RB - McCaffrey and Elliot WR - Adam's and Gordon TE - Kittle FLEX - DJ Moore Bench players... J. Jackson, Dante Pettis, Jeff Wilson, Adam Humphries, DaeSean Hamilton, and Andrew Luck. You guys have any suggestions?
  9. Flex position

    Ha well just got a message saying Smith is out for the game tonight. So my options are Sutton, Moore, Ekeler, or Snead.
  10. Flex position

    Full point PPR. Starting RBs are Elliott and McCaffrey and starting WRs are Adam's and Gordon. My options for FLEX are.... DJ Moore Ekeler Courtland Sutton Willie Snead Tre'quan Smith I'm thinking tre'quan but the saints have so many weapons to spread the ball to. I've got DJ in now but not sure.
  11. WR move

    Full ppr. I have davante Adam's starting and michael Crabtree starting in my other WR slot. Josh Reynolds is available on waivers. Would you trust Crabtree or drop him and pick up Reynolds? I have Courtland Sutton but with him possibly going against Heyward on the chargers defense I dont trust broncos offense to throw to him alot so i dont have him starting. My other receiver is on bye this week.
  12. Need help!

    It is a 10 team league. The only other option for the flex position that I have on my team currently is Josh Reynolds.
  13. Need help!

    Kinda screwed this week or atleast that's how I feel. Lost Cooper Kupp. And have 3 players on bye. This is a full PPR league. My starters as of right now are QB - Brees RBs - Elliot and McCaffrey WRs - Davante Adams and Courtland Sutton TE - Seals Jones FLEX - Ekeler My bench is... Kittle(bye) Josh Gordon (bye) Luck Goodwin(bye) Josh Reynolds. Is this my best lineup I can do? Both rams tight ends are still available on waiver wire. I just read that Seals Jones was a good start this week. Chris Godwin and DJ Moore are on our waiver wire. I may be worrying about this week more than I should but wanted some opinions
  14. Trade offer

    That's kinda what I figured. I never reject or accept a trade before I hear from people on here whether it's a ridiculous trade or not. Haha Gordon is too good
  15. Trade offer

    Got a trade offer. I get Dez Bryant and Tyler Lockett and give up Josh Gordon. PPR league. My receivers I have on my team are Davante Adam's, Kupp, Marquise Goodwin, Courtland Sutton besides Gordon. Thoughts?