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  1. WR2 + Flex Davante, Evans, Bryant

    Adams and Gio. Evans has a tough matchup against slay and Adams has been outscoring him nearly every week anyways.
  2. I also lean Drake. Crow might be ok, and no way I would start JStu
  3. You pick em: 4 Teams, All need wins

    Team 1: Brees (Ben on the road at a rival could go any which way) and McCoy. The rb q here is coin flip in my opinion though. Team 2: Brees, Hunt, Funchess. I don't trust Winston to be fully healthy or I might go with him here. Team 3: Goff, Mixon, Davis. Maybe flip Davis for juju if AB is out but Goff and Mixon for sure. Team 4: gotta start AJ, and I would lean Funchess. Don't like either def matchup but I would start Vikings
  4. START 2 out the 3

    Jones is on fire -- def start him. I would give Gordon some time until he shows something.
  5. Pick 2 wr

    Diggs for sure this week. I would take Hill over Jones this week only bc of matchup but Jones has been so hot I wouldn't blame anyone for starting him.
  6. Agree with dolphin. Jones and agholor are a toss up for flex.
  7. Mack or Ajayi today?

    Mack for sure
  8. Agree with Shaft. No sure things here. If you drop anyone it might be JStu. Lacy might have the best chance of a TD this week but I like Drake and Mack more ROS
  9. I might go with Mathews here -- Davis will eventually surpass him but Mularkey has said he may not get a full workload this week
  10. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    E Sanders, D Parker, or Mack in flex? .5ppr
  11. Help, need a wr2 for 2 leauges

    Parker (balt def is tough and Davis isn't guaranteed full usage, and Jeffrey draws talking). Sanu is prolly the safe play for league 2, but Fuller has great upside (it's just his qb situation is bad). I wouldn't start Kupp vs Giants pass d
  12. Flex help ppr

    That's tough. I would say Adams but if Slay covers him then Fuller might be a better play
  13. Who do you like in flex this week? I don't know if I should trust E Sanders health or the qb situation in Miami or Green Bay?
  14. WDIS...FLEX help please!!!

    Agholor. Hard to trust Fuller with Savage. Sanu isn't a bad option.
  15. Keep Hopkins in the line-up?

    Start Hopkins -- too much upside to sit even with Watson at qb (but temper expectations. If you mean should you start Ajayi, no way this week -- he may not even play. If you mean should you hang onto him it depends on what you could get. I don't like gambling with eagles backfield but if he takes it over then he has rb1 upside. Of course he could also end up a flex in a committee.