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  1. Do i sit Wilson for Rodgers???

    I'd roll Wilson. He has been better than solid -- he is the best fantasy qb this season in points. And the Rams could easily turn into a shootout, and he is more likely to get yards with his feet, particularly with Rodgers coming off injury. Rodgers hasn't played in a couple months and has a tough matchup at Carolina.
  2. I'd roll Bottles and Goodwin
  3. 2QB league - Bortles or Keenum

    Does feel like a coin toss. I'd say Keenum is less likely to hang a stinker though. Either could have a pretty good day.
  4. lineup help for underdog! Pick 3

    Anyone tempted by Hogan's potential to blow up in a shoot out?
  5. Lineup advice

    Fournette is out. I'd start Davis in his place, plus the 3 WR.
  6. D/ST question

  7. Flex - Mike Evans or Gio Bernard

    Yeah -- he's got a solid role no matter the game script
  8. Foles, Jimmy g or winston

    Also lost Wentz. I'd take Foles this week.
  9. .5 PPR I've got 3 open slots to fill from these guys -- which 3 would you start if looking for upside? Lamar Miller, Carlos Hyde, Kerwynn Williams, Mike Davis, Chris Ivory, Gio Bernard, Chris Hogan I've got to hit some big games because the guy I'm going up against has Ingram, AB, AJ Green, Gronk, Dez, Brady, McCoy, Dez, Josh Gordon...
  10. Flex - Mike Evans or Gio Bernard

    That's a tough one. I'm also a Gio owner and I'd say Bernard has the safer floor here with Mixon out, but I don't expect great things against a tough Minnesota D. Evans may have more upside and could go off for 20 points, but after the last couple of weeks, it's hard to start him with confidence.
  11. WR2 + Flex Davante, Evans, Bryant

    Adams and Gio. Evans has a tough matchup against slay and Adams has been outscoring him nearly every week anyways.
  12. I also lean Drake. Crow might be ok, and no way I would start JStu
  13. You pick em: 4 Teams, All need wins

    Team 1: Brees (Ben on the road at a rival could go any which way) and McCoy. The rb q here is coin flip in my opinion though. Team 2: Brees, Hunt, Funchess. I don't trust Winston to be fully healthy or I might go with him here. Team 3: Goff, Mixon, Davis. Maybe flip Davis for juju if AB is out but Goff and Mixon for sure. Team 4: gotta start AJ, and I would lean Funchess. Don't like either def matchup but I would start Vikings
  14. START 2 out the 3

    Jones is on fire -- def start him. I would give Gordon some time until he shows something.
  15. Pick 2 wr

    Diggs for sure this week. I would take Hill over Jones this week only bc of matchup but Jones has been so hot I wouldn't blame anyone for starting him.