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  1. Dez Bryant trade value?

    Wow -- I wouldn't play in a league that vetoes trades just because they don't like them. That would have been a totally legit trade.
  2. Martin would be the best, then CJ imo. But if I were the Rodgers owner I wouldn't give up either for those QBs.
  3. Trading diggs

    Allen may be out this week, if that helps make the decision. I don't think it's a bad trade but not great either
  4. Dez Bryant trade value?

    I don't know that he gets 2 of those rbs for Dez. Might try something like Martin/Hyde for Dez and Thielen, and that still seems like a lot. I'm a Dez owner and he's just not that great.
  5. Trade Mckinnon?

    That's tough. How much do you believe in Kamara and Algohor? Will McKinnon keep it up? Lots of questions around these guys. I would do it in ppr but probably not standard unless you're an Algohor believer.
  6. Trade Gurley for Dez

    In a heartbeat. M Bryant is droppable. Dez is good but Gurley is better, and Hyde is more valuable than Mariota.
  7. Gronk trade!

    It's a fair trade. I would probably do it just because I worry about Gronk getting hurt, but in terms of week to week points, it looks about even.
  8. Hunt trade

    I like that trade for you -- I'd have done it.
  9. Julio for Hilton and Murray or Coleman?

    That's tough. Murray is a little hurt and should be in danger of losing his job. And it looks possible that Luck isn't returning this season. I think your trading partner is trying to cut bait on those players, and I would be hesitant to accept.
  10. Cohen or jones

    Jones. He is on a roll and Cohen is treating down in usage.
  11. I think Lee is the safe choice here -- he will get several targets against a suspect pass D. But I'm a Doctson believer -- if they ever start throwing him the damn ball, that kid is going to be WR1. Gruden says he's about to get more involved at the X slot, but we'll see. Start him if you're feeling bold -- I think he's a 50/50 shot for a TD any given week even on his limited snap count.
  12. Flex Start Help

    I'll be the outlier here and take Darkwa. Seattle Run D has been pretty weak sauce this year, and Darkwa just torched Denver. Min run D is stout. I don't think any of these choices are safe, though.
  13. Trade Accepted, How'd I Do?

    Seems like a good trade -- I don't know about winning, but you got help at QB which you needed, and I like Wilson in the 2nd half of the season. I'd start Palmer this weekend, though, and hope the London flukes fall your way. I'm not messing with Giants pass D.
  14. Evans for Doug Martin and Cooks

    Yeah. Tough to say if it's good for everyone without seeing rosters, but in a vacuum, it looks pretty fair to me.