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  1. IDP/PPR We use groupme extensively for league chat and DM. Great group of owners that are very active and competitive. The team is in very good shape, and is drafting at 4 overall. $110 annual fee's. $10 holdover from each owner for a "Super Pool" every 3rd yr for incentive to build long term success. **THIS YR IS THE SUPER POOL PAYOUT. $900 TO THE WINNER. Check out the team and league. Team has D. Cook, T. Cohen, Juju, Cupp, Watkins, M. Williams, Aaron Donald ++++ tons other good talent. If you’re interested let me know. I'd be happy to get you into the groupme to meet the guys and make sure it's a good fit. Team: Bylaws: Owner had to back out over family issues, not roster or league related issues DM me if you're interested. Jordan