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  1. Which RB should I start?

  2. Patriots vs Chargers game thread

    Anyone else got any big plays they need in this game?
  3. Weather maybe a concern today

    Not too worried about it. I'm not going to sit Zeke because of weather.
  4. Gordon or McCaffrey?

  5. Sterling Shepard

    What's your guys opinions on him?
  6. RB Advice. Smallwood, Richard or Washington

    I'd def go with Smallwood for one
  7. Should I do this Blockbuster Trade?

    Id hold onto Zeke until you know he's suspended for sure.
  8. Why don't they ever wear there blue jerseys ? There the only NFL team that does this.
  9. Trade Advice

    Lol I'd stick with Ryan
  10. Trade Advice

    Any QBs on waivers you could stream?
  11. Trade Advice

    Solid squad id sit tight Matt Ryan's underperformance shouldn't hurt you too bad
  12. Week 8 milk carton

    @Shaft idk where CJ has been the past 3 weeks do you?
  13. Week 8 milk carton

    CJ Anderson
  14. Roster moves. Trade Gurley?

    The only reciever I would take for Gurley would be brown