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  1. Kwon Alexander or Navarro Bowman

    I'm lucky enough to have both in a league I just drafted🤑🤑🤑 Bowman was pulled simply because it was a pre-season game. He's still just 29 and a year removed from he and LK being a step above the rest... my 5 cents
  2. IDP dynasty trade

    Bryant is a TD machine who had a DOWN year last year. His history, in my opinion, would return him to the consistent 10 plus TD's we're accustomed to. The question becomes- " Are you comfortable with the young guys you'd have at WR after shipping Amari?" its not like Amari has put up hard to replace numbers....yet.
  3. did i crush?

    If Big Ben stays healthy Bryant is a top 8-10 WR... in the 5th!!!
  4. Amari Cooper or Mike Thomas in PPR?

    Thomas... when has Brees ever had a back like AP 7 steps behind him? AP will still put the fear at his age into all 32 safeties the Aints face!
  5. I'm interested
  6. I'm interested... still have spots left?
  7. I'm interested