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  1. What is Mccoy's value

    So I've sent one for Sanders. Waiting. Also thought of sending McCoy and J Gordon for Gollady and R Freeman. Is that ridiculous?
  2. Should I do this trade?

    Even when Ingram comes back Kamara can still score well. DJ hasn't even scored well
  3. What is Mccoy's value

    The Robinson owner has Burkhead, Sproles and Anderson for his RBs (Mixon injured) his WRs are Sanders, Julio, Hopkins, Robinson, Jackson and Gallup. Might just send a trade for Robinson straight up and see how it goes
  4. What is Mccoy's value

    Team is average at best. I started crowell over McCoy this week and got lucky there. It's a 3 wr league and my best is Hilton with a long drop off after him (crabby, j brown, j Gordon, boyd)so I was hoping to get a steady number 2 at least
  5. What is Mccoy's value

    Had a couple of bad games, carrying an injury. Hes on the pine for me this week but is he worth someone like Robinson or Golladay straight up or you think I'll have to package him with soneone?
  6. Over thinking it?

    Diggs has been great but against the Rams this week. Am I better starting Robinson against Arizona?
  7. Rivers or Watson

    Anyone else or I'll just leave the old man starting and grab Callaway instead
  8. Rivers or Watson

    Simple. Just grabbed Watson off waivers. At home with Hopkins and Fuller surely
  9. WDIS @ RB2 ?

    Surely Gio
  10. J Gordon for Golladay

    I got offered R Freeman and Jones jnr for Hilton from the same guy. I rejected. To be honest I dont even know what's worth chasing on his team. PPR 3wr league His team Mahomes D Johnson, Mcaffrey, R Freeman, White Fitz, Jones jnr, Golladay, Enunwa, Parker, M Williams Rudolph My team Stafford Kamara, McCoy, Ekeler, Crowell, Morris, Montgomery Hilton, J Gordon, Crabtree, J Brown, Anderson
  11. J Gordon for Golladay

    It's a wr2 league and I'm not overly strong anywhere. Couldn't make the draft. My only better reciever is Hilton. I've got nothing to lose by keeping him. I just got offered M William's for him so I know the guy wants him. I'll just wait on it I reckon
  12. J Gordon for Golladay

    I'm not confident in Gordon taking of anytime soon and the owner off Golladay asked for him at the start of the season. Is this worth having a crack at or should I just keep him benched and wait it out? Cheers
  13. T.E.T (tight end trouble)

    Non PPR. Ebron is on a team with 2 TEs so he could possibly be traded. Hopefully Burton doesn't do anything to exciting today and I can pick him up
  14. T.E.T (tight end trouble)

    I need a tight end. First I'm gonna just drop Doyle and grab Burton from waivers if I can. Here's my team Rivers Barkley, Gordon, Mixon, Brieda, Yeldon, A Jones, R Jones (dropped for G Bernard) Diggs, JuJu, Robinson, Kupp, Garcon Should I just aim for Burton and see how it goes, the only real chances are Ertz and Rudolph. Both those teams need RB help and have 2 TEs Cheers
  15. WDIS in flex now

    Or grab Dorsett and hope he can reproduce. Its PPR