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  1. MVS

    I dropped Chark and got mvs. Not overly confident in Chark or Williams. Now gotta decide on mvs of D. Freeman at flex
  2. MVS

    Worth dropping one of the following to grab. I also have Adams Jones Jnr Chark Darrel Williams Probably Williams as the other Williams is back now
  3. Trading for M Gordon

    I got him for Montgomery last week. Before today's game I was offered J. Gordon and AJ. Green which I turned down. After seeing he's back at training i would turn JuJu down given my RB depth.
  4. WDIS/roster

    Done, swapped out D. Freeman, starting Dj, Jacobs Adams, Boyd Chark
  5. WDIS/roster

    Flex position, at the moment D. Freeman is in bench is Sanders, Jones Jnr, Jeffery, Singletary Gallman, Chark, D, Robinson all available. First up gonna drop Sanders for Chark Any thoughts welcome. Cheers
  6. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    So I'm guessing I'm good to go Monty for Melvin. Just threw a few trades out and thisis what I got back. Cheers boys
  7. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    How about Monty and Jeffery for Kupp and Melvin? Jeffery is gonna come back and be number 1 in a week or so and Kupp is gonna be one of 3 with woods and cook. At least i get someone to play straight away??
  8. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    So I'm gonna pull the trigger, grabbed Monty off the waiver. It's a 10 man league. So a bench player for free for a potential 2nd rounder Sounds good to me
  9. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    Just been offered Melvin straight up for Monty. I reckon I'll do it unless someone has some amazing reasons for Monty breaking out? Pretty confident I have the coverage to hold Melvin
  10. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    It is but my thinking is it's the raiders and I have (If i go that trade straightup) Freeman, Monty and singletary still left over
  11. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    Well Devonta turned down almost immediately, I'm still keen to go Jocaobs straight up or Freeman and Jacobs for Melvin and golladay?
  12. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    I figure I got coverage to have him sitting on the bench, Freeman is on my bench now, I'm hoping he gets better but I reckon Melvin will be better once he returns (What's he got left 6-8 weeks) How bout Jacobs straight up? Gives him a playing RB to use straight away
  13. Owner of Melvin has K. Johnson, A. Peterson, R. Penny and R. Jones Thinking of offering something like J. Jacobs and D. Freeman for Melvin and Kupp/Golladay My RBs are D. Johnson, J. Jacobs, D. Freeman, Singletary and Montgomery What do you guys reckon? Cheers
  14. Devonta Devonta Devonta

    Started slow, anyone got faith in him picking up? I was offered J. Gordon for him Not exciting I know but thinking of a counter, he's asked for RBs I have D. Johnson, J. Jacobs, D. Freeman, D. Singletary, D. Montgomery Freeman and Jacobs for Carson and J. Gordon 10 team standard scoring Cheers
  15. Trade D. Williams

    Alright alright alright Sounds good to me, I'll see how I go. Cheers turbs