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  1. I think the bubble has burst

    I rode the pats D early then jagged Jackson at QB and ended up at the top. Injuries and form have now come calling. My starting team for this week looks like this Jackson Mostert, Washington Sanders, Kupp, Moore Waller Pascal Greg Pats Bench is Coleman, D. Johnson, Mattison, Juju Is this my best line up? Have I run out of steam? Stay tuned till next week to find out Cheers all
  2. Make the best of a bad situation

    RB2 issues, need to start one of Bo Scarborough or Guice? About to toss a coin Cheers
  3. Need an RB

    I have Adams, Chark, Metcalf, Jones jnr, Boyd anf Jeffery as receivers With DJ and Freeman out I am down a starting RB if I have to drop a receiver for an RB on the wire would I go Jeffery? Samuels and J. Williams are available. Samuels with the better match up. Or Trade a receiver?
  4. W2 WDIS

    This is for WR2 spot. I'm starting Adams along with one of these 3
  5. W2 WDIS

    Boyd v Ravens DK Metcalf v SF Jones Jnr v Bears Not excited about any of them Cheers
  6. Top notch flexing

    WDIS. Leaning Thomas coz I can never get Jeffery on the right week
  7. The Drake

    Thanks guys. I'm sitting equal first with the most points (its a miracle) Hopefully DJ is back soon and I can start him and Coleman and rotate the receivers
  8. The Drake

    I have Johnson and I'm thin at RB. Would Sanders get it done. His Gurley, Ingram, Hyde, Drake and hunt Sanu, D, Johnson, Cobb, DK Metcalf, Shepard Me D. Johnson, T. Coleman, D. Williams, Henderson Kupp, Juju, Sanders, Jeffery, Moore 12 team league must start 3 WRs Cheers
  9. Drop Ryan?

    So there is no good QBs Schaub, Carr, Rivers, Dalton, Wentz, Trubisky, Garoppolo I need one and either I drop Ryan for one and maybe get him back or drop another player A. Jeffery, D. Freeman, T. Boyd. Leaning towards dropping Ryan and grabbing Dalton Cheers
  10. MVS

    I dropped Chark and got mvs. Not overly confident in Chark or Williams. Now gotta decide on mvs of D. Freeman at flex
  11. MVS

    Worth dropping one of the following to grab. I also have Adams Jones Jnr Chark Darrel Williams Probably Williams as the other Williams is back now
  12. Trading for M Gordon

    I got him for Montgomery last week. Before today's game I was offered J. Gordon and AJ. Green which I turned down. After seeing he's back at training i would turn JuJu down given my RB depth.
  13. WDIS/roster

    Done, swapped out D. Freeman, starting Dj, Jacobs Adams, Boyd Chark
  14. WDIS/roster

    Flex position, at the moment D. Freeman is in bench is Sanders, Jones Jnr, Jeffery, Singletary Gallman, Chark, D, Robinson all available. First up gonna drop Sanders for Chark Any thoughts welcome. Cheers
  15. When is it time to go after Melvin?

    So I'm guessing I'm good to go Monty for Melvin. Just threw a few trades out and thisis what I got back. Cheers boys