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  1. JuJu v Larry

    Totally forgot about the game. Last minute. JuJu to bounce back or Larry on his mini hot streak
  2. Larry v Lockett

    ROS. Most likely a flex spot on a good match up or to cover for the byes. I have Larry but have been offered Lockett potentially. Fitz looks to be on the up and Lockett has been pretty solid all year. Is it even worth it? Cheers
  3. Michels value

    I'll have to come up with another bright idea then😁
  4. Michels value

    Too much you mean?
  5. Michels value

    Wouldn't mind going after him while he's hopefully easing his way back in. Does Whites production affect his perceived value? What's a realistic trade? Diggs? Yeldon/Burton maybe Yeldon/Diggs? Cheers
  6. Stick a fork in him

    Offered Mixon and Rudolph for Ertz and Allen, he came back with Ertz and Fitz. Not bad, Fitz on the way up kinda but I might just try and trade him off asap
  7. Stick a fork in him

    Hes got no other TEs so I might offer Mixon and Rudolph for Ertz and Allen
  8. Stick a fork in him

    Standard scoring. Owner of Ertz has no RBS (Howard and Richard starting) but has Ertz, OBJ, K Allen, Landry and Fitz. I'll start with Ertz and see how I go. Cheers, didn't think of TEs. Rookie mistake🙄
  9. Stick a fork in him

    I'm playing the owner of Thielen this week so I probably wont be able to jag him. Brown owner is very hard to trade with so might have to offer something extra Mixon, yeldon, boyd/JuJu/Diggs maybe for Brown and Golladay/ingram. Julio owner might go for it but I'm not sure that will improve my team a whole lot. Mixon for Adams maybe? Any other thoughts?
  10. Stick a fork in him

    I'm done. It's a 10 team league so the teams are kind of even but I'm the points leader and I'm 4 and 4, I've lost the last 3 out of 4 games by under 11 points total and now I have Barkley, Mixon and Boyd on a bye. What moves if any can I make, I've got guys asking about Mixon and Kupp, what's their value one for one you reckon. Anyways any advice is appreciated, here's my line up Rivers, Watson Barkley, Gordon, Mixon, Fournette, Breida, Ekeler JuJu, Diggs, Boyd, Kupp Burton, Rudolph Cheers
  11. Flex filla

    Starting Barkley and Mixon, HuJu and Boyd Best option for flex out of Yeldon, Diggs or Breida At the moment I've got Yeldon in there Cheers
  12. How many of you have to deal with a guy like this

    Hes not clueless he probably knows more about NFL than anyone else in the league. Week in week out for 3 years gets a bit on the nose though
  13. This is obviously a joke but this guy does the worst trade offers anyway. Last week he asked for Mixon in return for Olsen and Carson, he sent the same trade for Hilton to another guy, immediately after the draft he offered funchess for JuJu. Every week he will grab someone off the waiver and asked for one of your starters. It was funny the first season but now........😔
  14. Now I need a QB

    Well that worked out splendidly Watson outscored his 3 Miller Houston D Fairbairn Thanks for twisting my arm everyone
  15. Now I need a QB

    I need a win so looks like I'll go big or go home with Watson then. Cheers