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  1. New to this Forum - 6th year enjoying The Huddle - you guys are Tuff - Before, you say I'm in the wrong Forum, hear me out - 10 TEAM Standard Keeper League ( non PPR ) made up of 10 starters, 10 bench players. Performance scoring based on levels of yards obtained with RB receiving 6 points for rushing TD, 3 points passing TD. WR levels of yards obtained with rushing TD 6 points, TD pass 3 points, etc. Roster make up: QB 2, RB 6, WR 6, TE 2, K 2, DefS/T 2 Can opt to keep 1 player from previous year team With 4 owners keeping this year, I drew the first pick in the 1st Round and the 1st pick in the second round, which will be 5 picks later. DJ, LeV Bell, A Rod and either DeMarco Murray, Drew Brees or TGurley ( can't figure this owner out ) will be kept. What is everyone's thoughts on taking WR AB with the 1st pick and take a risk on Zeke 5 picks later if available? or, would you go RB, RB - with perhaps Shady, AJayi, Dev Feeeman, Mel Gordon?