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  1. Still need an owner Ill update when I find someone
  2. The league is ESPN standard scoring. It is a super competitive league and most of our owners are on top of stuff. I kinda believe if u win my league you are a great player. $100 with a full $1200 payout to top 4 teams. 3 divisions. The auction was last night and one of our owners of 9 years just flaked on us and his team was autodrafted. I have gotten one awesome owner from this forum in the past thats still with me so heres hoping I can find another. The team for sale in the link is team Merkins and its honestly one of the better teams...supposed to be second high score for week 1. Anyways please take a look at the link and I really appreciate your consideration. We are an honest group of guys from the midwest with a couple people on each cost. Everything in the league is done payment wise via venmo. We have a 11 year track record so your $ is safe. Text me Scott at 3198831400 if you are interested. I want to fill this today. First person that pays gets and accepts ownership receives team. Heres the link text me with any questions. Team for Sale is Team Merkins https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league?leagueId=33719