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  1. Yankees Collapsing

    The Yankees finally look like a team that can't win anymore. Randy Johnson about to land on the DL, Kevin Brown is a nightmare, Bernie Williams can't hit anymore, and ARod ruined the whatever clubhouse chemistry they might have had. Rivera is on the down slope. Giambi can't hit without roid injections. Tino Matinez is washed up. Tony Womack is the new CF? They have no bullpen. The Orioles are they new powerhouse in the AL East. Boston is in deep kimchee, and could be looking at another 100 year drought. The Yankee fans in NY are spontaniously combusting. Heads exploding right out there in the streets. It's a good time to visit NYC.
  2. Points are based on the DWII IDP scoring system, available for viewing in the League Forum. Linebackers Jonathan Vilma, MLB 2004 Scoring: 217 Second year pro out of Miami. 6'1", 230 pounds, 23 years old. Took over the starting MLB spot from Cowart during game 2 of 2004. One of the best MLB's in the NFL, especially in dynasty leagues. Finished at #20 in scoring amoung all LB's and has a chance to finish in the top five in 2005. He is a three down LB. Upside: Hugh. Points projection: 245 Victor Hobson, SLB 2004 Scoring: 82 Third year pro out of Michigan. 6'0", 252 pounds, 25 years old. Missed 5 and a half games in 2004. Would have projected out to about 150 points. Hobson gets pulled in the nickel and dime and his numbers reflect that. Hobson is a solid run defender. Upside: What you see is what you get. Points projection: 160 Eric Barton, WLB 2004 Scoring: 210.5 7th year pro out of Maryland. 6'2", 245 pounds, 27 years old. Picked up as an UFA from Oakland after the 2002 season, he led the Jets in tackles in 2003 with 125. Solid stereotypical Weak side linebacker who usually stays in for the nickel and goes out on the dime defense. Upside: Not much, but he was #23 in all LB scoring in 2004, so expect more of the same. Points projection: 215 Barring injuries, these are the Jets full time backers, and none have any serious threat to take thier starting jobs away. Kenyatta Wright is the primary backup, and does see playing time. Mark Brown filled in for Hobson last year, but was disappointing. UPDATE- 8/14- Barton sat out the first preseaon game with a knee, which is reported as tendonitis. This bears watching, as tendonitis is what caused Barrow to miss all of the 2004 season. McGlover started, and promtly broke his ankle. Brown filled in at the WSLB spot. Defensive Line[/b] John Abraham, DE 2004 Scoring: 126.5 6th year pro out of South Carolina. 6'4", 256 pounds, 27years old. A first round draft pick with an awesome pass rush, not good against the run, and so far very injury prone. Missed 5 games in 2004, but still was the #26 highest DL scorer. Not attending OTA's or the mini camp because he refused to sign the Franchised player contract the Jets tendered. Past and continueing character issues. When he wants to play, he is awesome. If only the mood struck him more often. Points projection: 180 if he stays healthy. He wont, even though it's another contract year. Another underperforming 150 or so. UPDATE- 8/14- Abraham continues to refuse to sign the tender. Bryan Thomas has played well in his abscence as has 2nd year man Trevor Johnson out of Nebraska. Shaun Ellis, DE 2004 Scoring: 136.5 6th year pro out of Tennesse, 6'5", 285 pounds, 27 years old. 12th overall pick in 2000, he has developed into a team leader on defense. Missed one game in 2004. #19 in scoring for DL's in 2004. Led Jets in sacks the last two years, with 11 in 2004. Strong against the run, a solid every down IDP player. Points projection: 145 Dewayne Robertson, DL/Technique 3 2004 Scoring: 104 3rd year pro out of Kentucky, 6'1", 317 pounds, 23 years old. 4th overall pick in 2003, is a future pro bowler. Very solid against the run, and maintains his lane in the pass rush, producing 3 sacks in 2004. Many more QB pressures. The anchor of the Jets D line. Will only improve, and may become a dominant tackle in the NFL. points projection: 140 UPDATE- 8/14- Robertson was held out of the 1st preseason game with a degenerative arthriitic knee condition. This is the same condition Foster and Davis had which eventually resulted in microfracture surgery. He has little cartilage in this knee, and this is a situation that bears watching for dynasty leagues. He is expected to be able to play through the pain this year. Slant nose/DT This is the position Ferguson left open with his departure to Dallas. I think that for 2004, it will be filled by committee. I think the kid out of Utah, Sione Pouha will be the starter, but will not play half the game. James Reed will spell him, and newly signed Lance Legree will see time there as well. Legree also knows the technique 3 position that Robertson holds down, so he will see some "blow time" at that position as well. Defensive Backfield Erik Coleman, Free Safety 2004 Scoring: 211 2nd year pro out of Washington State, 5'10", 200 pounds, 23 years old. This kid was a HUGH surprise, being a fifth round pick that stepped up and has a lock on his starting job. Finishing at #11 in DB scoring in 2004, he is a ball hawk and can tackle. Good upside. He will be a starter in the Jets D backfield for a long time. Points Projection: 215 Strong Safety This position is somewhat up in the air. Reggie Tongue is the old incumbant, after filling in for Jon McGraw due to injury. Kerry Rhodes may also find some playing time at SS this year, but as a rookie, his time will be limited. Stay away from this position on the Jets. UPDATE- 8/14- Oliver Celestin has been practicing with the 1st team defense for two weeks, but was unremarkable in his first preseason game, as was Coleman. Rhodes came in and was very impressive, going up for a Garcia INT and making several other notable plays. If this trend continues, Rhodes may steal the job. McGraw having been traded to Detroit is obviously no longer a Jet. Corner Backs David Barett, CB 2004 Scoring: 171 6th year pro out of Arkanas, 5'10", 195 pounds, 27 years old. picked up as an UFA from Arizona, has been a very pleasant addition to the Jets. Not a big playmaker, but good enough to be in the top 50 DB's in the NFL in fantasy scoring. A solid bye week DB. The OTHER CB This is very much up in the air. Justin Miller, the rookie may challenge for this spot, as might Ray Mickens, not to mention the Jets' continued interest in Ty Law. Derrick Strait, it would appear, is strictly a nickel package DB. UPDATE- 8/14- With the signing of Ty Law, he obviously becomes the starter. Mickens was released, so Miller becomes the #3 CB. Based on the current situation, Celestin is probable the 4th CB, given the depth at the safety position. Strait remains the nickel back. Summary Defensive Scheme The Jets use a base 4-3, but will have an occassional 3-4 look, with Abraham up. They don't use the 3-4 as much as they had hoped, as despite his speed, Abraham hasn't been vey good at his attempts at dropping back into coverage like an LB. He has the tools, he just doesn't like to do it. The Jets also employ the cover 2. This is a fairly complex scheme, and the Safeties have to know it. It is much simpler for the CB's, which is why Justin Miller has a shot at the open CB position. This is also true for the nickel and dime packages. They are complex, and other than the CB's, the DB's really have to understand what thier responsibilities are. Both Mickens and Strait know this system, and for better or worse, they get pidgeon holed into these part time formations, which hurts thier playing time and opportunity to generate IDP fantasy points. Back ups and Players to Watch[/b] Kerry Rhodes-DB, ST specialist After the Jets drafted Rhodes, they got a call from Parcells who said he was Dallas' highest ranked ST DB in the draft. He has the tools to be a starting FS/SS down the road, but is a project, as the cover 2 defense takes some time for a rookie to learn. I project him to be a starter at SS or FS in 2007. He could be a stud DB down the road, but is by no means a sure thing. Sione Pouha-DT This guy is HUGH! (That means huge for those new to the Huddle) at 6'3", 325 and not at all fat, he blew every other draftee at the combine out of the water on strength tests, by a wide margin. He comes into the NFL at the ripe old age of 26, but with a great character-work ethic reputation. He got tired in college and reportedly took plays off, due to his size and the fact that he was almost always double teamed, but Edwards compared him to Robertson in his rookie year (who looks to me to be a lock as a future pro-bowler) saying that he has stamina issues just like him. However, as a slant nose in the technique 3 defensive line scheme, it is unlikely he would ever become an IDP FF stud. He will see at least 20 plays a game in his rookie year, however, as my projection. Lance Legree, James Reed, DT's Legree was a fill in DT ofr the Giants last year, but knows the technique 3 LDT spot. That makes him Robertson's primary backup, but he will see time at the slant nose as well, until Pouha can show he can play every down without tiring. Jame Reed is insurance for the slant nose spot, behing Pouha. Neither deserve IDP consideration.
  3. NY Jets IDP Outlook

    Well, they are talking now that Coleman will play.... I'll update as I hear any more info. At first they said he dislocated and broke his thumb, then after the suregry they said it was only fractured and dislocated. If that was true, why was surgery needed? The Jets are a PITA when it comes to releasing injury info. All they will say about Martin's knee MRI is that it was negative, and he would not practice today. Hopefully, I'll get more info shortly.
  4. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    The only 3 way I'm gonna be involved in is the one where we all pee on Big Score 1's feet!
  5. Be careful, Menudo. Yer gonna have to wear my sig after week 17.... so keep it open!
  6. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    I beg to differ, as I was off by a total of 3 points as well! That is a tie! TimC, nice job. Very good of you to do this.
  7. Curtis Martin

    It would be very stupid to play Martin when he is dinged up, especially a knee. Let him take a week off, it's a long season.
  8. King Of The Mountain

    I'll save Indy.... hopefully, after Seattle takes care of buisness this week.... Seattle!
  9. New Meadowlands Stadium

    I think the shared stadium still has some major hurrdles to over come, namely, the Giants' insistance that thier practice facility and headquarters be a part of the plan. Their most recent proposal still shows the two practice fields next to the stadium. That would mean that it would still be a "Giants Stadium" and the Jets would still be second class citezens. They want the Jets to split the bill but refuse to allow the stadium to be shared..... I hold out hope for Queens still....
  10. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Hey, I was pretty close too!

    Please do not scream in the thread titles. Thank you. Resume.
  12. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    Yeah, both Sowell and Askew have sprained ankles. No info on how bad either is yet, but it might be time for the run and shoot for the Jets next week. Oh, wait you need a QB who can throw rockets to do that!
  13. When do they bench Dante?

    Yep, forgot about the OC..... good point Hugh!
  14. NY Giant Homers!

    Same radio station..... the most recent update is that Strahan is ready to go. Now, whether the spasms return, is anyone's guess, but he supposedly is ready to go.
  15. Strahan Downgraded

    Yep, the pre game show on WFAN says he will start, and he should, or at least is expected to play a full game.
  16. NY Giant Homers!

    hey, wait a minute! Is this a WDIS!? On the radio pregame show, they expect GAP to be fine.
  17. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    Yep, it'll be Blaylock if Martin has to lose time, but I would expect Houston to get 5 to 10 carries as a minimum if this is the case. Why they ran Martin 31 times yesterday is what I want to know. Herm is doing his best to look stupid, and he really doesn't have to try this hard.
  18. NY Giant Homers!

    Just heard on the radio, Strahan should start.... the back spasms are at least for the moment, under control.
  19. Ed Hartwell?

    Hartwell, meet the pine on my bench. You suck. Mr. Vrabel, please assume the starting position.
  20. NY Jets IDP Outlook

    Starting Safety Eric Coleman apparently injured his thumb, which requires some sort of surgery. Not much more info than that is yet available, but I think it's safe to say that Rhodes and Celestin will be the Jets' starting safeties for at least next week, and most likely much longer than that, unless they play so poorly that DC Henderson would rather start a FS that can't intercept the ball. Abraham had a monster game yesterday, but the rest of the Jets D linemen didn't do much. Ellis was surprisingly a non factor. D Robertson also did not play well. CB Barrett may have saved his job, at least for the time being. Law played well, but dropped a sure INT. The slant nose position remains a major problem, and it's keeping Vilma's numbers down. Vilma has all the tools, but his success is predicated on keeping the O linemen off of him, something Reed at NT has not been able to do very well. He, at 6 foot even, and at a generous listing of 285 pounds simply is not big or strong enough to get the job done. Hopefully, Pouha, the beast at 6-3, 325 will improve enough to take the job, and soon, or lower your expectations of Vilma.
  21. When do they bench Dante?

    Everyone likes to point to Moss' departure, but that is only half of the source of the problem..... the other half is the Vike's O line. It sucks.
  22. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Going with the upset.... Skins 17-13
  23. Miami Bandwagon

    By Jets standards, it was! Miami was never in the game, after that Pennington fumble on the first snap that the Jets managed to cover.
  24. S.Davis

    Where did you get this YPC of 3? It's 4.1. This is skewed due to a 40+ yard run in week one. But it aint 3! Davis has an injury prone tag that I don't get. He has a bad knee, but he isn't any more injury prone than most NFL RB's.
  25. S.Davis

    Davis never left. I listened to (and disagreed with) a lot of pundits talk all about how he was done this off season. They were all wrong. After two weeks, he has 158 yards on 38 carries, 4 TD's, and a 4.0 YPC. Some people (the ones that were wrong) appear to be somewhat bitter! The Huddle had Davis with 60 yards, no TD's this week. I played him as my flex, and he is my high scorer for the week. He can't keep this TD pace up, but I expect him to break the 100 yard mark on an every other week sort of basis by week 4.