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  1. Not an incredible game, but for those of us forced to start him over Gurley, it could have been much, much worse.
  2. If Gurley doesnt go

    I’d go Anderson or Moore
  3. Gurley, Kamara, Henry or Lindsay

    I’ve got the same predicament. Gurley, Kamara, Henry. I really wish Henry was playing tomorrow so we could delay the decision. I think I’m starting Henry. Just can’t risk if Gurley is out. That being said, you have Lindsay, who’s a perfectly fine RB2, and even better, plays Monday night. As I value Lindsay no less than Henry this week, I’d have no problem benching Henry, starting Kamara, and waiting until Gurley’s game-time decision to decide between Gurley and Lindsay. Delay the decision as long as possible so that you have as much information as possible to aid the decision. I wouldn’t rush the decision by starting Henry.
  4. getting too fancy?

    I came here for someone to talk me out of the unconventional route, and now I have someone trying to convince me to go even the more unconventional route! haha. But no, i can't argue with the logic. I assumed Gurley would take my RB1 only on the stipulation that he was healthy. If he's not looking great by game time, it certainly would make the decision easier for me.
  5. getting too fancy?

    I have the "unfortunate" problem of owning Kamara, Henry, and Gurley. So assuming Gurley is healthy, the decision comes down to Kamara vs. Henry for my RB2 slot.
  6. Kamara: 18.1 points/game over his last 3 games, facing a tough PIT defense Henry: 30.2 points/game over his last 3 games, facing a much more attractive WAS defense Luck: 14.3 points/game over his last 3 games, facing a NYG defense that doesn't give up that many points to opposing QBs Allen: 22.3 points/game over his last 3 games, in an attractive garbage time match-up against NE Kamara and Luck are obviously the safe plays and 98% of me wants to start them. But i can't shake that last 2% that's telling me it'll be worth it to go the unconventional route. Someone talk me down, haha
  7. This was when Bell was rumored to be returning within days. I sold him that Bell was a top-10 back. Ingram, Howard, and Brees rounded out the trade. For a guy who had no RB2 and Wilson as his QB, it didn’t take much convincing.
  8. I shouldn’t have included my team. This happens every time I ask for advice. yes, it’s a legitimate, albeit not extremely active, league, and no, there was no collusion. I had a really good draft, particularly in the later rounds, managed to hit gold on nearly all this year’s best FAs, and turned several 3-for-1ish trades. My advantage didn’t come from trades, my advantage came from getting lucky with all my free agent signings and constantly churning them out for upgrades. You’ll notice that nearly all my trades below featured free agents that emerged as quality starting options. For example: Kupp, Peterson, Breida for J. Jones Ingram, Bell, Howard, Brees, Crabtree for Gurley, Wilson Lindsay, Edelman, Landry for Smith-Schuster, M. Jones Smith-Schuster, Chubb, Wilson, Houston DST for Luck, M. Thomas The only trade I feel guilty about is Reed, Cobb, and which ever DST was hot at the moment for Hopkins. That was just absurd. A lowball I figured would never get accepted. But he lost his TE to injury, and as we all know the waiver wire for TE has been bare all year, and he really wanted his Rodgers-to-Cobb connection as well as a DST that he felt he could set and forget. But this trade was the exception. Everything else was balanced IMO.
  9. Luck has been the perfect picture of consistency... until the last 3 weeks, where he's scored in single digits in 2 of his 3 starts. He has another questionable match-up against the Giants. Not questionable because the Giants have an outstanding pass defense, but questionable because teams don't have to beat them through the air because their run defense is so poor. And with Mack coming off another good game... Do I play the safe option (Luck), or do i get a little risky and play Allen who will be playing from behind and should have PLENTY of opportunities to score some fantasy points? 12-team PPR (in the championship, baby!) QB: Luck (Allen) WR: Hopkins, J. Jones, M. Thomas (Samuel) RB: Gurley, Kamara (Edwards, Adams) TE: Gronk (McDonald)
  10. Rogers And Cobb Done For The Yesr!!

    "Rogers has a groin." I would hope so!
  11. Anyone else expecting to lose their semi-final match-up because of 50% owned Mike freaking Williams? Nope? Just me? Awesome.
  12. I should end up facing him in week 15. Really hoping Conner is back by then.
  13. The 2 teams I’m most scared of in the playoffs lost their TEs. So to block them, even if just for one week, I picked up IMO the last ownable TE on the board, Vance McDonald. This now gives me Gronk, Burton, and McDonald at the position. On Friday, I think I’m going to drop at least one of them. It has to be Burton, right? 5 receptions in the last 3 weeks can’t be overlooked even if he did supply a safe floor all year before that. I just don’t want to hand one of these other teams a TE that’s going to burn me later. Maybe I play it safe and drop Ekeler? 12-team PPR QB: Luck WR: Hopkins, J. Jones, M. Thomas RB: Gurley, Kamara (Adams, Edwards, Ekeler) TE: Gronk (McDonald, Burton)
  14. ideas for money league payouts

    I like the idea of weekly payouts, but that doesn’t keep the cellar dwellers involved. Keeps the middle tier competing but not those who have no real chance of outscoring everyone.
  15. On another thread, a few of us were discussing ways to keep managers engaged even if their team isn't doing well. There's not a lot you can do in anonymous or free leagues, but in money leagues, i think you've have a little more power. Below is the payout structure I used when i used to run a money league. It wasn't wildly successful in keeping people involved, but it was a little more fun than the average league. Let me know what improvements you would make... Assuming 12-team, $10 buy-in, but could scale up $120 total -------------- $70 to playoff champion $20 to playoff 2nd place $10 to playoff 3rd place this leaves $20 to play with in order to inject some fun / additional competition. I divided it up into four $5 payouts, some were based on performance, some weren't. 1.) $5 to manager who finished the regular season with the best record 2.) $5 to winner of the consolation bracket 3.) $5 to manager who had the best record when predicting weekly match-up winners 4.) up to $5 to manager who most closely predicted Super Bowl winner (total points scored used as tiebreaker) $5 rewarded if answer is locked in before season starts $4 rewarded if answer locked in before week 4 $3 rewarded if answer locked in before week 9 $2 rewarded if answer locked in before week 17 $1 rewarded if answer locked in before playoffs start To some it seemed silly to be competing for $1 bills, but i think it added a little bit of fun. And bullet points 2 and 3 were specifically aimed at keeping ALL managers involved late in the season. Your thoughts?