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  1. Arizona Defense

    Colts shut down KC before their bye week, which looks even more impressive after watching an even more injured, Maholmes-less Chiefs team still manage to put up 30 last night. With Watson being sack-prone, i wouldn't be surprised if the now-rested Colts register 4+ sacks on Sunday at home. Maybe not the highest ceiling, but i like their floor. I'd play the Colts.
  2. Trading Zeke

    do it quick!
  3. sell high on McLaurin. I have much more faith in Edelman ROS than McLaurin.
  4. Trade for McCaffery

    I don't know. That a ton of value going the other way. I'd have to see the rest of your roster, know your league size, etc., but in a vacuum, that seems too high a price for me. Mack has a great schedule moving forward, and could easily be a second half top-10 RB. Engram is far better than the typical TE2 / available FA. And Hopkins, albeit a little frustrating to own this year, is still Hopkins. If your league is small, and/or your team is stacked and you have the depth to survive, i'd consider making the move, but otherwise, i have a feeling concentrating that much value in one player is too risky.
  5. That's what i'm choosing to focus on. If one of them is going to break out of this slump, i'd like to hope its Kelce before Ertz.
  6. he's in desperate need of RB help, so i sent Ertz+Breida for Kelce and he immediately accepted. Seems that perhaps i'm not the only one pessimistic about Kelce, haha.
  7. Waller trade? Which should I do?

    with how shallow the TE position is, i think you're valuing Waller way too low. He's a target machine. I'd want a lot more than Singletary. Push for Henry.
  8. I'm considering upgrading from Ertz to Kelce as part of a larger deal with another manager. Part of me loves the idea of upgrading from a disappointing Ertz to the league's top talent, but Kelce's disappointed this year as well, and now you have to weigh the Maholmes ankle injury. Am I suffering a bit from owner's bias in thinking my Ertz isn't that much of a step down from Kelce? I'm not including a trade proposal here, so i'm sure the overwhelming answer will be 'depends what you have to give up to get him', but I guess i'm asking just more in general, should i be willing to give up anything beyond maybe a RB3 or WR4 to get this upgrade?
  9. I'd consider a Breida-for-Mixon straight-up swap, but would have likely opened up trade talks with more of a WR4 + Williams offer. This idea was mostly motivated by the need to free up a roster slot, which is why i was actively looking for a potential 2-for-1 trade for a buy-low candidate as i was confident i could get one done this week. Mixon was the first name i found that i figured wouldn't be too difficult to obtain.
  10. Tell me I did not screw up.

    i don't love the deal. I don't think you have the RB depth to be sending someone of Henry's calibur away. Cook, Singletary, Williams all carry injury concerns of varying degrees, and we still don't know exactly how the workload is going to be split in LA between Gordon and Ekeler. I'm not saying you took a big loss in overall value, but i probably would have prioritized RB depth to the point where I wouldn't have accepted. You could very likely end up having to rely more heavily on WR depth to cover FLEX moving forward, which can work in PPR, but it always comes with way more risk as WR output, especially WR3/4 output, has a much wider range than a top-15 RB like Henry. Just hope Hopkins represents enough of a an upgrade to Evans to offset your frustrations at FLEX moving forward!
  11. I'm in a great spot right now in my league, so I have the flexibility to take some gambles. If there's one place i could use an upgrade, its probably to my RB depth (bench RBs are currently Breida, J. Williams). I'm intrigued at the thought of adding Mixon, as he can be had for cheap and I just can't bring myself to believe his actual value is as low as his trade value is right now. is he a legit buy-low candidate or someone to be avoided? Does he represent much of an upgrade, if one at all, to Breida?
  12. Winston ROS?

    If Allen wasn’t playing so well, I think I’d give the nod to Cam. But I think I agree with you all. Given his ceiling and schedule, I think i’ll give Winston a shot.
  13. Winston ROS?

    What do you all make of Winston ROS? I don't typically prioritize rostering a second QB, but my league grew to 14 teams this year, the waiver wire is bare, and the need to roster a 2nd is greater than ever. I added Newton as insurance should my starter (Ryan) get injured, because i could slide him into my IR slot for the time being and save the roster slot. I was happy with this approach, but Winston's owner just dropped him. I don't know if there's a fantasy QB with a wider range from ceiling to floor than Winston. I think I'm going to add him because he has an extremely attractive ROS schedule, and given that he's on bye this week i don't think i'll have to waste waiver priority, but which Winston do you think we're going to get moving forward?
  14. Montgomery or Breida

    Agreed, but I wonder how sustainable is Breida’s league-leading 6.5 yards per carry.
  15. Montgomery or Breida

    Bump it up.