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  1. Hopkins and Jones. Drafted Hopkins and was fortunate to buy low on both Jones and Evans. I say fortunate to buy low on Evans, but he’s done nothing since I got him during his suspension. What I gave up in the deal has FAR outproduced him.
  2. Who to start at WR3 in PPR? Evans at CAR - CAR 6th worst against fantasy WR - Evans 10 ppg over last 3 games Diggs at GB - GB 7th worst against fantasy WR - Diggs 11 ppg over last 3 games Shepard at ARI - ARI 17th worst against fantasy WR - Shepard 14 ppg over last 3 games, though almost all came in last game
  3. Gotta bench Evans, right?

    I keep expecting Evans to hit his ceiling. If he were to have done it even once in the second half of the season, I’d be a little more willing to put him out there. But he hasn’t topped 95 yards this season, and hasn’t even reached 14 fantasy points in a PPR league since week 8!
  4. I thought I was buying low on Evans during his suspension week, but he’s done absolutely nothing since. In his last 5 games in my league, he’s averaged 8 points per game, equivalent to posting 4/40/0 each week. I know there’s been some fluidity at QB in Tampa, but I can’t start him this week against a tough ATL secondary, right? my other options: Diggs vs CIN (equally as disappointing + even tougher matchup?) Agholor vs NYG (Foles?) Kupp @SEA 10-team PPR
  5. Crazy to bench my RB1?

    I think i agree with you guys. But it’s tough. The other two are definitely safer, and the “experts” are ranking them higher than Burkhead, but they have to play it safe in their rankings as well. i don’t know what to do, but I’m leaning toward McCoy and Burkhead.
  6. Am i crazy for trying to find a way to get Burkhead into my starting lineup? I start McCoy and Gordon every week at RB. Normally, I’d be pumped to have 2 of what most people consider to be top-10, if not top-5, backs in PPR. But Gordon has averaged 12.6 points and only topped 15 points once in his last 6 games. Similarly, McCoy has averaged 12.2 points and topped 15 points once over his last 5 games. Meanwhile Burkhead has averaged 16.6 points and topped 15 points 4 times in his last 5 games. Plus with Gronk out, you gotta expect the Pats to lean more heavily on the running backs. 10-team PPR QB: Prescott (Roethlisberger) RB: McCoy, Gordon (Burkhead, McKinnon, Collins) WR: Jones, Hopkins, Evans (Diggs) TE: Engram
  7. He Made it!

    A little over dramatic, but i like the passion. 8/10.
  8. He Made it!

    Just some playful ribbing. i tried getting my 6 month old into fantasy sports this year but he showed no interest.
  9. He Made it!

    According to the op, it’s a league of only 10 year olds, which wouldn’t be an issue. Well, all 10 year olds and one Dad who takes pleasure in beating 10 year olds in games.
  10. He Made it!

    Do you not feel guilty at all about playing fantasy football against a bunch of 10 year olds? Or is this just a shtick to get more responses?
  11. i posted last week about how i had a 17 point lead plus Hopkins still to play, yet my odds of winning were at only 98% Similar story this week - my buddy has an 8 point lead plus Antonio Brown still to play, yet his odds of winning are estimated at only 92%. yahoo’s dropping the ball a bit on this. i doubt anyone actually takes those estimates too seriously, but it really bugs me that they haven’t somehow caught this.
  12. Good news. I didn’t lose.
  13. What do you need on MNF?

    For hopkins not to fumble the ball 9 times. If he avoids that, i’ll protect my 17 point lead.
  14. Yeah, he has no players left. Even the simplest of models should have my chances of winning at like 99.99%, if not higher.