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  1. Mixon over Carson?

    You win some, you lose some.
  2. Mixon has scored 17+ PPR points in 4 of his last 5 games, something Carson has done only twice in that same span. Its hard to find a rankings system that likes Mixon over Carson this week, but we know how conservative a lot of these rankings can be. Am I crazy to play Mixon?
  3. What is AJ Green worth??

    as would i.
  4. I am. My team's solid. My only real weakness is RB depth. Mixon is my very sketchy RB3, as well as the only RB on my bench currently, but it's the time of year to start transitioning to handcuffs anyways, and both handcuffs to my current starters (McCaffrey, Elliot) are available. I think I'm comfortable enough to use my priority on a kicker, despite it going against my normal rules, haha.
  5. I have a feeling someone will claim him. Just don't know if it's someone ahead of me in priority or behind me. Very much doubt he makes it to free agency.
  6. I targeted the New England defense as the most under-rated defense in the draft. I'm not going to pretend that i was predicting them to explode like they have thus far, but i felt confident that they'd be a top-3 defense, but with an ADP that had them coming off the board as like the 10th defense drafted. So i was playing the balancing game in both of my drafts, knowing i wanted to take them earlier than their ADP to make sure i secured them, but late enough to maximize the benefit. In both leagues, someone jumped the ADP dramatically and took them as the 3rd or 4th defense off the board. At the time, i was disappointed, but confident that i didn't want to take a defense that early anyways. But looking back now, man, i wish i could have that back.
  7. someone talk me out of using my waiver priority on Zuerlein. My priority isn't incredibly high (8th out of 14), which has me leaning towards attempting to use it. It's not as if i'd be dropping from an elite position. But i have Gonzalez, who's been more than capable, scoring 9+ fpts in 7 of 9 games this year. And having a good waiver priority heading into the final few weeks before the fantasy playoffs may not be an awful thing to have. I've never used a waiver claim on a kicker, should i break the mold this week?
  8. wanna bet?

    Missing Matt Ryan for 2 weeks.
  9. wanna bet?

    i made the move. i figured if i chicken out between now and game time, i can always drop Walton for Fitzpatrick to pad my lead this week.
  10. wanna bet?

    i should add that I'm extremely top-heavy at RB with both McCaffrey and Elliot; my depth is almost non-existent (Mixon, Ty Johnson).
  11. wanna bet?

    Walton is still somehow available in my 14-team league. Not a lot of Monday morning activity. I'm strongly considering picking him up, but doing so would require me to drop Mason Rudolph, who's my starting QB this week. I have a 28 point lead and my opponent only has Pittsburgh's DST left. The odds of me winning are good; only twice has a defense scored > 28 points all season. If i make this move, forfeiting QB points this week, how much you want to bet Pittsburgh scores 28+ points tonight? haha
  12. Josh Gordon vs. ?

    Thanks for clarifying. My head wasn't in the right place. Yes, waivers are far different than trades.
  13. Looking to round out a larger deal by adding either Gordon or Gallup, but i keep flip-flopping on who i want ROS. Gordon has the higher potential, especially if traded to a contender, but there's a lot of risk there (coming off of injury, won't know new offense, can't foresee target volume, etc.) Am i correct in prioritizing Gallup over Gordon? PPR, my current WRs: Allen, Evans, OBJ, Gallup, Gordon
  14. Cousins or Winston?

    Thursday night games are always so incredibly difficult to predict, but i'm riding the hot hand this week. Sticking with Cousins.
  15. Every year, i find myself sitting on the top waiver priority at some point, reluctant to use it because I'm waiting for that one "big" injury that produces a guy that makes a difference late in the fantasy season. I view it as a fairly valuable asset, but also one that occasionally goes unused. I found myself in that position a little earlier than usual this year, at week 8. I'm considering using it this week on Johnson. Pros: I'd probably start him this week in my RB2 slot over Mixon, and he provides decent depth should Kerryon miss 3-6 weeks. Cons: Kerryon may only miss one week, and even if that's not the case, Johnson wouldn't likely see my starting line-up again after this week (current RBs: McCaffrey, Elliot, Mixon, Pollard). is he worth losing my top waiver priority? i keep flip-flopping. I could use him this week, but i just don't see much long-term value. My record is currently 4-3, but i feel very confident my team will be making the playoffs.