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  1. Dddddddddefense

    Oakland's given up, and Arizona's defense has looked surprisingly good. Plus the home field advantage. I really like Arizona this week.
  2. Need some quick advice

    It's not an awful offer, but that wouldn't be enough for me to give up Juju. Mack had a string of good games, but this is the same Colts offense it always seems to be, which is pass-first. And with the offensive line looking better than ever, this means Luck will be going more and more to WRs/TEs and less and less to his short RB check-downs. I'd expect his ROS value to be closer to his week 10 production (38 total yards/game) than his weeks 7-8 production (154 total yards/game). Combine that with low-end WR3 in Ridley, and you're not looking at that much of a return.
  3. Tucker and Fairbairn appear to be the best available. Gostkowski gets his bye next week, but I highly doubt he gets dropped. I like Fairbairn’s home environment, but he still has Nov/Dec match-ups in DC, New York, and Philly, which scare me a bit. I’ll likely stream to finish the season.
  4. I’ve been streaming kickers with mixed results, because projecting kicker performances is a fools errand. I have Gould now but think I’m going to make a change. Tucker and Fairbairn are available. Tucker has been elite for so long, but Baltimore is definitely struggling, and he’s failed to put up decent points in 3 consecutive games. I’m leaning towards Fairbairn, but was wondering if there’s anyone would make a case for Tucker?
  5. Which Defense Rest of Season?

    agreed. No defense is playable every week. Take a look at Baltimore for an example. They were a top-3 defense heading into week 7 and lots of people were backing them as being an every week play. And what have they done in the last 2 weeks? A combined -1 point, and they're looking at Pittsburgh and a bye week for their next two weeks. Even Chicago is showing it's capable of some less-than-stellar showings. Just stream, and pick up any available DST that's playing teams like BUF, ARI, or TB each week. You'll almost assuredly end up scoring more points than any individual defense this year.
  6. anyone else nervous about Gurley?

    I'm not concerned about him sitting out weeks 14 and 15, and not even necessarily all of 16. But i could see him sit part of 16 and take fewer reps in any or all of these games. Plus he's got a tough schedule in weeks 14 (Chicago) and 15 (Philly). What I'm trying to say is that i don't expect him to be worth nothing, but i expect him to be worth a little less. And if i can cash in now, and sell him at his peak value, maybe it's worth it, especially since i'm a lock for making the playoffs. I'm opening the conversation, but I'm starting the conversation with Gurley + J. Jones + Burton for Elliot + Brown + Kelce. I'm perfectly fine with this offer. If he counters with Gronk instead of Burton, he'll put me in a tough spot. Not sure what i'll do, but i'm leaning towards rejecting. And my team certainly wasn't drafted. I got really lucky hitting on some late draft picks (Edelman, AP, Kupp, etc), got lucky in picking up the best FAs (Conner, Lindsay, etc.), and have been trading at an alarming rate all year.
  7. anyone else nervous about Gurley?

    i think the biggest thing keeping me from pursuing this right now isn't the whole Gurley late-season predicament, but actually Gronk's ROS value. I have this feeling that Gronk will be the #1 TE from here on out. I know that's far from certain, maybe even far from likely, but I'm telling you, i have the feeling.
  8. anyone else nervous about Gurley?

    Unfortunately I only align well with maybe 2 other managers right now. Like you said, not needing WR (or QB) narrows my list of trade partners pretty significantly. The most realistic RB1 acquisition in my situation is probably Elliot. If all went according to plan, I'd be looking at 2 trades that if combined would like Gurley + Gronk + J. Jones for Kelce + Elliot + A Brown. I might have to throw in some filler to push one of the trades through, but it wouldn't be anyone of significant value. I wouldn't be making huge upgrades at WR or TE, but i think the minor upgrades, plus avoiding the risk that Gurley gets shut down, may be worth the downgrade from Gurley to Elliot.
  9. Kings ransom for Nuk?

    don't get me wrong, i build my teams almost exclusively on 3-for-2 deals, but i wouldn't listen to these guys saying you ALWAYS want the best player in the deal. That's way over-simplistic and lazy. If you're an active trader, you want to amass the most total value because what you acquire today can be flipped into something tomorrow. In relatively close deals, yes, i'll usually prefer the side that has the best player, but your situation breaks this mold. I'd rather have Edelman / Boyd / Howard / Lindsay. Not because this necessarily makes your starting roster better, but because it gives you ammo that could, and probably should, theoretically return you more than Hopkins alone. This is a deal i'd consider at the trade deadline, but not before. You're giving up too much. You can find another deal, or a combination of other deals, that should return you a WR of Hopkins level and at least one other decent piece for this package.
  10. I'm growing more and more nervous about Gurley sitting during the fantasy playoffs, and I don't have a quality RB3 to rely on. With my fantasy league trade deadline coming up in two weeks, i'm starting to think about dealing him. But at the same time i don't want to force a trade and risk setting my team back just because i'm scared about a week 16 benching that may not happen. What are your thoughts? Trade or handcuff? If I did deal him, i'd probably be looking to package Gurley and Gronk for Kelce/Ertz, a mid-level RB1, and a 3rd piece (potentially an upgrade to RB3?) 12-team PPR QB: Luck (Fitzpatrick) WR: Hopkins, J. Jones, M. Thomas (M. Jones) RB: Gurley, Kamara (Richard, Barber, Thompson) TE: Gronk (Burton)
  11. Playoff strengthening

    I just traded for Thomas precisely for this reason. In the final 7 weeks of the fantasy season, the Saints have 5 match-ups against defenses that rank in the top 7 in most points allowed to opposing WRs. Couldn't ask for a better schedule.
  12. fair offer for Green?

    I ended up passing on this. Instead of using this package to get Green, I was able to use it to get M. Thomas and a QB upgrade.
  13. in an attempt to upgrade my QB and WR3 slots, i may have traded away too much RB depth. I just traded Juju, Wilson, and Chubb for Luck and M. Thomas. I'm happy with the upgrades, by i'm essentially down to 2 startable backs. if one goes down, i'm hurting. this leaves me with... 12-team PPR QB: Luck (Fitzpatrick) WR: Hopkins, J. Jones, M. Thomas (M. Jones) RB: Gurley, Kamara (Richard, Barber, Thompson) TE: Gronk (Burton) Who are your deep RB sleepers for ROS? does anyone think Montgomery will find more action in Baltimore?
  14. Keep Njoku

    i'm actually targeting Njoku in trades. Who knows what a new regime will do to his output, but Njoku wasn't targeted in a game in which they were blown out and the HC and OC were fired immediately after. I wouldn't necessarily take that as a bad omen. If Njoku owners are scared, I think he's a great buy-low candidate.
  15. fair offer for Green?

    Green: 5.6 receptions, 86 yards per game Juju: 6.6 receptions, 85 yards per game The only real difference thus far has been the TD count (Green 6 to Juju 2). Is Green, with a potential injury, really much of an upgrade? I keep flip-flopping on this.