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  1. Conner or Gurley?

    Zips... the whole Pittsburgh offense was a mess last week so that take that out of the variable you really think the fact that Gurley was taken out of the game or was out of the game for both goal-line touchdowns doesn't scare you a little bit?? or the way I understand that that was just the way the rotation fell also but Brown Definitely Maybe a variable there ....I would go with Connor just cuz he has less behind him then Gurley and the knee injury scares me
  2. TE for WR Trade | PPR

    Offer em waller for cupp straight up don't have any value with Doyle not yet anyway since Ebron stared last year while he was hurt and I think both of them caught one ball last week but point out to him that Waller was on the field for every play last week maybe he'll buy
  3. Major trade question

    No I think what ackler and Henry did this weekend is an anomaly although Henry keeps surprising Everybody by Woody does especially in non-ppr and he keeps taking one long one to the house couple times now Cooper is a wide receiver tool at worst and Jacob is going to be the Bell cow in an offense that's not going to be that bad with ekeler soon as Mel Gordon comes back and whatever week he has to be back to get his one year of service he will be back I would not do it
  4. Needing advice on my team

    is C Thomas ..Thompson?
  5. Good trade?

    I don't like it only for this reason I think Waller is going to continue to be a beast he never left the field Monday night and Thompson going to be getting the ball all the time nappr they will be behind and that kind of helps McLaren too but they throw out of their backfield a lot I don't love it but I don't think you would be getting killed Philadelphia never seems to have a Bell cow since LeSean left
  6. I think he said it best I like it but I don't love it the upside is it both of those guys he's trading you I really like them as players they just didn't have great week number once but that might be a reason for you to do it Buy Low sell high but you're giving up a lot to does he have a little bit better of a running back they just didn't give the ball to Montgomery much I don't know if they don't trust him or what but every time he did touch it. He seemed faster than the other running backs they really like that Mike Davis guy last Thursday night for some reason he was average the Bears might be a mess offensively this year I'm afraid
  7. Mike Williams, Samuel or Cobb?

    poor Henry....go Williams I don't trust anybody where Cam is throwing and the person is not named McCaffrey ....number 2 anybody the lions are playing against will have a great second half... Cobb is it at best the fourth option in that offense behind Zeke ,Amari Cooper ,Gallup, than him he might surprise he had a good game last week but then again everybody did
  8. T.J. Hockenson or Mark Andrews?

    its closer than u think.. everybody is going crazy about Baltimore offensive players trust me Miami had a lot to do with that everybody needs to pump the brakes on Balt a little bit but I do believe Andrews will be one of the beneficiaries in that offense that's so sure all the other guys will be
  9. advise on veto or not

    That was a good move commissioner you did something very decisive shows good leadership that's what a good fantasy football league is all about other tool bags knock yourself out with the no veto ....get into a couple of those and see how they work out when three or four guys like this show up at your draft and you don't know they are there... long live the veto and long live the whiner if it's necessary
  10. advise on veto or not

    Okay so I've listened to all the drama back and forth but I don't think you have to be playing God to veto a trade's a novel idea the guy who put Juju could have had Robert Woods whenever they drafted before each guys picked think about do I want Robert Woods ??and take him.. if it looks like an advantage for one over the other beat to it both trades should be mutual benefit for both teams so if you trade position for position they've got to be a lot closer than that this is not a earth shattering trade so I would probably let it go through but don't act like it's so ridiculous to ask and trading is why I play mostly best-ball now and Guillotine I get tired of that working the wire working your ass off trying to make fair trade proposals four teams I had a guy offer me yesterday he offered me LeSean McCoy and Robby Anderson for Julio so this is what I'm going to do with all year in my one League were trading is involved ... no thanks
  11. Wow purple monster if I got to explain the Blackjack decorum then there's no reason for me to go into it there's just certain things you don't do when the dealer showing at 5 did you end up taking his break card and everybody else loses just put it that way
  12. How are we supposed to look at this when you needed a league invite a league password a league ID you provided none of that all this was was how to get to which everybody knows how to get to... I'm guessing it's full
  13. Well it's not as bad as the guy in this thread that dropped Davante Adams for Corderelle Patterson though
  14. See those are the guys that ruined fantasy football he should be playing in free leagues only that's bullmanure and then you got to spend the time to watch him cuz he's too stupid to get out of his own way that drives me nuts that's worse than a dumb guy at the blackjack table
  15. Shaft ...when I initially read this I see where you can play a wide receiver or a tight end and then it just said flex and ever saw a RB involved when mentioning when Flex was mentioned that's why I didn't think you could use one I just look at it differently so basically you don't have to play a tight end in this league which I don't think is a bad idea specially when there's only three decent ones I like like leagues like that