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  1. Miles Sanders worth

    I think I'd rather have Taylor over Sanders. As for Kirk, I am sure I'm in the minority, but I think his value actually goes up with Hopkins in town. Kirk isn't a #1 (like he was asked to be last year), but he can be a very good #2 as he will/should draw weaker coverage. This has to be (should be) Fitz's last season. Put that together, I'm at a tossup. But if you like Sanders over Taylor, I would definitely take it because as I think you are undervaluing Kirk.
  2. Dynasty Drop

    Late to the party, but I would drop McKissic as well.
  3. Mattison for 2021 2nd Rd pick?

    As the Cook owner, this is a no brainer to me.
  4. Either Jones or Henderson. Henderson is more of the unknown in my mind, but has the chance to be a solid RB2 this year. Jones will get his fair share of chances in a loaded offense.
  5. Keeper help needed!

    You don't have a clear cut stud - I'd pick either Mixon or Ekeler. Neither is a great option, but they are your best players in my mind (personally I would stay away from Juju).
  6. Superflex dynasty

    I'd also be looking for something better than Dak/Burrows in return.
  7. Anyway to get a different WR then Allen?
  8. Early Keeper Question PPR 12 Team

    Personally I would take Chubb. I would see why a lot of people would want Lamar, but I view QBs as basically interchangeable. What's the likelihood he has a similar season as last one?
  9. Dynasty Conner for Hooper

    I'd be all for getting Conner and then getting Samuels if you can (Conner always gets hurt). I always like having lots of RBs on my team.
  10. Trade Advice

    You're not getting any younger (Godwin 3rd season and Sanders 2nd season) with that trade, so I don't see a point to do it. You think you will get a better long term receiver than Godwin from 1.02 or 1.03? Sanders in my mind is still hit or miss, probably will get a much better idea this season. Stay put.
  11. Dynasty Trade Lamar Jackson

    Good on you. Like I said before, it all depends on who you think the better QB will be long term. I'm still on the Murray side, but if you're happy with the Lamar side I certainly can't fault you for the trade.
  12. Dynasty Draft advice

    Unless your league settings are heavy on the QB, I don't see why you would take Burrows. I would rather get skill players (in your case probably the RB of your choosing) and then draft a QB at 1.05, which still seems early to me. Try trading the 1.05 pick back a few picks and see what else you can pick up (I would shoot for 1.09 or 1.10 and see if you can get a 1st rounder next year in addition).
  13. Dynasty Draft advice

    If they need QBs, they should trade back. No reason to take either one top 2 - I'm considering Burrows at 1.12 in my draft (he may not get all the way there). And I wouldn't want to be buying into Gronk or Cooks in dynasty. Gronk is 1 season and done (2 seasons at absolute best). Cooks to too much of a question mark right now.
  14. Dynasty Draft advice

    I agree, stay put and get a WR (and potentially a RB depending on 1st 3 picks).
  15. Dynasty Trade Lamar Jackson

    My feeling is that long term Murray will be better, particularly with Hopkins now. So, it really depends on your short v long term goals. Cooks doesn't matter in my mind either way.