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  1. What y’all think?

    None of those have Henry in them ... in my mind, he's a must play.
  2. This a hard one.....

    That's what she said...
  3. So what happened?

    Boone wasn't doing anything. Abdulla just flat out looked better in the offense. Then being down points forced their hands even more to Abdullah.
  4. Ryan is the safer floor in my mind. Will get you 2, maybe 3 TDs. If you want the potential for more, then you have to go Mahomes.
  5. Full PPR. Which 2 do you like?
  6. Safest play????

  7. I would pick up Boone just to block. He's likely to be the lead RB in an offense - always better that you have them than your opponent.
  8. With Cook out, I'd go: Boone, Mostert and Gordon. With Cook in, I'd go: Mostert, Gordon, and Hunt
  9. Boone dilemma

    I would guess that Cook's status will be set before Michel plays on Saturday.
  10. Josh Jacobs out- What Now???

    Washington had a solid game when JJ missed 2 weeks ago.
  11. I wouldn't trust Cook this week even if he plays. You'd be asking for a early exit from some sort of injury.
  12. Too Many Options

    Looking for any thoughts you may have. Full PPR league. QB (1) - Cousins v GB, Rivers v OAK, or Wentz v DAL RB (2 or 3) - McCaffrey v IND, M. Gordon v OAK, DeAndre Washington v LAC, Boone v GB WR (3 or 4) - Diggs v GB, Robby Anderson v PIT, DJ Chark v ATL, Pascal v CAR, Lazard v MIN DEF - New England v BUF, Atlanta v JAC Need 6 players from RB (min 2, max 3) and WR (min 3, max 4) positions. Currently planning on playing BOLD - should I go a different direction with any? Assuming Cook is out (which it looks like), does Boone move ahead of any RBs?
  13. I'd play Ryan at home against the Jags.
  14. Which team wins trip to SB?

    I'll tell you Tuesday