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  1. Am I Overthinking?

    I'd take Zeke as well.
  2. 8 team league QB strategy

    I've never been a early QB guy. In my 12 man leagues, I am always the last to draft a QB and that usually doesn't happen until round 8 or 9. In an 8 man league, I would definitely wait until later. There is a lot more parity among QBs compared to the difference in the other positions.
  3. Keeper advice help needed please!!

    Keeping Jones and going WR, WR means you are banking on Jones as your RB1. Not something I would be a huge fan off - he hasn't played and stayed healthy for an entire season (and I actually really like Jones). I would keep CMC and get a WR in round 1.
  4. I'd take Conner in the 11th. Obviously Barkley is the best back, but you gain the most draft position with conner. Who else are you going to pick in round 11 that will be a RB1 starter. Keep your 1st round pick and grab another stud.
  5. Keep 2 of Julio/AB/Evans/DJ/Chubb

    How'd you get that team in a 10 man league is the real question...
  6. Keeper option/trade

    I'd take Thomas without a doubt.
  7. Keeper Chubb or K Allen?

    PPR, I'd keep Allen
  8. Keeper Opinions

    Certainly Conner. I've never been a big fan of keeping QBs, but I'd actually lean towards Luck given the 6 pt TD.