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  1. Hopkins trade help. WHIR

    Andrews hasn't been consistent enough to trade away Hopkins for him. Tate by himself sure. Andrews has 3 20+ point games and 4 sub 10 point games. I would definitely just stream and try to get a few points until Kittle returns.
  2. Hopkins trade help. WHIR

    I'd stream TEs. Giving way too much up.
  3. OMG David Johnson?!

    With your roster, I'm not sure he will help you (or ever play). I'd keep both defenses to have a choice each week.
  4. Need to win this week or my season is over

    Kupp, Edelman, and Chark. Keep Ekeler in Flex.
  5. Continue to hold J. Samuels?

    If you bench him tonight, can you drop him tomorrow? Some of my leagues you can drop players who have already played as long as they are on your bench. Other leagues they are locked for the week. If you can make a move tomorrow, I would consider getting Metcalf. Otherwise I think you just hold Samuels.

    I'd go Lindsay as well. Who knows what the splits for the other 2 are going to be.
  7. Trade advice. (Mahomes trade)

    Think of it this way... Mahomes may get you an extra 5 points or so a week depending on settings. You would certainly lose more than that on average by taking Cooper out of your line up.
  8. I agree. Also, Jets are at the Skins this week.
  9. Trade advice. (Mahomes trade)

    I certainly wouldn't make that trade. Metcalf by himself, sure if you wanted Mahomes, but I would still roll with what you have.
  10. Blockbuster trade advice

    I'd go zeke too, but yes it's close and just personal preference.
  11. Wait until the injury report comes out. Steelers play tomorrow night, so you should have your answer either later today or tomorrow at the latest.
  12. AB?

    They just got Gordon.
  13. Do I accept this, counter, or reject?

    Good trade for you as long as you can live with TY for a couple weeks.
  14. Brandin Cooks

    I doubt there is anything better on the WW in a 16 team league. In my 12 team league I am holding him.
  15. Trade away Dalvin Cook???

    I think you mean Cooks