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  1. Melvin Gordon

    Good trade for you.
  2. Trade Andrews and E. Sanders for Dak?

    I'd rather stream than give up more.
  3. I don't expect the game to be particularly close, so I figure more rushing than passing. Obviously he's not a rookie, but he's still fairly new to the system. Add in all the other receivers they have and then a potential blowout (the ravens put up 42 in the first half), I would play someone else given a choice. Obviously this is all guessing, but that's how my thought process came to be.
  4. I wouldn't. I take a week to see how much he plays, especially since the matchup probably won't support a lot of passing.
  5. Drop 1 handcuff: Henderson, Samuels, Darwin

    Henderson would be my first choice.
  6. Super weird trade, what do you think?

    The pats d has a solid (set and forget) lineup for the next 6 or 7 weeks.
  7. Bucs vs Panthers (TNF)

    Thursday night football sucks. Thanksgiving is the only Thursday the nfl should play on.
  8. Blockbuster trade!

    Yes assuming bell is good to go. Hill is out for a while. Ekeler loses his start when Gordon comes back. Jeffery, who cares. I think I'm one of the few on the board with happy thoughts of Gurley, but such is life.
  9. I like the evans/ mack side.
  10. Hockenson or Howard

    I have the same decision and will be going Hockenson. I hate chasing last weeks points, but let the Bucs get their heads on straight first and play the hot hand.
  11. What’s Gurley’s value going forward

    Yeah, I wouldn't have done that either, but it makes a little more sense. Watkins had a huge week so people are high on him, although nobody seems to understand averages apparently. He's not going to put up those numbers another week this year. As I said in another Gurley thread, he is still the lead back on one of the strongest offenses in the NFL. Yes they are managing his reps more this season, but the same way that Watkins isn't going to score 3 TDs in a game again, it's unlikely that Brown gets 2 as well.
  12. What’s Gurley’s value going forward

    I don't see how he would/could accept that offer.
  13. Is it dumb to trade CMC?

    I would ask for more.
  14. Gordon or Evans? Please Help!

    Well, to put it back to 50/50, I'd take the volume of Evans.