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  1. Mr T or Awesome E?

    ekeler for me, no doubt.
  2. Boyd for Gallup

    I had to look, because I would have thought Gallup was higher rated than Boyd (he's not). I too would rather have Gallup, even with Lamb coming in, so good trade for you in my mind.
  3. Draft advice

    I wouldn't do it. The difference between 13 and 40 is much bigger than 1 and 8.
  4. Which Side ?!?

    Thoughts are it leaves me really weak at RB for this year, but should be stacked the following year. Thinking that given the unknown of this year it may not even be that bad.
  5. Which Side ?!?

    Chubb / Evans MT / Lamb / 2021 R1
  6. Michael Thomas deal

    In general, that is a very cheap in my mind. But, who falls out of your starting lineup if you take it? How many WRs do you start and how many flex? Assuming that your last player is Tyreek in Flex, I'm with you being iffy on giving up that much depth. If the offer was for an RB, I would hop all over it.
  7. Please help me pick my keeper

    Toss up in my mind, but I always take the RB over the WR in these situations.
  8. Keeper Question

    I tend to agree with this. With everything COVID related going on, I actually believe players have more incentive to not play this year given the additional health risks (this is across all sports).
  9. Trade offer...Thoughts

    How many people is everyone keeping? Who is available with the 5th pick in the regular draft? If everyone is keeping 15+ people, I don't see how that is a positive trade for you. WIth 1.03 in the Rookie draft, you will probably take JT (assuming 1 and 2 go QB).
  10. Superflex dynasty trade .5PPR

    That's a load of picks ... are you going to be able to hold all those guys on your team if you draft them? Or are you going to have to end up picking just a couple to meet roster requirements.
  11. Early Keeper Question PPR 12 Team

    Personal preference... I'm still with Chubb.
  12. Dynasty Trade

    Honestly, between Hyde and Vaughn I think you are fine for a 3rd back. I think Hyde landed in a good place and can carry you early in the season and Vaughn later in the season. My concern with Michel is he just had surgery and I've never had faith in a Bill Belichick RB as they can disappear for games. I do like Dillon going forward after this year. No interest in Darryngron Evans for me as the Titans run game is already locked up with Henry.
  13. COVID & Football

    Curious what others thoughts are, but I don't see how the NFL will play this season. They have the advantages of watching the NBA, MLB, and NHL figure out their plans and then also the advantage of more time, but without a vaccine, I just don't see how they play a regular season worth of games. So, the question as related to Fantasy Football, is what to do with Dynasty teams (a missed season doesn't really affect redraft leagues). Is anyone positioning themselves differently for a lost season? Trading away some older players for younger players? I'm trying to figure out what I should be doing differently. Any thoughts?
  14. Dynasty Trade

    I'm usually not a fan of these larger trades. A few thoughts I have. 1. This may just be my personal preference, but I like Chubb a lot more than I like Mixon (even with Hunt on the team). The Browns have a better team than Bengals, which all else equal means more points. 2. I like RBs more than WRs. Again, personal preference here, but when I look at your deal, you are giving up a young top RB for an older top 8 WR. I do think Evans will have several good years with Brady as QB, but as you said, you are trading a starting RB for a Flex. 3. I'm not a fan of Cohen - his role will continue to be 3rd down back at best. 4. This is a long way off of your original trade question. What's the point of the most recent trade proposal - what are you trying to accomplish? It looks like you are pushing into the future, but Evans and Cohen don't help a lot in the future.
  15. Dynasty Trade

    I'm not sure I see a top 2-3 team there, but obviously I don't know the other teams. I definitely see a top 6 team there and Gurley would probably put you into the top 3. So, I'd be good either way - if you want to make a run by all means do it.