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  1. Keeper Help

    I'd keep Rodgers - he's got such a larger spread in draft position. 3rd round pick in the 15th vs a 1st rounder in the 3rd. What pick do you have in the draft? Early or late in the snake?
  2. Trading Beckham

    I agree - I'd decline.
  3. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    If one player is being overvalued and you aren't interested in that player, why are you after 1.01? Why not go after 1.02 and get your pick of all other players? Probably will cost you way less and since you aren't interested in the player that is obviously going to go 1.01, you should be all set...
  4. Trade #3 & #4 pick for #1?

    How many players do you play? If you're only starting 7 or 8 players a week, it may be worthwhile. Starting more than that, I think I would rather have 2 guys.
  5. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    If you have 4 picks in top 15, why don't you include a trade with 1 or 2 of them as well. Yes, you lose whatever, but it's part of the cost of moving up.
  6. who to play

    I'd lean towards Lewis over K. Williams.
  7. Foles, Jimmy g or winston

    I went Foles over Winston.
  8. PPR flex...Duke, Robby, or Hogan

    I'd say Hogan as well
  9. Last roster spot

    Need to pick 1 of the following for my last Flex spot: Full PPR: McKinnon vs Cin Sterling Shepard vs Phl Giovani Bernard vs Min (would only play if Mixon is out) Rod Smith vs Oak If Mixon is out, I am leaning towards Gio - otherwise Rod Smith. Thoughts?
  10. Olsen or Witten

    PPR I expect Olsen to play the full game this week, but has a tougher matchup. Leaning towards Witten. Am I wrong?
  11. Pick 3 WR

    I'd bench Robby Anderson v KC
  12. I'd say either Landry or Cupp
  13. Like many others, I need a win this week to secure playoffs. I'm in a very deep 12 person league, so I need to pick 3 of these guys to fill in my last WR and 2 Flex positions. Full PPR - Pick 3 Cooper Cupp Josh Doctson DeVante Parker Sterling Shepard Danny Woodhead Jason Witten Jordy Nelson
  14. Which QB for week 13

    Yeah, if you already have a part of that game, probably not worth the risk of loading up on it.