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  1. Raven backfield

    Run heavy, yes certainly with Lamar. I'd be hesitant to pick one today for next season - I'd assume they continue to split fairly evenly and given the option would stay away.
  2. Dynasty league trade?

    I would take the deal for Conner and Johnson. Paired with Bell, you will have 3 solid RBs on different teams. DJ had a down year and still finished as a top 10 back. Conner will continue to be strong. Bell will do his thing wherever he lands.
  3. 2 keeper league...who to keep?

    DJ and AB. DJ can only go up and he is a 3 down back. AB will be fine where ever he ends ups.
  4. Durrius guice

    Yes, he should be back from injury next season. It is unknown if AP will be back as well, but Guice is the future over the next couple of years. As for 5.3, I don't know about that one way or another.
  5. 1.06 in a 12 team dynasty start up

    Zeke would be my top choice. Then Gordon, then Hopkins.
  6. 10 Keepers for 2019

    I would add Guice to the list so you can see what happens with AP. And since it doesn't cost anything I would also add Sutton to the list.
  7. Defense WDIS

  8. WDIS Defense

  9. Best D? Cleveland, Miami or Dallas?

    I'd probably take them, especially if OBJ sits again.
  10. Lower Floor this week: MWilliams or JReynolds

    I'd start Williams. Higher floor and ceiling in my opinion. Reynolds would be too many Rams.
  11. 1000 dollar pot.. help me win

    Gotta go Foles.
  12. Robert Foster or DaeSean Hamilton

    If you need a higher ceiling go Foster. Higher floor go with Hamilton.
  13. QB

    I agree, Wilson.