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  1. Should I keep Lindsay or Clement?

    I think Smallwood's roll drops and Clement's remains about the same.
  2. Offered Bell

    With the team you listed below, I would say yes.
  3. Who to drop for Aaron Jones?

    Kearse or Snead would be my choices. I wouldn't drop Cousins.
  4. Mahomes and Zeke trade??

    I wouldn't do it.
  5. .5 PPR Need 1 WR, 2 RBs and 1 Flex David Johnson McCaffery Corey Clement Watkins Fuller Enunwa Who gets left off? I think I'm leaning towards Enunwa and David Johnson? Or do I leave the Eagles backfield out of it?
  6. Saquon Trade... It's a doozy

    I'd do it. Only potential reason I wouldn't is that your WRs get weaker. Maybe try to switch out Hyde for a WR, so you keep some depth there.
  7. Gronk vs. Reed

    I'd play Reed. High scoring game with the Saints and as you said, Gronk is banged up and Edelman is coming back.
  8. Yes, probably. McCaffrey is a big upgrade in a PPR league. Big question mark is what you have at TE behind Ebron...
  9. Blockbuster trade offer.......

    For fantasy purposes, Brees > Rodgers and Gurley > DJ. So I vote no as well.
  10. Bump .... any last thoughts on Fuller or Tate?
  11. Who do you guys think would be better to trade? Tate or Fuller? The other party is happy with either, so who should I offer?
  12. Yes, I would be receiving Green/Collins. In my head I think it's more of a Green for Fuller and DJ for Collins type deal, not that it really matters. Any thoughts on who to switch out Fuller for? Obviously Ginn would be great, but I don't think the trade happens then. Is it worth trying to sub out into one of the other ones?
  13. .5 PPR league. Thoughts on this trade offer? Other WRs I have to potentially mix up the offer: Theilen, Tate, or Ginn
  14. Quick Feedback Needed

    I'd take A
  15. Package for Bell. Help

    If you have to drop an RB to pick him up, I would include the RB in the trade.