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  1. Any particular reason ? I’m starting Gordon too and I’m already behind big cause of Lamar Jackson I kinda think Tate has a better chance at a big game but who knows they both can dissapear
  2. 1 pt ppr. Golden Tate vs dolphins (Eli at QB) or mike Williams vs Vikings
  3. Flex start (Melvin Gordon)

    I’m thinking if it’s a blowout (likely against fins) he may be able to get in lots of reps running out the clock
  4. Do I start Gordon or dantelle Inman (wr) both playing the fins. 1pt ppr
  5. Eli benched

    Trade Eli to Jacksonville for Ramsey
  6. I’m looking for Barkley themed team names any ideas? Best one I have so far is “Saquan and Pass” happy to help with your team ideas