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  1. Saquan Barley themed team names?

    Saquon for the Team
  2. Saquan Barley themed team names?

    Ooh I think u got something there
  3. I’m looking for Barkley themed team names any ideas? Best one I have so far is “Saquan and Pass” happy to help with your team ideas
  4. Currently have green Inman and engram starting
  5. Trade advice

    I'm not convinced Zeke comes back strong for that one week. McCoy has a great schedule and Howard is inconsistent so I would want McCoy Kamara
  6. Zeke and Morris for diggs

    Right now I'm 1 he's 2 but no byes in our league. He has Tate and thomas so he can spare diggs I also made the same offer for tyrek hill well see who bites
  7. Which rb?

    If Freeman's out Coleman if not. Prob still Coleman maybe Abdullah
  8. I offered Zeke and Morris. Think he'll bite?
  9. I am but i dont have great alternatives kenny golladay or waivers
  10. I offered Zeke and Morris they have fournette and javarious Allen so they could use Morris
  11. I'm thinking to offer Zeke and reed for Sheppard. Other her team has Evans Landry and Ertz think they might bite? im also thinking of offering reed and Zeke to another guy who has Hyde hunt ajayi Gordon and chris Hogen. Which back should I ask for/take and do you think he would trade hogan for Elliot alone?
  12. Trade for Kelce

    I would not do Evans for Kelsey shep yes