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  1. Derek Carr

    Stafford on a bye. Can pick up Tyrod Taylor, Jared Goff or Andy Dalton
  2. Derek Carr

    Start him tonight? Yes or No
  3. QB options

    Currently have Stafford (on bye) and Derek Carr. Would anybody trust Carr tomorrow against a less than average Chiefs secondary or find another starter? Current FA's are Tyrod Taylor vs. Bucs, Andy Dalton vs. Steelers or Jared Goff vs. Cardinals or Trevor Siemian vs Chargers
  4. What would get me a WR1?

    Qbs: Derek Carr Matthew Stafford RBs: Devonta Freeman LeSean McCoy Ameer Abdullah Mark Ingram Derrick Henry Aaron Jones WRs: Dez Bryant Terrelle Pryor Pierre Garcon Devin Funches TE: Travis Kelce I feel like I'm a WR 1 away from a strong finish this season. A guy in my league is 1-5 and currently has Mike Evans and I was thinking about sending him an offer. Who do you think I should include from my current roster?
  5. Pick a Flex

    Ammer Abdullah vs. Saints Aaron Jones vs. Vikings Terrelle Pryor vs. 49ers Isaiah Crowell vs. Texans NON PPR
  6. What's your thoughts?

    RB's still on roster/traded for: LeSean McCoy Devonta Freeman Mark Ingram Ameer Abdullah Derrick Henry Aaron Jones WR's still on roster/traded for: Terelle Pryor Dez Bryant Pierre Garcon Devin Funchess Should I trade a rb away for a receiver or pick up off waivers? Cooper Kupp, Jeremy Maclin, Allen Hurns and Mike Williams are all still avaliable?
  7. What's your thoughts?

    I traded Golden Tate, Martavis Bryant and Carlos Hyde for LeSean McCoy and Pryor. Thoughts on if you think both guys can turn their seasons around??
  8. Trying to get back a Rb 1 and either Wr 1 or 2. I want to package Abdullah, Tate, Martavis Bryant and Carlos Hyde. If I offered those players what Rb and Wr do you think I could pull for these 4? Standard scoring league
  9. Whats your thought?

    On having Devonta Freeman and Julio Jones both on your team? If you could make the trade for one assuming you had the other would you? Thinking about trading for Jones but for some reason with Freeman being on my team I'm hesitant. Any thoughts????
  10. Would you?

    Trade away Carlos Hyde and Golden Tate for Mike Evans?
  11. Fuller has the higher ceiling but Funchess has the higher floor.
  12. Chris Thompson

    Was wanting to get some thoughts on Chris Thompson for the rest of the season. Does anybody believe the Chiefs game is things to come for him or do you believe he has a vital role in the Redskins offense like first 3 weeks? One of the guys in my leagues dropped him this week and was thinking about picking him up even though he is on a bye. Had Chris Carson but just picked up Aaron Jones. Could role with Martavis Bryant or Funchess as my flex this week (instead of Jones) and stash Thompson during the bye? Any thoughts? BTW its just a standard scoring 10 team league
  13. Corey Davis

    Will he provide any fantasy relevancy this year? Already ruled out for week 5. Does anybody believe he's worth stashing until healthy of test the waiver wire?
  14. Help needed quick

    Being offered Gordon and Hooper for Hyde and Kelce. It's standard scoring. Should I part ways with Hyde to get Gordon before he gets injured (history proves only a matter of time)
  15. Jamison Crowder

    Does Jamison provide any value in a standard league? One of my opponents already gave up on him and dropped him. Would have to drop one of Corey Davis, Martavis Bryant or Ameer Abdullah to I know him up