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  1. Is the league name Lance Kendrick is Batman? Just got a invite want to make sure it's your league!
  2. I think I'm in if I can get my pay pal to work. Haven't used the actual pay pal in a long time. I've always converted pay pal to my credit card.
  3. So if I came into league I would be instantly hated? Lol I'm not a fan of IDP. Not as much info on drafting IDP. Are draft positions randomly selected or already set? What platform do you use?
  4. I may be interested. I really enjoy fantasy football and would like to be in another competitive league. When is draft? Is it a live draft? What roster spots do you use? Don Sutphin Lives in Dallas (hate the Cowboys) From Detroit dsutphin65@gmail.com
  5. That will be a tough take over losing a keeper and drafting 16th.