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  1. Trying to access the customized cheat sheets for my draft tomorrow and getting an internal sever error? Thanks
  2. Issues with The Huddle Week 3 projections

    It can happen to the best of us. Thanks for the quick response
  3. For some odd reason Allen Robinson is showing up as an active player who will score 7 points. Just wanted to give you a heads up as this could leave a lot of members confused and shake their faith in the other projections.
  4. Week 3 player projections

    On the Huddles Week 3 Stat projections.
  5. Week 3 player projections

    Did you even check the projections for week 3? Allen Robinson is listed. My point is why is he there lol? Makes me feel uneasy with the other projections
  6. Just went over the week 3 player projections and noticed that Allen Robinson was listed to score 7 points?? Also find it odd that Samaje Perine isn't listed for any points since Rob Kelley will most likely be injured.
  7. Deciding between starting Abdullah or Powell. Seems like Oaklands run defense is stepping up after holding down the titans run game so not sure if Powell will have any room. The Giants were not looking good at all. Do you think it would be unwise to give Abdullah a chance against the Giants or should I go with Powell? Thx
  8. Best LBs to start

    Thanks for the input guys
  9. Looking to get some advice on which LBs I should start this week. I currently have Kirksey, Mosley and Jack. With Jerrell Freeman out I was wondering if I should cut kirksey loose and pick up Nick Kwiatkoski? Kirksey was pretty disappointing last week and Nick was pulling up the tackles the end of last season.Thanks
  10. IDP Cheatsheets Ridiculous This Year?

    Thanks for the update. Appreciate it
  11. IDP Cheatsheets Ridiculous This Year?

    So just out of curiosity can we expect to see an updated IDP players list/rankings in the next few days? Thanks