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  1. Eli or rivers this week?

    Bump. Anyone else streaming Eli?
  2. Eli or rivers this week?

    I have obj would it make even more sense for me to pair him with Eli and go for the all or nothing approach? I know in daily fantasy pairing q.b with a stud is the way to go.
  3. Eli or rivers this week?

    Picked up rivers off waivers since usual starter Cousins is at arrowhead and has a bye next week. Should I quickly drop rivers (playing eagles at home) and pick up Eli instead (at Tampa)? Thanks!
  4. Players Worth on Trade.

    Mixon will be worth a lot more after this weekend vs the browns
  5. What to do with Cousins this week?

    I added rivers off waivers and benching Cousins this week
  6. Smallwood or perine this week?

    What about duke Johnson over both of them?
  7. With Kelley still injured, who is the go to for more touches this week? Perine vs KC at arrowhead or Smallwood at LAC?
  8. Cohen or Ingram

  9. Wentz or rivers

    Rivers.. eagles secondary is decimated and Fletcher Cox is out. And rivers is a gunslinger. This is the week for rivers and Keenan Allen
  10. Mixon for Thilen?

    No way. Mixon is about to go off this weekend
  11. Help!!! Start/Sit flex week4

    Cobb mixon
  12. QB dilemma.. just picked up Smith off waivers to cover for Cousins week 5 bye.. then looked at this weeks head to head matchup.. who would you start? Thanks