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  1. Call me crazy, but...

    I know if I start Evans he'll get me 30 yards and no TDs (and after I sit him he'll go off). If I start Dede he'll probably get me more than that so that's my logic lol.....
  2. Tucker or mcmanus

    Tucker. Why do you have two kickers? Of course McManus could outscore Tucker but that's resting your hopes on the Broncos having a lot of scoring drives and I sure as hell wouldn't do that....also Tucker is a better kicker.
  3. Call me crazy, but...

    There is a chance Sanu outscores Burkhead. That chance is not big enough for any logical person to start Sanu over an RB2 like Burkhead unless you're a little out there imo but I'm quite possibly going to play Dede Westbrook over Evans so maybe i shouldn't be talking LOL......
  4. Dede Westbrook?

    Well call me insane, but I have Diggs, Landry, and Mike Evans and I'm playing Dede over all three of them. And I'm ready to stand by that decision
  5. Hunt or Burkhead this week?

    I would play Kareem Hunt. He's the starting running back on his team, and Burkhead isn't.
  6. Can't sit Gordon or Hunt. Eliminate those.
  7. Baldwin, Gordon, or Fitz....who sits?

    You have to play Baldwin every week, probably a WR1. Gordon's matchup is tough but he's so gifted he might be able to overcome it. Fitz's matchup would normally be considered tough but the last two weeks the Skins haven't stopped Dez Bryant or Keenan Allen. So I think that's your question.
  8. Crazy to bench my RB1?

    Disagree, especially since Gordon's playing the skins this week...
  9. Crazy to bench my RB1?

    Ridiculous. You go with the guy who's actually the starting running back.
  10. I think they have a good floor because it's very hard for me to imagine they give up more than about 24 or so, and they'll get sacks and probably a turnover here and there with big upside for more. I say it's a nice upside but I've been wrong before...
  11. I have the Jags defense and the Bengals defense. Honestly leaning towards playing the Jags. Seattle coming across the country, just played on SNF and won a huge game. I think a major disappointment could be in the works. I'm willing to take a little risk.
  12. Drake, Williams, or COllins?

    I'd only put Drake at the top if Damien Williams is out for more than just this week. Alex Collins is the best player of the three, and he'll get his chances
  13. Crowder or Doctson?

    I trust Crowder more. He has a decent floor now. Doctson does not have a good floor but has good upside. Do with that what you will
  14. Cousins or Wentz?

    Wilson is the highest scoring QB in fantasy right now.