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  1. Perine RB2 ROS

    Yes, but ROS I still might even take Coleman, McKinnon over him and I think he'll be about even in standard with Dion Lewis. That's low RB2. If Perine is my RB2 I'm not that confident. 1) the Skins don't have much confidence in him, and 2) the Skins simply can't run the ball.
  2. Do You Like My Chances?

    You win barring something ridiculous. Baldwin is a WR1 and among receivers he has an elite floor due to being very dependable.
  3. Perine RB2 ROS

    That's fair, but this RB2 talk is a bit much.
  4. Perine RB2 ROS

    Thompson had the two greatest games of his career in a three game span at the start of the season. Apart from that, he's been a flex play this year. If you didn't sell high on him after those early games, you basically lost the battle with regards to him. The logic that he's going to get all the carries of Kelly is a bit much since the coaching staff has never liked Perine that much and they hate having to start him ROS. And you think he's going to catch out of the backfield? RBs are different. No one is going to replace Thompson on this offense. Now statistically you may be right, but this is a different animal and you can't just say he's going to get the workload of everyone else because everyone else is out.
  5. Perine RB2 ROS

    Low end RB2 tho. Skins running game is generally bad and it was shocking for him to get that much usage yesterday. I'm not that high on him. There are still about 20 guys I'd rather start than Perine
  6. Probably depends on touchdowns. If Dez scores a touchdown and Alshon doesn't you have every fighting chance. Otherwise you're in trouble
  7. Am I out of line?

    I play in leagues with people I know and no one would let this happen. I don't like having trade veto in a league where all the people in it are friends and I know there won't be collusion or stupid stuff going on. I don't think trades should be vetoed if someone's taking advantage of someone else, because that's just what happens. However in a league with randoms or people you're not fully comfortable with, you need to be able to veto stuff just in case ridiculous things like this happen. This is way beyond the line of acceptability imo...
  8. Trade lamar miller for olsen?

    Offer Darkwa instead. lol
  9. Playoff Alert: Mike Evans

    Personally I don't like Chris Thompson that much in fantasy apart from the PPR floor (big fan of his in real life obviously, but his owners in fantasy should all have sold him high early in the season because he's still not getting enough touches to be valuable in standard). But you could still try since you don't need those guys. Thompson should be fairly cheap now after being so valuable early in the season and despite my skepticism he is still better than what you have. Then again if you're ever starting him and Perine at once that's a big problem lol Just my thoughts on Thompson. Was the ultimate sell-high a few weeks back. I don't like Skins RBs in fantasy. Not a good running team at all.
  10. Playoff Alert: Mike Evans

    I got Evans, Baldwin, and Diggs. And then way too many WR2s with Cooper and Landry sitting on my bench most of the time. Hopefully one goes off so I can trade him before my deadline.
  11. Playoff Alert: Mike Evans

    If you want a running back then you find someone on your team to sell high on. Selling Evans low right now isn't the best play. Any bench players go off lately? Could offer some up in a package for an RB2 type
  12. Pick up Ivory or Yeldon?

    I'd start him over Perine. I don't want any Skins RBs and Perine in particular will be TD-dependent. I would not start him over Darkwa, but that's just me and it's a legit question.
  13. Playoff Alert: Mike Evans

    Well what you do is you look at how Doug Baldwin does against Trufant this weekend- I think he'll be fine. No one's saying Baldwin isn't a WR1 going into this matchup, and Evans should all else being equal be better, or at least a tougher match for a corner, than Baldwin. And you look at how Julio Jones got open against the Panthers with no issue for well over 100 yards (despite now infamously dropping the ball in the endzone, could have been a monster performance). The tough one is Slay. But Julio caught 7 for 91 against him, AB had 70 yards, which would be a good day if not for the lack of TD production, Diggs had 98 yards, and otherwise they've faced a lot of nobodies. I'm unconcerned. At worst he's a low-end WR1 but since you've already said you're playing AB as your WR1 I would strongly suspect you have the strongest WRs, at least starters, in your league and it might not even be close. I say don't mess with it. You're also not getting much value if you sell him now anyway. Evans' value right now and this past week is as low as it's gonna be the rest of the year.
  14. Trade for Dez and McCoy?

    I'd accept. You're selling Fitz high and buying Dez low. The guy who wrote "I don't see him having any great games for the rest of the season" is being a bit ridiculous- if you define great games as 70+ and a score he could do that almost any week.
  15. Who Wins? Week 11 Edition (Standard)

    Juju Smith Schuster got only four points for Team A last night in the standard scoring.