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  1. I was just offered kelce for Parker and collins .5 point ppr wr: Evans, fitz, jefferey, Parker, juju, doctson rbs: gurley, Hyde, Peterson, Collins and both Miami rbs te: seferian-Jenkins to me this trade seems fair but I could counter. The trade deadline is coming up this week and the only thing holding me back is the fact that my only qb is Winston. So I kinda need a qb. What do you guys think?
  2. Waiver question

    That's what I was assuming, just wasn't sure and after a quick google search, couldn't find anything. Its a yahoo sports league
  3. Waiver question

    I have open roster spots on my team. What happens if more of my roster claims go through than I have spots available? Will it just negate the claim?
  4. My team qb: winston rb: gurley, Hyde, Kelley, Smallwood, Collins wr: Evans, fitz, Jeffrey, Parker, John brown, juju smith, mike williams(chargers) i offered to the obj owner fitz, Parker, Collins for A. Rodgers and Lamar miller he countered duke johnson instead of miller what would be a good counter? Should I just take that? Should I do Hyde instead of Collins for the miller trade? or just avoid this all together
  5. I have Jeffrey in my starting lineup, should I bench him. Basically my other options are to play John brown (I'm already starting fitz though) or I could move Parker from my flex and replace him with Smallwood.
  6. Gurley for Beckham

    Yeah, this would obviously make my receivers stacked but the only way it would work out for my overall roster is if I was able to turn around and make a trade for a good running back.
  7. Im looking to trade away Gurley for Beckham. I probably can't convince him to do an even trade but he is desperate for rb help. Who do you think would be good to pair with Hurley to make this trade more appealing. Im pretty sure he would go for golladay but I like him. I could afford to give up Fitzgerald, Jeffery or Parker. But I'd also like to use one of them to help replenish my rb situation. What you guys think? rb hyde kelley gore vereen ivory wr Evans jeffery fitzgerald parker golladay kearse ross te reed ebron
  8. I have never played in a league with an idp and I don't really know what position holds the most value. I grabbed the Lb Deion jones for the falcons just based on his tackles last year. But I don't know if there's a position I should target. My league is pretty basic as far as scoring. 1pt for solo .5 for assist and basically 2 points for everything else aside from td's. I noticed safety's have scored pretty well so far this week. Also some de and lineman have scored well. What is your advice on position value?
  9. I am trying to sure up the bottom end of my roster and I'm just wondering thoughts on wr Ross from the bengals and rb Breida from the niners. I drafted Ross in the last round to stash away in case he came around when he got healthy but I'm tempted to drop him in favor of Breida considering I have Hyde. Would this be a smart move? Does Ross really have any potential fantasy value?
  10. E. Sanders for S. Watkins WHIR

    Honestly I think it's a pretty even trade. I still prefer sanders, given Watkins injury history but I think he will get a good share of targets with his new team. 1 for 1 is tough. I'd probably do it if I could swap one of my bench players for an upgrade
  11. Me and another owner are hurting this week after the tb Mia move. He has offered me Kevin white for rob Kelly. What do you all think about this deal? My roster is: Qb- Winston, dalton wr- Evans, jeffrey, Fitzgerald,Parker, golladay, John ross rb- Hurley, Hyde, McFadden, Smallwood, breida(who will be dropped if I get gore off waivers) te- reed, ebron k- lutz def- car this deal would provide more projected points for me this week but I fear it will leave me shallow at rb for future weeks
  12. Yeah. I mean the only receivers is see him trading are maclin, jones jr and decker. But I feel like Parker could equal any of Their outputs or more. I mean a reciever swap and Abdullah for McFadden would be nice it might be best to wait it out
  13. I'm in a 12 team ppr 1/2 point per reception my draft is as follows qb: Winston, dalton rb: gurley, Hyde, McFadden, rob Kelly, breida wr: Evans, Jeffery, Fitzgerald, devante Parker, Kenny golladay, John Ross, Eli rogers (trying to drop rogers for perriman or marquise Goodwin) te: reed, ebron k: hauscha (trying to grab lutz) def: Carolina 1qb2rb3wr1flex1te1k1def i feel like my draft was okay. And I don't really know where it's weak other than depth maybe but I'm not sure. ive already gotten a couple of trade offers hyde for Allen robinson (maybe pryor instead) the other Parker/ McFadden for Abdullah/ Jared cook i dont feel too great about either trade. Maybe could reach for a receiver instead of cook Any advice would be helpful. Maybe possible trade targets to sure things up