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  1. What do you need on MNF?

    I need Lindsay to not score 52 more points than the Broncos defense
  2. Which do I start this week? I was leaning towards Jackson. It's important to note that I also have Diggs as my WR2. So, would it be smart to diversify my lineup with Jackson this week? Or should I stack Cousins and Diggs vs. Miami?
  3. Roll without a kicker this week?

    It's just whatever the normal Yahoo settings are - Interception: 1, Fumble recovery: 2, TD: 6, and 10 to -4 points based on however many points they let up. The defenses I've streamed through the past 3 weeks have put up some monster weeks though. Pittsburgh had 17 week 3, Green Bay had 23 week 4, and Cincinnati had 22 week 5. Currently have the Jets vs. Indy this week.
  4. Roll without a kicker this week?

    As far as Clement goes, I just picked him up off waivers this week and spent some decent FAAB. I like him ROS, so long as Eagles don't trade for/sign someone; wanted to roster him a lot more than picking up a second kicker. I think Lutz is the most droppable, but with these past few weeks of kickers missing left and right I'd think someone like Lutz (and his team's explosive offense) who you can count on every week is important to have. That's my only concern. I'll probably just end up dropping him for another kicker, but I'm still a bit hesitant in doing so.
  5. My kicker is Wil Lutz and since he's on bye this week I either have to drop him and pick up another kicker, or just roll with the 0 points this week. No one on my team is droppable in my opinion: QB - Cousins RB - Gurley, Conner, Ingram, Kerryon Johnson, Royce Freeman, Clement WR - Adams, Diggs, Landry, Edelman, Ridley TE - Kittle K - Lutz D/ST - Stream (Jets this week) I'm currently 4-1 and average 147 points per week (0.5 ppr) and my opponent averages 104 points per week. Should I drop Lutz to have a startable kicker, but potentially not get him back on waivers next week? Or should I hold onto him and hope my lineup keeps performing as well as it has so far?
  6. Pick 2

    Yeah, I love Royce this year, so I'm definitely starting him. It's really a toss up for me between Conner and Landry for; weather and team's overall offensive talent had me leaning towards Conner.
  7. Pick 2

    Royce Freeman, Conner, Landry It's a 0.5 PPR league and I'm currently thinking about starting Royce and Conner.
  8. Saquan Barley themed team names?

    I saw in an ESPN article the other day a team name suggestion being "Settlers of Saquon". I thought it was pretty good; my friends and I in my league play Settlers of Catan a decent amount. Context obviously makes it better, though.
  9. I'm the commissioner of my 12 team league. Last year was our first year as a group of friends playing fantasy football; we had standard scoring and waivers based off a continual rotating list because those were the default settings. I didn't want to mess with the settings, especially since we were mostly all novices. This year we switched over to 0.5 PPR and FAAB. I like the idea of FAAB waivers a lot better because it gives everyone an equal opportunity at waivers. During our draft last night one manager drafted a player that someone else was really hoping would fall to them a few picks later. The manager says he'd sell her the player for FAAB money. That's the first time I've heard anything about exchanging FAAB money and my first thought was that it didn't seem appropriate. What are your thoughts? At first I was completely against. I do think that adding a little FAAB money on top of a trade that actually consists of players being exchanged could be good to even things out as much as possible. However, I still don't think that selling players is something I can get behind.
  10. Fitz/TreQuan for Mike Williams

    I like Fitz A LOT more than Robinson. He's your clear WR3 in my opinion; him and Cooper are really close, as well. Also, although the Bears are being hyped up this off-season I'd still air on the side of caution there because of Mitch Trubisky. I'd rather deal away Robinson if possible and hold onto Miller as a stash instead of rostering them both.
  11. Worried about my RB depth?

    I do think Bell is going to be there week 1, but I'm rostering Conner still solely because besides Gurley and Freeman I don't have a running back that I can/would be comfortable starting week 1. Best case scenario: Bell sits out and I can start Conner. I rather take that chance that just having 2 startable week 1 RBs and adding another RB off waivers that is at best another stash.
  12. My team in a 12 team 0.5 PPR league: QB: Cousins, Bortles WR: Adams, Diggs, Landry, Edelman, Anthony Miller RB: Gurley, Royce Freeman, Ingram, Kerryon, James Conner TE: Kittle K: Lutz D/ST: Pittsburgh (going to use for the first 4 weeks and then stream) I really like my WRs, especially after Edelman comes back. However, I'm feeling iffy on my RBs right now. I have James Conner just in case Bell sits out week 1; he's someone I feel like I can plug right into my lineup if Bell continues his hold out. I'm eyeing Wilkins on waivers for after week 1, as well (drop Conner for Wilkins). Royce being named as the starter today definitely makes things a bit better, but obviously Ingram is suspended and Kerryon is a stash. If I survive the first four weeks with Edelman and Ingram both suspended do you think I'll be ok? Or should I try to trade for someone?
  13. Someone replaced their lineup with kickers

    I figured out how to change their waivers individually, so now they are unavailable until the 27th.
  14. Someone who lost in the playoffs dropped their team and picked up all kickers off of the waivers list. Other than telling people those players are off limits is there anything I can do? I tried changing the waiver period time to 7 days so they will be out of the way, but it's not affecting the players currently on waivers. I'm on Yahoo and I'm not sure if I can do anything further on my end.
  15. QB help?

    I have Cousins, but his matchup this week isn't looking good. Who would you pick up off waivers/would you be comfortable playing anyway of these guys over Cousins? Bortles, Kizer, and Garoppolo are the only notable names left on waivers.