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  1. I wouldn't have had to worry about my lineup this week had Lockett just scored the 1.9 points I needed to win and to secure 1st place going into last Monday night. However, due to the loss I am sitting in 3rd and without a bye. Is Lockett still someone you'd consider starting? His last 3 games have been lackluster and I'm not so certain I want to take a chance on him again, now that it's the playoffs. My other options on my bench are Westbrook, Beasley, and James Washingston.
  2. Should I bench Andrews tomorrow?

    What? I mean, I would have issue if someone purposefully didn't play someone to throw their game and let their opponent win, but I see nothing wrong with sitting someone to try to secure a win for yourself. You set your lineup each week with the lineup that you need to win. I know that the possibility of him putting up negative points is unlikely, but I am just trying to minimize risk. I'll be playing due to the suggestion of just about everyone in the thread, but I see no issue with someone sitting a player to secure a win.
  3. I am winning this week by about 1.5 points; I have Andrews still to play and my opponent has no one else left. If I bench Andrews I can secure the win and this win would clinch me a spot in the playoffs. There would also be a four way tie for best record in the league at 8-4 and I would be in 2nd due to Points For. However, I would only be 3 points behind first place in Points For. Do I play Andrews to try to win and get first place in PF, but possibly risk a fluke game where Andrews could lose me the week and lose me what could've been a clinched spot in the playoffs?
  4. Trade ethics?

    I was actually the one trading away Freeman; I would've won the trade even if Freeman stayed healthy, but after he got injured during the trade window I just felt bad for the other person. The other person didn't say anything when I offered to possibly work something else out, so we just left everything be. I think the lesson is to remove the trade window from the league next season. It's only use is to review/veto possible collusion, but the commish could easily just call for a vote among the league if a collusion trade is made.
  5. WTH your best receiver sits in OT

    Pretty sure he was limited or DNP one day during the week. He had a questionable tag on yahoo during the week for I think only one day, but it's likely that it's the same thing bothering him.
  6. Trade ethics?

    If I just let it be and it turns out that his injury is severe and is missing time, what would you think about giving to the other owner the option of reversing the trade if they wish to do so? Since we are technically past the trade deadline I don't think it would be fair to the other owners in the league, that the two of us continues trade negotiations and try to work something else out. Just the option to undo the trade and that's that. I'm the commish in the league, so I don't want it to come across like I'm trying to bend the rules for myself.
  7. Trade ethics?

    So, Friday night I offered a trade and the other owner accepted it, but it is only going to pass Monday morning on yahoo. The trade involved me giving up Devonta Freeman, but he just got injured today and didn't return to the game. What am I supposed to do in this situation? The other owner hasn't mentioned anything, so I'm unsure if they are aware or not. I would feel like a d*** if I just let it go through and the owner wasn't aware, just to find that their newly acquired asset is possibly a toss up for next week. I wasn't watching the game, so I'm not sure how serious the injury is, but I at least got a notification about his status update. Do I say something? Do I just let it go through and not look back? The receiving owner is in first place, but are seriously hurting at RB, meanwhile I'm stacked and was trying to unload someone before the trade deadline.
  8. Should I try to trade away an RB?

    Is Terry McClaurin/Devonta Freeman enough to get an WR1? Or am I going to have to give up more? I'm looking at at team owner who has Hopkins, Sutton, Hilton, and Kirk, but only Gurley and Cohen as their 2nd best RB. Is Terry McClaurin/Devonta Freeman enough to get a Hopkins? Or is it going to be more?
  9. Should I try to trade away an RB?

    The only team actually stacked at WR has Golladay, Cooper, Ridley, Shepard, and A.J. Green. He does has Bell and Conner though, who aren't both locks to start each week due to injuries. Of those WRs Golladay and Ridley are interesting. I'd probably have to give up too much for Golladay though? What do you think a Thielen/Freeman package trade could get in terms of WRs?
  10. I am loaded at RB, and I'm wondering if I should try to trade one away for a WR before the yahoo trade deadline? I have CMC, Jacobs, Devonta Freeman, Gordon III, and Samuels. My WRs are Lockett, Thielen, McClaurin, Westbrook, MVS, and Amendola. If Thielen wasn't such a toss up I probably would just hold onto everyone, but I'm wondering if I should trade to acquire another WR to replace Thielen until he is hopefully back healthy. He didn't practice again today, so I'm not sure if he'll play this weekend. Outside of Lockett and Thielen, I'm not confident starting the rest of my WRs on a weekly basis.
  11. I dropped Auden Tate during his bye week, but I'm looking to get him back off waivers. Who would you drop: MVS, Amendola, Westbrook? My team QB: Murray WR: Lockett, Thielen, McClaurin, MVS, Amendola, Westbrook RB: CMC, Jacobs, D. Freeman, Gordon III, Samuels TE: Andrews
  12. Is edmonds worth stashing still with Drake coming into Arizona? I know DJ and Edmonds aren't expected to play this week, but depending on if Edmonds comes back before DJ, does Edmonds have much of any value anymore with Drake their as well?
  13. brate or jonnu smith?

    Who to stream this week with Andrews on bye?
  14. I have CMC locked in as my RB1, but was wondering who to start at rb2 and flex this week. With DJ officially out is Edmonds a must play, even after the Cardinals signed 2 more rbs this week?
  15. So, my team is pretty good as is, but I can't help but think that I should try to package 2 guys together to upgrade my team somewhere. If there's someone that I want to pick up off the waiver wire I have a hard time justifying dropping someone. My team is: QB: Murray WR: Thielen, Lockett, McClaurin, Westbrook, MVS, Auden Tate RB: CMC, Jacobs, Devonta Freeman, Gordon III, Chase Edmonds TE: Andrews K: Nugent D/ST: stream With Thielen's injury should I try to force a trade for a WR? Should I try to trade for Julio because of the Sanu trade? What would I have to likely give up for him?