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  1. Or should I just stay put? My WRs are Thielen, Lockett, McClaurin, Auden Tate, MVS, and Westbrook. My RBs are CMC, Devonta Freeman, Jacobs, Gordon III, and Edmonds.
  2. I am in need of a TE this week because Waller is on bye, but I'm not quite sure who to drop for Fant for the week. I have Auden Tate, Robby Anderson, and Devin Singletary as possible drops. Robby Anderson would be the clear drop for me if Darnold wasn't coming back this week; hoping Darnold gives Anderson value again. I've been holding onto Singletary and he's hopefully back next week after the bye, as well. I picked up Auden Tate this week in free agency, after he cleared my league's waiver wire. Do I drop Tate and try to pick him up again next week?
  3. Is Gordon someone you would start this week? Right now I have CMC, Gordon, and Devonta Freeman at flex; with Josh Jacobs on the bench due to the matchup versus Chicago. However, my WRs are Lockett and Thielen with MVS and McLaurin on the bench. Do I roll out Gordon? Or do I start Jacobs or possibly a third WR? MVS with Adams out?
  4. I have DJ locked in as my RB1, but not quite sure about my RB2 and flex spot right now. I was really high on Mixon coming into the season, but he wasn't efficient the first two weeks; he did better last week, but do you think he can keep it up? McCoy scored two touchdowns last week, but only had 8 rush attempts. Then, Lindsay and Freeman obviously sharing a backfield.
  5. Rate my team, pls?

    Yeah, I'm liking Lamar Jackson a lot this year, so that's why I went with Andrews. They seem to really click and I'm hoping he is going to breakout. Maybe not, but, like you said, the position is pretty scarce, so I just went with someone late that I thought had some upside.
  6. Rate my team, pls?

    I kind of feeling a bit wary about this team right now. It's a 12 team 0.5 PPR league. If Gordon comes back or gets traded I'd be pretty happy, but right now I don't know. QB: Winston/Rivers RB: CMC, D. Freeman, Jacobs, Gordon III, R. Freeman WR: Thielen, Lockett, Westbrook, Allison, Tre'Quan Smith TE: Andrews K: Gould D/ST: Dallas (streaming the first 3 weeks)
  7. Drop McCoy for Singletary?

    Gotcha, thanks guys!
  8. McCoy cleared waivers this morning in my league, but I didn't use a waiver claim on him. I knew that D. Singletary would be on waivers tomorrow and I wanted to keep my waiver priority for him. I was able to still pick McCoy up as a FA as soon as his waiver cleared, though. Looking to put in a waiver claim for Singletary now, but was wondering if McCoy would be the one to drop or not? 12 team standard league, btw. My roster: QB: Wilson, Newton RB: DJ, Mixon, Lindsay, Ballage, McCoy WR: Thielen, Edelman, Robby Anderson, MJJ, Dante Pettis TE: Doyle K: Badgley D/ST: Dallas (streaming for first 3 weeks)
  9. Value of McCoy on the Chiefs?

    Yeah, another team dropped him a few days ago when rumors came out saying he might be released from Buffalo. I decided to not use my waiver claim on him, but was actually able to pick him up as soon as he became a FA. I know that DJ and Mixon are my locked in RB1/RB2 all season, but was wondering what his value might be, to determine if he'd be just a serviceable flex or be able to put up near RB2 numbers for my flex spot. I'm hoping Lindsay and possibly now McCoy will be able to fill out my flex spot week to week because I don't know how my bench WRs will fair (Robby Anderson, Marvin Jones Jr., and Dante Pettis) at the flex just yet.
  10. I drafted DJ, Mixon, Lindsay, Miller (drafted him an hour by his injury happened), and Ballage; but, picked up CJ Anderson after moving Miller to my IR spot. I put in a waiver claim to drop CJ for McCoy, but was wondering what people think McCoy's value is now? Possibility of being RB2? Or just a flex? Edit: I just saw the Hyde is actually a FA in my league. Should I just pick him up instead of wasting a waiver on McCoy? Or would you prefer McCoy?
  11. Is this a strange trade offer?

    Definitely would rather have Cook. I'd agree that you are really lacking WR depth though. QB isn't a hard position to fill, so taking Wentz and Rodgers early in order to prevent someone else from getting them wasn't a good plan. Whoever needed a QB probably drafted one SEVERAL rounds later that will put up solid numbers. Could easily stream QB week to week. You just hindered yourself at a position that's harder to fill with consistent players.
  12. My RBs are DJ, Mixon, Lindsay, and Ballage now after Miller's injury. Trying to add a 5th to the team, but not much is able. I'm mainly thinking about picking up one of Alexander Mattison, C.J. Anderson, or Chris Thompson. Jamaal Williams and Justice Hill are available, as well. The league is a 12 Team standard scoring league.