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  1. Someone replaced their lineup with kickers

    I figured out how to change their waivers individually, so now they are unavailable until the 27th.
  2. Someone who lost in the playoffs dropped their team and picked up all kickers off of the waivers list. Other than telling people those players are off limits is there anything I can do? I tried changing the waiver period time to 7 days so they will be out of the way, but it's not affecting the players currently on waivers. I'm on Yahoo and I'm not sure if I can do anything further on my end.
  3. QB help?

    I have Cousins, but his matchup this week isn't looking good. Who would you pick up off waivers/would you be comfortable playing anyway of these guys over Cousins? Bortles, Kizer, and Garoppolo are the only notable names left on waivers.
  4. WR help

    I have good depth at WR and I'm just not sure how to go about starting them this week. I currently have Evans and Fitzgerald at my WR 1 and WR 2 and Shepard at flex. I have Jordy as well, but I'm thinking about sitting him for the first time this season. Do I start Evans, Fitzgerald, and Shepard? Or did I stick Jordy in at flex? I have Marvin Jones, Jr. to put in at flex instead of Jordy too, if I need some upside going into the Monday night game.
  5. Drop Duke for Mack?

    Yeah, Duke's downward trend has gotten me down on him. Between Crowell and Duke, I'd much rather drop Duke; I still have some hope for Crowell, especially with the volume he gets. Thanks for the help!
  6. Drop Duke for Mack?

    Frank Gore is rumored to be traded by the Colts; of course this is just speculation, but is this enough reason to drop Duke for Mack? My RBs are Hunt, Howard, Mixon, Crowell, and Duke. Standard league btw.
  7. Fitz, Thielen, or Mixon at flex?

    I'm rolling with Evans and Jordy right now though, so I'm still holding on to these WRs so I can sub them in coming weeks, if either Evans' or Jordy's production goes down because of QB injuries. Not trying to trade them. Think I'm going with Fitz this week, though. Really want to play Thielen, but would rather take Fitz vs. the Rams than Thielen vs. the Ravens.
  8. Standard league. Fitz seems like a good play, but Diggs is reportedly out for Minnesota meaning more targets towards Thielen, and Mixon is going against PItt who give up good points to RBs. Who start I start at flex?
  9. Is M. Bryant cuttable?

    Thanks for the help guys, just dropped him for Shepard.
  10. Is M. Bryant cuttable?

    I was thinking of dropping him for Sterling Shepard, who seems like a solid start after Seattle and the bye. My WRs are Evans, Jordy, Fitz, Thielen, and M. Bryant. Evans are Jordy are a little shaky because of the QB injuries, so I'm looking for someone who could potentially start ROS if things go bad for either of them. I just do see myself playing Bryant at all, but I was wondering if I can just straight up cut him or try to trade?
  11. Waiver RB Advice?

    awesome, thanks for the help
  12. Waiver RB Advice?

    Would you drop either Crowell or Duke to pick up Darkwa? Or should I stay with them for now? My RBs are Hunt, Howard, Mixon, Duke, and Crowell.
  13. Duke or Thielen at flex?

    It's a standard league
  14. Not sure which I should start, but was leaning towards Thielen. Houston seems like a tough matchup for Duke and Minnesota may fall behind versus the Packers meaning that they might need to pass a lot more?
  15. Duke, Fitz, or Thielin at flex?

    Yeah tell me about it, I have Crowell on my bench and trying to figure out a way to trade him. I was leaning to Duke this week. I am streaming Palmer at QB because Cousins is on bye, but I don't know if I want to stack Palmer and Fitzgerald.