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  1. Hey Cassius

    Hope all is well with you out west

    what are your thoughts on Terrance West

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    2. DaFranchise777


      Sorry Jeff,


      I think Woodhead will have the same effect he did on Melvin Gordon 2 years ago, making him the #1 RB scorer on the team. And as far as Gillislee, I've already gotten some hefty offers for the guy who is going to play the role of a more athletic LeGarrette Blount. So, I think we may be pretty far apart on appraised value in these departments. 

    3. xostars


      Yea, I would take that hefty offer if I were you. Too many options for brady. B-more will run their offense around West

      No worries

      Good Luck

    4. DaFranchise777



      I think Brady had plenty of options last year when Blount led the league in TDs. And I know you had to throw-up in your mouth a little bit when you actually typed: 'B-more will run their offense around Terrance West'.


      I'm sure we'll find a crossroads with some other pieces at a later time. 

  2. need 2: bryant, calvin, witten, branch

    I like witten and bryant
  3. Should I sit my cardinals?

    I'm considering playing Antonio Bryant over Boldin....I don't think all the cardinals will play the whole game.Do they have anything left to play for after locking-up a home wildcard game?
  4. WDIS pick 2

    That's the problem,I like Griese to put it in the air better than Garcia
  5. WDIS: Sammy Morris or Marshawn Lynch

    I wouldn't start Lynch against the jets
  6. help me win!

    I'd definitely go with Choice.As far as the 2nd player I'd go between Bryant and Holmes...I don't like Santonio against Ravens,but if Garcia is hurtin in Tampa and Griese is gonna play Bryant may be the better play
  7. WDIS pick 2

    I need to pick 2 of these 3 Jon Stewart at home vs. Denver,or Roddy vs Tampa,or Antonio vs Falcons?
  8. Willis McGahee or Kolby Smith?

    Bro,unless Kolby Smith is playing against some San Diego players in checkers before the game I may vote for him then...But,if we're talkin football,Smith is out for the season...
  9. WDIS I know were supposed to start our studs but...

    Is it snowing in Chicago?I love Chris Johnson's speed,but not if it's snowing
  10. WDIS: addai or charles

    I'm benching Addai for Charles
  11. Hey guys,I know we are supposed to start our studs,but with Addai at Steelers,Slaton vs. Ravens,and Chris Johnson at Chicago.Needless to say I'm worried....My other options are Ben Jarvis vs. Buffalo,Jamaal Charles @San Diego,or Camarillo vs. Seattle........What do you think guys?
  12. Dallas or Carolina D?

    I'd go Carolina
  13. ocho or royal

  14. Team D-Fense

    I'd start Falcons in a heartbeat...Chiefs suck
  15. WDIS Pick 2

    Norwood vs Chiefs,LenDale vs Texans,Berrian vs Carolina,or Crayton vs Packers?