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  1. Dude he’s averaging 25 a game in ppr... this isn’t something you need assurance about especially since you can’t change anything. Take your W and start thinking about champ week
  2. It’s sounds like you did listen and you’re salty about it
  3. Would you change anything? 12 man PPR

    That’s fair, I appreciate the reasoning
  4. Pick 3

    Sit McGuire or Edwards, kind of a tossup
  5. Would you change anything? 12 man PPR

    @Montana is da ManYou help people out so often that you definitely don’t owe anybody an explanation, but if I may ask, what’re your hesitations with juju? I wouldn’t even consider benching him in a solid matchup unless my team was absolutely loaded
  6. Which team looks better this week?

    I’m absolutely with turbo here. I’ll go with the luck team simply because of Coleman and AP on the Ben team (he doesn’t have a better option than AP vs jax?) but Ben team actually has crazy boom potential. I think it goes either way
  7. Who to start at RB?

    I agree with da man, roll out chef dalvin
  8. D Williams or Aron Jones

    I wouldn’t read into too many rankings sites for this one, I’m assuming many of them have not adjusted for Ware being likely out. Could be wrong about that. I’m calling it a 50/50 and deciding 10 minutes before the game tonight
  9. D Williams or Aron Jones

    This is my exact dilemma with ware out except for ppr. My gut says Williams, stats and consistency say jones. We’ll see what people think
  10. RB help

    I think this is really close as well. I would probably go Cohen in PPR
  11. Start Julio Jones or Adam Thielen?

    Damn, hate it when I have to make tough decisions like this.... truly a head-scratcher. Go with your gut and maybe, just maybe, you’ll win your matchup. Good luck
  12. Our championship is decided by weeks 15-16. I made it after starting the season 2-4 and now I’m up against the Mahomes/Hill/Kelce stack to decide it all. Full point PPR QB: Jared Goff or Russell Wilson? Not only did Goff have a good matchup against Detroit and sucked, he was embarrassingly bad last week too. Regardless of matchup dude seems a little shook RB: Jones or Wilson Jr.? Obviously the bears are tough to run against, is that enough to warrant a ppr start for Wilson after did pretty well against the hawks a couple weeks ago? TE: Brate or Thomas? Brate is hot garbage unless he scores a TD and I’m worried that the Bucs offense won’t get in the red zone much against the ravens. But the saints are great at limiting volume in the case of Thomas Always appreciate the help guys
  13. Making a statement by benching

    Just to clarify, I agree with everybody here that not having a trade deadline is bs and I’m not trying to put the blame on you. I was just thinking, especially if you guys haven’t had one for the past three years (idk maybe your friend was lying about that part), that sometimes you gotta speak up if you don’t want shady stuff to go down. But ya leave this league after the season lol
  14. Making a statement by benching

    No, don’t throw in the towel, stick it out and then make a decision about whether or not you want to stay in the league moving forward. This is the type of thing where, even if it’s weird to not have a trade deadline, it sounds like you had plenty opportunity to bring that up at the start but you didn’t until it ended up affecting you. And the trade itself is kinda suspect but not horrible. Hope that helps. As you can see by the above response, people on these forums tend to have adverse reactions to long-winded posts, not sure why. Good luck with your situation.