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  1. Who to drop for Slye

    I would honestly just drop Slye or do a two for one trade. No way I’m dropping Williams or Fuller so that I can keep a kicker. But I guess it also depends on if you’re really deep at receiver.
  2. Malcolm Brown?

    I agree, play Brown. As for McLaurin vs Howard, I don’t agree with the above responses. One guy is going against one of the stingiest run defenses in the league, the other is the #1 guy on his team going against a horrible defense. Unless you usually tend to lean toward RB over WR, give me mclaurin.
  3. Listen to your gut guys

    I agree with Montana and Mythic, going with your gut every time is not necessarily the way to go. It can pay off, but it can also come back to bite you if you get too cute. There’s so much information and data out there can be used, provided you have the time to do some research. I save gut calls for when I’m extremely torn between two guys and all available info has them even as well, or in very few cases if it’s somebody I’m particularly high on and I need to take a risk in my lineup. As for the Tate vs Williams thing, you can’t really proclaim yourself a fantasy savant until the guy you benched actually plays lol. I’m pretty high on Williams this week still given that the Texans give up a lot of points to guys like him. Tate was saved by the long TD, as I honestly normally wouldn’t like to play anybody against the Pats secondary right now unless it’s a stud. That was risky, but kudos cause it paid off. Just tough to rely on those types of calls in my opinion, but play how you wanna play.
  4. Trying to trade Fuller

    I personally don’t believe it’s a good idea to assume anything about league mates and the way they value players. It absolutely cannot hurt to try to sell high on Fuller. It may be that most people won’t want to give anything up for a boom/bust guy, but maybe somebody is feeling risky and believes that Fuller can keep it up. Give it a shot. Also, I feel like he’s been boom/bust mostly because of injuries. If he can stay healthy, I think there’s a possibility he could actually be a very valuable asset moving forward. Or maybe he disappears again, who knows. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  5. Lineup predicament

    Definitely need a little guidance this week as I’m dealing with quite a few injuries and bad matchups. PPR league QB - Winston, Dak, or Brissett RB - Jordan Howard or Damien Williams WR - DJ Moore, Fuller, or Sanu TE - Eifert, Doyle, or Ebron
  6. Trade help needed

    I have Woods. I would be trading him for Mack
  7. Trade help needed

    10 team PPR QB - Dak Prescott WR - Davante Adams WR - Robert Woods RB - Toddy Gurley RB - Josh Jacobs TE - Vance McDonald Flex - TY Hilton Bench: Damien Williams, Matt Breida, DJ Moore, Terry McLaurin, TJ Hockenson, Malcolm Brown Adams, Gurley, and Woods have all been very disappointing, I’m currently 1-2 with the least points scored in the league... Should I ride it out or time to panic? One guy is interested in my Woods for his Marlon Mack. I feel like I should make that move and then try to package any one of TY, Jacobs, or Dak and one guy off my bench for a stud. Could also try to flip Gurley for Kelce. Any thoughts on what the best move would be?
  8. Vance McDonald or OJ Howard?

    I’d go McDonald. But I feel like OJ could have a breakout game any time now
  9. Jacobs or Breida

    I appreciate the suggestions. Now that I have Dorsett, should I roll with him or Royce Freeman in my flex spot? Freeman was actually decent in ppr last week
  10. Jacobs or Breida

    Hey guys, I can’t decide between Josh Jacobs and Matt Breida this week. Jacobs is a little banged up and going against a good defense, but would be the obvious choice if matchup and health weren’t concerns. Who is the right play? PPR Secondly, out of these three handcuffs, who would you drop for Dorsett? It’s a 3 WR 12 team league and I need help at receiver bad: Mattison, M. Brown, Ito Smith
  11. Trade help

    Ekeler is the best player in the trade, but this would leave you thin at WR. For a standard league I would lean toward no unless you have supreme confidence in Ridley and Fitzgerald.
  12. Trade Prescott for Wilson/Waller?

    This one is tough because it’ll definitely help you at tight end, but I also feel like you could potentially get more for Dak given how good he’s been. Especially if you packaged him with one more guy. But if you don’t see any other realistic deals, I don’t think this would be a bad move at all.
  13. Trade D Adams

    I 100% agree, it’s a solid return especially with how Sanders has started the season.
  14. WR Lineup help!

    I like Godwin and Hilton, then your choice between Williams and Evans
  15. Trade D Adams

    If it’s any help, I wouldn’t do that, but I guess it depends on the rest of your team. I think people are sleeping on Adams, he’s went up against two good defenses but has a pretty soft schedule weeks 4 to 14. You took him first round for a reason right? It’s possible that Evans and sanders out produce him, I just think it’s really risky.