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  1. Boone dilemma

    Hmm I like Chark if he plays but he could be limited in his first game back. Definitely a tough call.
  2. Boone dilemma

    Thanks for the input guys. I’m leaning toward just putting Boone in for Michel and flexing one of the guys on my bench. If Chark ends up playing I’m not going with Conley, besides him who should I start? I’m going in as the underdog and could potentially benefit from a boom game from somebody like stills or watson
  3. Boone dilemma

    So my issue is that Michel plays on Saturday, but Boone is the better play if he gets the start for the Vikings, and they don’t play until Monday. Should I risk it and take Michel out for Boone, or leave Michel in there and then flex Boone? I’d prefer to flex one of my bench receivers. Any suggestions on the rest of the lineup is appreciated as well!
  4. Championship Advice!

    Go with whatever your gut tells you regarding kicker, it’s just such a crapshoot. Lambo or McManus are solid options. Denver is your best bet for defense and I’d put the Giants second
  5. WDIS Week 16

    I’m thinking Henry, Mixon, Thomas, Lockett, and Sanders in flex. Kupp and Landry have pretty bad matchups and fuller is a coin toss
  6. Tannehill or Matty Ice for Week 16?

    This is a tough one. Tannehill has the hot hand but I like Ryan’s matchup better. Although tanny will likely have to throw a lot so very slight edge to him.
  7. Dalvin Cook dilemma...

    If cook sits go with whoever plays between mattison and boone, if not go Montgomery
  8. Rank these options

    Appreciate the help, what do you guys think about Greg Ward with so many injuries to the eagles receivers? Just in case I can’t get Conley, might he be a sneaky play over cook or Anderson?
  9. Agree with the above, might as well grab Perriman in case your opponent was thinking about using him. Otherwise your roster looks good. Tough to bench Henry but your other backs have great matchups, I might consider flexing him over Parker.
  10. Rank these options

    Made it to the SB but at the cost of Godwin. It’s a deep league and I need to replace him. .5 ppr, rank these flex options: Robby Anderson, Jared Cook, Chris Conley, James Washington, Russell Gage, Justin Watson
  11. Tell me what you Think

    Hmm I think I’d go drake
  12. Conley or A. Miller

  13. Lineup help PPR League

    That’s a pretty stacked team and I would not make any changes. I don’t like benching woods after how he’s been playing last few weeks