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  1. Full PPR Who should I flex??
  2. Am I nuts??

    Chargers not moving the ball and mg getting stuffed as I feared
  3. Am I nuts??

    I wish but I have juju in my flex right now. Mixon and Gordon at rb, d hop and cooper at wr. Conventional wisdom says juju over Williams but he’s clearly not 100%. Whatcha think
  4. Am I nuts??

    Didn’t see his pregame haha I’m sure he’s fired up. Alright, sticking with him. Wait, what is the “d Williams is the right play” about then @League_Champion? You mean over a hobbled juju?
  5. Am I nuts??

    To start Damien Williams over MGIII who goes in like 20 minutes? Feels weird leaving Williams on my bench but this is the only way I could get him in there unless juju ends up not going.
  6. Maybe this is a tough one because nobody was down to help on the actual forums, but... McDonald, Brate, or Herndon at TE Dolphins, Colts, Cowboys, Texans for D/ST Always appreciate the consistency and help!
  7. TE and D/ST decisions for ship

    Thanks kiwi, I definitely really like Williams as their lead back. We shall see. Anybody have suggestions regarding the TE and defense struggle?
  8. Up 13 points after the first week. I have Hopkins and started Damien Williams but the rest of my team was trash. TE: Thomas, Brate, McDonald, Herndon, Uzomah. The streamer crew. Who is the most likely to not drop a complete dud? D/ST: Dolphins, Colts, Cowboys, Texans RB: Would you play any of Damien Williams (if ware sits), McGuire, or Jamaal Williams over Melvin Gordon? The combination of lingering injury/going against a good D has me a bit nervous
  9. Dude he’s averaging 25 a game in ppr... this isn’t something you need assurance about especially since you can’t change anything. Take your W and start thinking about champ week
  10. It’s sounds like you did listen and you’re salty about it
  11. Would you change anything? 12 man PPR

    That’s fair, I appreciate the reasoning
  12. Pick 3

    Sit McGuire or Edwards, kind of a tossup
  13. Would you change anything? 12 man PPR

    @Montana is da ManYou help people out so often that you definitely don’t owe anybody an explanation, but if I may ask, what’re your hesitations with juju? I wouldn’t even consider benching him in a solid matchup unless my team was absolutely loaded