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  1. Conley or A. Miller

  2. Lineup help PPR League

    That’s a pretty stacked team and I would not make any changes. I don’t like benching woods after how he’s been playing last few weeks
  3. Carson A Jones Eckler

    The order you have them is how I’d rank them
  4. Tell me what you Think

    Solid plays, I’d say the biggest question mark is Cohen
  5. Need QB w/ HIGH Ceiling

    For ceiling I actually like Baker against an awful secondary. Brady and Goff probably have higher floors though.
  6. AJ Brown

    His season long consistency hasn’t been there but that’s partly because he had mariota throwing him the ball for six weeks. He’s better with tannehill and has shown a very high ceiling, and has two good matchups left. I’d definitely add him but playing him depends on the rest of your team.
  7. Hollister or Higbee?

    If Everett is out I’d go Higbee
  8. Lineup help

    Close between Slayton and pascal but edge to Slayton
  9. First World Problems

    These are all RB1s literally any of them could go off
  10. First World Problems

    Fournette but this is a complete crapshoot and an incredible problem to have lol
  11. TE help