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  1. Sherman out in Seattle

    Could be an exodus of vets. Michael Bennett and a 7th was just traded to the Eagles for WR Marcus Johnson and a 5th.
  2. Congrats to the Eagles

    It was about as peaceful an event as one could imagine. Lots of drinking, smoking, reveling....about exactly what you would expect. But even those drinking were aware and considerate (for the most part) that many families with young children were shoulder-to-shoulder with them, and they were cool with it. I had my 12 and 14 year olds with me, and I would not hesitate one iota doing it again. The city and fans were spectacular!
  3. Congrats to the Eagles

    I am, along with an estimated 3 million other lunatics on a 30 degree windy day. Honestly, I wouldn't miss it for anything....I have literally been waiting all my life for it!
  4. Congrats to the Eagles

    Just getting my body back today...Monday and Tuesday were very rough indeed. Still hard to believe it happened this year after losing such a major part of why we got there. Nick will forever have a place in Eagles' lore...and the cool part is, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. In fact, we were all talking, and there really isn't anyone on this team that isn't just plain likable. They have a blast together, are a fund group of guys to root for, and I think thats why so many fans from other cities got behind this team. Pretty cool indeed.
  5. NO v ATL Game thread

    I get that, but I will give the refs the benefit of the doubt here. Had the play that expired been a normal running play: Ingram gets tackled, ball gets spotted, side judge stays on sidelines and has Payton right in his ear. No issue. Instead, Ingram coughs it up, there is a scrum for the ball, and all refs head towards the ball to un-pile people/confer with each other. So (1) the side judge instinctively responds to the fumble/turnover so he is away from the sidelines, and thus (2) can't hear Payton.......thus when he spins around to head back to the sidelines, Payton is screaming in his face. He throws a flag. I have no problem with that. While the Saints getting hit with a 15-yard penalty which ultimately ended the game, they did numerous things prior to weighed more heavily on this loss than I'd have a bigger problem....like not running the football prior to the INT, like botching the FG at the end of the 1st half... Oh, and blaming any loss on injuries because of a short week? Lame, Drew. Short weeks have been in play since teams began playing on Thanksgiving. Now we have them every week instead of just one Thursday a season. And thats OK. These is no evidence that more injuries happen on TH than on SUN...people just like to use it as an excuse when someone does get hurt. Had the PIT-CIN game been on a Thursday night, would we be here blaming the fact it was being played on Thursday? Of course not. In fact, when you play that TH game, you get the benefit of 10 days off...almost like a bye-week. This late in the season? That's a gift.
  6. Keenum Train

    I don't know...hindisight tell's us that Keenum has performed nearly the same as Wentz over the last several weeks. I just can't imagine being on the front end of those decisions, and choosing Keenum over Wentz: At the time of your post last week: Week 11 Wentz vs a reeling Dallas or Keenum vs Rams? I find it hard to think you started Keenum. Week 12 Wentz at home vs Chicago or Keenum @ DET? Again, heading into the week, I find it hard to think you opted to start Keenum here. Now, maybe Week 13 you start Keenum vs ATL over Wentz at SEA, but that would be about it. I can't imagine ever having benched Wentz at any other point this season.
  7. Keenum Train

    You have started Keenum over Wentz?
  8. Adrian Peterson trade to ARI

    Uh, that was yesterday.
  9. Who will be the Eagles starting running back?

    I do think Clement gets some extra touches with Sproles going down....he got 5 of his six carries after Sproles left the game this past Sunday, so one has to think Clement will get a portion of what Sproles used to get (or he gets some Smallwood snaps, since Smallwood will be getting some Sproles snaps) If I had to wager a touch-split heading into this weekend: Blount: 10-12 Smallwood: 10-12 Clement: 6-8 That equates to about 26-30 touches for the RBs (20-22 rushes, 6-8 receptions). Sounds about right. And by Week 6, I think Clement takes over as the lead back: 12-14 touches, while Blount/Smallwood get 8-10 each.
  10. Who will be the Eagles starting running back?

    A little more clarity this week: Sproles: won't get more than 10-12 total touches each week. Smallwood: hasn't won anybody's admiration except for Peterson's, and his is fading; just 4 carries last week. Blount: only was on the field this week for 6 plays, and received a total of 0 carries Clement: licking his chops while waiting his turn. Pumphrey: placed on IR I still think Clement gets his shot and takes over by Week 6, perhaps much sooner.
  11. Who will be the Eagles starting running back?

    All the backs looked good last night....except Pumphrey. Talk is he gets cut, then if not signed by someone else, gets added back to the practice squad with the idea he replaces Sproles next season as the receiving threat.
  12. Who will be the Eagles starting running back?

    I am venturing a guess that Clement is the guy. Bowling ball frame with speed....think Rawls. Blount has been exposed as not quick enough to get to the edge on many of the Eagle's blocking schemes, and just gets strung out for yardage losses as the play collapses. They will not spend $1.25M for him to get the ball 2-3 times per game. I think he does indeed get cut.
  13. Homer Projections

    About a decade or two ago, Rajn ( I think) alerted us all in preseason to a WR sleeper by the name of Marques Colston who was making some serious noise in training camp as a late-round draft pick. Some of us took notice and added him in the latter rounds of our drafts as a stash-and-see kind of player, who obviously paid tremendous dividends. It would be great to see an annual thread like that with homer insight into guys that may outperform their current ADP. So here goes: Philadelphia Eagles: TE Zach Ertz.He has been somewhat of an enigma these past several years, as he has long been touted as someone with break-out potential that has just not fulfilled (Eric Ebron'ish, perhaps). But for those of us close to the team, there have been several reasons for his lack of TE1 production: (1) spotty QB play, (2) injuries to the OL that had forced the Eagles to play Brent Celek more because he was better in pass protection, and (3) Ertz not performing when given the chance. This year, two of those three factors have disappeared. Wentz will be in his second year, and there should be a continuation of the rapport they developed in 2016. Even more appealing is the fact that the Eagles just traded Jordan Matthews to the Bills, who had traditionally been Wentz's safety blanket. With newcomers Jeffrey and Smith still learning the system, and the enigma Agholar still not "the guy", Wentz should be seeking out his pass-catching TE on a regular basis. In addition, the OL is back and healthy, with RT Lane Johnson expected to play a full season barring any more PED suspensions, Jason Peters still solid at LT, and a returning interior line that many think is part of a top-5 unit in the NFL. This continuity should allow the Eagles to line-up Ertz the way they have always wished: in a Gronk-like fashion to take advantage of slow-footed LBs that can be exploited. Everything is set up for him to have his best campaign to date: Ertz just has to stay healthy and catch the football. He will finally finish as a top-10 TE this season, with top-5 potential.