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  1. Do I Dare Trade Cadillac

    Looks about dead even to me. Team two gets two bona fide starters at RB, while Team 1 gets super-stud LT2. A lot depends on how the rest of your RBs look after giving up your top 2 for only one in return. And you can forget Portis...he's all done. If you have to use Portis, than I'd rather have McGahee/Caddy over LT2/Portis, if that is the main root of the dilema.
  2. RB Help

    take where? LOL...I'd start Holmes every day over Parker, if that was your question.
  3. In a bind

    Not sure if this rumor has legs, but apparently, the Minnesota is thru with the Bennett experiment, and he looks to be headed to Arizona for a reunion with Dennis Green (guy who drafted him moons ago). Check the other topics here...the person who posted the topic provided a link. This would obviously be a huge jump in Moore's value.
  4. Which 2 WR's?

    swammi says: Boldin and Housh I know you are tempted to use Ward this week after probably missing out on his production last week (?), but wait for a better match-up. Glenn is an interesting option, but with Dallas likely to be up in this game, it should be a chance for Julius Jones to have the monter game. I don't see the Bledsoe throwing more than 25 times.
  5. Taylor or LJ?

    swammi says: use LJ this week as the Chiefs continue to run the ball, especially in the role of a visitor to Denver. It will be loud as ever for a Sunday night game...my guess is the Chiefs keep it simple. And start Clark this week against the less-than-average Browns linebackers.
  6. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    Whew...now back to reality.
  7. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    Glad you read my post. It worked. Now please put me on your ignore list. Thank you.
  8. Flex help input needed for big match-up!

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Any others?
  9. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    Grits...the act is old. After being a jerk on a topic I started, just for some honest advice, you seem to be doing it all over these message boards. The really sad part is, you have so little imagination and creativity that you are just posting the EXACT same taunting messages. Too funny, very sad. The only way you have any meaningful input is if the topic is important to you, though the jury is still out meaningful part.
  10. Flex help input needed for big match-up!

    Thanks Megan Fox bag...and I'm really not sure what a "hughness" really is, but I'll let your third-grade offering stand for what it is. My match-up is huge because its against a guy in my division who could drop me to 1-2 while he is 3-0, and more importantly, I have a nice sum on a side-bet with him on our season-series (we play each other 3 times during our regular season). So for me, yes, its a big match-up. Have a nice day.
  11. In a bind

    swammi says: grab Moore, and start him this weekend over your existing condidates. You should get some decent production from him this week (70-90 yarrds total on about 15 touches), but his value long-term should be even better. If Davis is your flex, you shouldn't have to worry about this dilema other than this week, and the weeks your other starters are off. With Minnesota's schedule, Moore should be a nice fit for you on those occasions.
  12. going against the 2-0 team this week, and his match-ups are just OK, so I need to make sure I have my best options active. With DD on the bye, I am starting Dillon (ugh) and Julius at RB, and Moss & Rod Smith at WR. Here they are my options for the flex spot: Stokely hosting Browns L. Johnson @ Denver Jimmy Smith @ Jets Fred Taylor @ Jets Kennison @ Denver G. Lewis hosting Oakland I am leaning toward Taylor (just because of his amout of touches, especially if Leftwich is limited). But I can make a real good case for Stokely (match-ups like this are why I drafted him), as well as Lewis (great play if Owens is limited), Kennison (its time for green to throw a TD to someone, isn't it?), or even LJ (with Roaf back, running over left tackle for 10 yards a carry seems hard to ignore, even at just 10 touches a game). Any extra input would be mucho appreciateed, as I have overanalyzed this to death
  13. Who would make this trade?

    definitely grab Dillon...though he has a tough schedule, he gets plugged into your starting line-up for the rest of the year. Look at it this way: you'd be taking Brown and Smith out of your line-up, and inserting Dillon and Stallworth. No brainer.
  14. Trade for Dillon?

    I'd stay put. I like Dillon, but his schedule is tough, and in their first two games, it looks like they are having problems running the ball this year behind a weaker offensive line. Last year, even against tough defenses, Dillon produced. His worst game last year was 73 yards....He's barely totaled that in two games this year. He may have been a little overrated coming into this year, based on his success last year. He certainly offers very little upside over your current RBs, but if you had to pick one to offer, I'd go with Deuce.
  15. QB PICK-UP

    Not sure who your #1 Qb is, but I'd look hard at McNair, or more importantly, his schedule. He has some great match-ups coming up, and you might find yourself tempted to start him more often. PIT will always be run-first, and an average day from BB is always gonna look like 200/1 TD. Mcnair, playing from behind often, should be 225-250/1-2 TDs on average, with the liklihood he could do a lot more by having to throw 35-40 times a game. BB would be lucky to throw 20-25 times a game. The only downside to Mcnair is that if the Titans are out of it by Week 10 or 11, they may give Volek some work. But if they keep beating the teams and hanging around (which they just proved they can), mcnair could be huge down the stretch as they are fighting for a playoff spot. And like I said, he has some great match-ups (STL, HOU twice, IND twice, SF, ARZ, SEA, CLE, OAK, CIN....all games that should be high-scoring). Swammi