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  1. My first instinct is Cousins, but people keep saying Jimmy G. Could someone explain why Jimmy to put my mind at ease? I’m projected a 15 point underdog, so I need solid ceilings. (My opponent has Brady, Kamara, Lewis, and McCaffery - it’s gonna be rough.)
  2. First, yes, I know a Week 17 championship is stupid, but it's too late to change that now. On to the dilemmas! - Minnesota or Chargers DST - Both teams have something to play for, Minnesota better odds to shut out, Chargers more likely to get picks and sacks   - Cousins or Garoppolo - 'Skins have nothing to play for, but Cousins has his last chance to audition for next season and was great last week, while Jimmy G is a rock star who just doesn't have as many weapons to work with   - Juju and Marquise Goodwin (benched Golden Tate and AJ Green) - because F*** Green, biggest disappointment of my season, has nothing to play for and Baltimore is already a tough defense, Tate and the Lions have nothing to play for and have been lackluster anyway   - Kenyan Drake, Derrick Henry, and Jamaal Williams (benched Kareem Hunt and Melvin Gordon) - mostly because those two studs will likely not play due to injury or rest, but I'm not happy about it and will swap in Gordon for Henry last minute if he is a game time decision   - Thoughts on the lineup?
  3. Pick a WR & Flex WHIR

    Funchess, Gordon, maybe Collins.
  4. Qb, flex and wr help

    Unanimous on Juju and Westbrook and Collins and Williams. I'm facing a similar dilemma over Cousins or Keenum. I'd have gone with Bortles if the Wentz owner didn't beat me to it.
  5. Which of these RBs is droppable?

    I only have Golden Tate, AJ Green, and JuJu. I could drop Cousins, but then my only QB is Goff. I lost a spot when Gronk got suspended, because I had to drop one to make room for a TE streamer.
  6. My main 2 RBs are Melvin Gordon and Lamar Miller. I want to make space to stream a better defense than Baltimore this week (probably Bills), but need to lose an RB: -Samaje Perine -Kenyan Drake -Kareem Hunt -Rex Burkhead My first instinct is Rex, but he could have a great game this week. I'm indecisive.
  7. I've got Goff and Cousins, but I'm thinking of streaming McCown or Garappolo this week. Goff seems stable and a matchup against Philly might set the Rams behind and force him to throw more. Conversely, both have solid defenses and we could all be surprised by a low scoring game. (I'm not playing Cousins till his o-line is healthy.) McCown was amazing last week, but 2 rushing TDs gave him a boost and I can't count on that. Still think he could so a solid ~18 points if Robby Anderson is healthy. Garappolo would be pure speculation against Houston. He could blow up, or the horrid Houston offense will lead to a more rush heavy script for the 49ers.Thoughts? Leaning more towards Goff or McCown. I have a ton of options at RB, so just pick 2: -Lamar Miller -Samaje Perine -Kenyan Drake -Kareem Hunt -Rex Burkhead Thanks!
  8. Tyrod/Goff/Big Ben Week 13 QB Start

    Goff. I wish I had that choice. I've got Tyrod and Ben only. Leaning towards Tyrod.
  9. Half PPR league. Perine seems the obvious choice to start, given the Redskins injury woes and his great performance last week. I just don't want to points chase. Williams is really Green Bay's only running option, but their whole offense is shaky and unpredictable. Who is more stable? I'd rather have a high floor, than a high ceiling. I'm already in my playoffs, so someone I can count on in the last games of the season is better.
  10. TE choice: Cook or Davis?

    Davis, no doubt. Giants are terrible against TEs and he’s the only reliable receiver now besides Crowder.
  11. 1 WR and 1 FLEX: Crowder Funchess JuJu Crabtree Duke Johnson Delanie Walker 1 WR and 1 FLEX: Tate Sanders JuJu Lamar Miller
  12. FLEX: Doug Martin or DeVante Parker?

    I'd say it depends: PPR = Parker, Standard = Martin.
  13. Flex Spot Help

    Tough call. Gonna lean towards Mckinnon here Frankly, you'd be fine with any of these guys in FLEX, so don't stress too much. If you're PPR, I'd lean towards Woods.
  14. I'm PPR. Sorry, should have mentioned that. Drake is a gamble, for sure. Duke has just disappointed me too many times that I'm leaning towards the gamble. Is your PPR exception very strong? I'm also surprised your Sanders choice is so strong. Yes, I fear Rhodes, but I thought Sanders was not getting enough volume to overcome that. Your analysis is very appreciated.
  15. Pick 2 of these RBs

    I like Williams and Burkhead for their matchups and overall team depth this week. I wouldn't start them every week, but they're m favorites Week 11.