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  1. FLEX: Doug Martin or DeVante Parker?

    I'd say it depends: PPR = Parker, Standard = Martin.
  2. Flex Spot Help

    Tough call. Gonna lean towards Mckinnon here Frankly, you'd be fine with any of these guys in FLEX, so don't stress too much. If you're PPR, I'd lean towards Woods.
  3. I'm PPR. Sorry, should have mentioned that. Drake is a gamble, for sure. Duke has just disappointed me too many times that I'm leaning towards the gamble. Is your PPR exception very strong? I'm also surprised your Sanders choice is so strong. Yes, I fear Rhodes, but I thought Sanders was not getting enough volume to overcome that. Your analysis is very appreciated.
  4. Pick 2 of these RBs

    I like Williams and Burkhead for their matchups and overall team depth this week. I wouldn't start them every week, but they're m favorites Week 11.
  5. Which Defense?

    Yup, I'm all for starting the Rams this week AND dropping the Hawks for the Chargers. Or go ahead and start the Chargers. Probably good with either. Just leave the Hawks behind.
  6. Baldwin cooks green diggs remove 1

    Yup, Diggs, and here's why. Baldwin and Green are studs. They aren't to be questioned without exceptional cause and neither has shown that. Baldwin continues to be Wilson's favorite and Green is talented in spite of Dalton, which just shows his value. That leaves Diggs and Cook. This week, there's no question of keeping Cook. It's gonna be a massive shootout against the Raiders. Enough passes spread for all NE WRs. RoS, it's harder to say. Diggs would be the safer choice overall, as NE is notoriously hard to predict. Hope that helps. Help me?
  7. Pick 2

    If you're worried about doubling up in Miami, I think Mixon is a solid option. Denver's DST isn't as scary as it used to be.
  8. Who to flex?? Need advice.

    I'd go Drake and Williams. There's a lot of divisive opinions here, so I'll justify my answer. First, I think Drake has the best matchup of all, even though he's sharing time with Williams. Miami is a run first offense and will continue to be so. Second, Martin and Dion are in unpredictable offenses. I'm avoiding them for now, just because I can't make a solid judgment with their stats. Martin is on my own bench this week. Finally, the real dilemma is Diggs or Williams, to me. Diggs has the better record, obviously, but the Rams are one of the best defenses right now. Of course, Williams against Baltimore isn't easy, either. I'm going Williams, mostly because Hundley can't throw and they have to move the chains somehow with Williams as the only legit RB in their backfield. Diggs still has to split receiving time with at least Theilen and Rudolph. I hope this helps. Weigh in on my dilemma?
  9. QB?

    I'd go Smith. I envision the Saints embracing the run this game. The Redskins can't stop that as well as the pass and Ingram is a powerhouse at the moment. Chiefs game is more likely to be a shootout.
  10. DST: Chiefs or Ravens? - Chiefs have a beautiful matchup on paper against the Giants, but I fear their garbage time TDs. The Ravens have a reasonable matchup and a high floor. I'd consider them the "safe" option. WR: Robert Woods (v Vikings) or Emmanuel Sanders (v Bengals)? - Neither has a good matchup. Woods could bust hard if Rhodes covers him. Sanders is not his QB's favorite guy and the Bengals aren't exactly pushovers. Tough call here. RB: Kenyan Drake or Duke Johnson Jr.? - Drake is my shiny new toy and the matchup is solid against Tampa Bey, but he's still splitting time with Williams. However, Duke is against the Jags. The Jags. Very off-putting. Thoughts? Post your links and I'll reply before game time!
  11. Play the WR1 of a boom-bust team with Goff's potential for explosiveness? Or the WR2 of a weak QB, but great o-line that gives him time to pass deep? Gotta decide before tonight's game. JuJu against Titans (TNF) Woods against Minnesota
  12. Alex Smith ------for------ Keenan Allen and Delanie Walker (I need a solid QB and Smith's owner has Russell Wilson at starter. I have Carr and Tyrod. Should I add one of those so the other guy still has a backup QB?)
  13. So Many Pick'ems!

  14. I'm streaming QBs ROS unless something amazing happens, since my first 2 either got injured or were duds. Tyrod has a good matchup against the jets and has his new WR1 to be a distraction, plus he can run it. However, his other receivers are s*** and this is a short week for them. Carr is projected higher, but his o-line is awful and his back is still wonky. However, he has an equally good Miami matchup with 2 stellar WRs to toss to. Thoughts?