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  1. Flex position in playoffs

    definitely Humphries at WR2 I would not play Ware vBal I think the safe play is Fitz with a higher floor but myself I would play Jackson, I think he sees a decent number of carries alongside Eckler and I think if the game gets out of control which is entirely possible then Jackson is the mop up RB as they will rest Eckler
  2. Playoff flex decision

    If it is a Yahoo league you absolutely have to drop Samuels in at TE. Outside of that the only change to your lineup I would make is Moore for Golladay
  3. Evans and Chubb for Julio

    I definitely like the Evans and Chubb side, Julio is great but he is at best a tick above Evans if not his equal. getting chubb is gravy
  4. Is this cheating??

    I usually the most liberal minded defender of fantasy trades and always see a silver lining to defend a side. I can’t for the life of me defend this deal outside of this being a keeper league and even then it is a stretch keeping a 34yr old rb. If I was the 9th and 8th place teams I would give any marketable players to the 2nd place team for peanuts and go tell Andrew and Rob to find a new league next year maybe the league manager too.
  5. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I completely understand from the Steelers point of view just wanting to be done with him, let him leave next year and recoup comp draft pick. From Bell's point of view, why wouldn't he come back. Even if they sit him for 2 games and not pay him, he dresses for the last 4 and barely plays(or better yet Pitt deactivates him) and he makes 3.5M. What happens if he doesn't come back?? He loses the 3.5M so he made $0 on his principal which is his prerogative but what if (big if) Pitt wins a Super Bowl. He wasn't on the team = no ring. We know he cares about his future both financially and physically, he has preached about it even if cryptically for the last 3 months. Does anyone believe that he doesn't care about his legacy? He must realize he is probably going to a less than ideal situation next year, the money will be there but the talent surrounding him is not going to be close to that in Pitt. His numbers will be fine and he will make the pro bowl and once again be a league leader. But he might not ever see that opportunity for a ring again. That missed opportunity has to be weighing on him
  6. Cam or Wentz?

    WDIS Cam @PITT tonight or Wentz v DAL Sunday Night I know I shouldn't be complaining as either is likely to be a good start
  7. Do Not Do This I understand the frustration of picking between Ebron and Njoku each week but Gurley alone is worth more than CMC/Kelce by far. The headache at TE is worth it. Gurley is not resting week 16 unless the Rams have already dropped 42pts on the Cards and the game is in hand which probably means he has already had a big day for you. Rams are behind NO now for home field advantage, they aren't taking any games off, don't buy into people talking about resting players. Rams have a week 17 game and they almost assuredly have a divisional rd BYE; coaches are not sitting players for 3 weeks
  8. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Reports are Bell is in Pittsburgh. He was seen playing basketball at a LA Fitness last night. I also thought this was very odd but backstory is that it is his typical gym when in Pittsburgh. Back channels also believe that Bell plans to attend the MSU/Ohio St game this weekend in East Lansing and then report on Nov 13. It looks like it doesn't really matter if he reports this year or not as far as whether he will be free to negotiate with other teams as either an unrestricted FA or under the transition tag so why not get paid for 6 games. I guess the only insight is why would he come to Pittsburgh from Miami if he had no intention of reporting, he could have just flown to MSU on Friday for the game Saturday then back to Miami.
  9. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Flight supposedly lands at Pitt Int at 6:07pm EST, lets get some boots on the ground
  10. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    So there is this
  11. Gronk trade

    I'd just counter with Gronk/Kerryon straight up or Gronk for Kerryon/Rudolph keep Doyle for now Gronk for later. Golladay is worthless to you. This is a trade you should be making though to get Gronk with I feel Kerryon being expendable
  12. anyone else nervous about Gurley?

    Gurley isn't sitting week 14 or 15. Maybe just maybe he sits the 2nd half of week 16 @Ariz if it is a blowout but anyone may sit in that scenario anyway. Yes week 17 he may sit but if your championship is week 17 then your league should revisit its playoff schedule. And all that goes out the window if the Rams remain undefeated. Long story short I don't think there is a package out there that would justify trading gurley at this point unless it is obscene, which is near impossible with your current team. I am not sure how that team was drafted BTW, I get a keeper league with potentially Kamara and Thomas being retained but even with that I do not understand how you are able to draft Gurley/Nuk/Julio/Gronk
  13. Burton or Rudolph?

  14. Veto this trade?

    I mentioned the playoff scenarios of the two QBs only to accentuate that often at face value a trade may look unbalanced but in reality it can be a lot closer than you perceive. At this point I don't think there is much reason to argue the point if the trade has evolved to include the TEs as even at face value that trade is incredibly even if not far benefitting Team B (and who doesn't like an underdog). I will mention one last thing though, the fact that Roethlisberger has finished the last 4 seasons as a top 10 QB in fantasy, sits at #10 currently and will make up considerable ground over 5-6 QBs currently ranked in the top 10 that haven't had their BYE yet (Brady, Luck, Mahomes, Cousins, Goff, Watson). Not to mention that Mahomes pace is unsustainable. Ok I mentioned about 5 more things instead of one but point being the initial Mahomes for Big Ben is not delusional, could be a very calculated risk.
  15. Veto this trade?

    Roethlisberger's playoff schedule is fantastic @OAK, NE, @NO, Mahomes playoff schedule is arguably worse Bal, LAC(Returning Bosa), @SEA Probably 98% of people would rather have Mahomes regardless but I can make a serious argument that Big Ben outperforms Mahomes weeks 14-16, Mahomes might not even play the entire game week 16 Team B might be doing the rest of your league a favor, you overstepped your bounds as commish Adding Gronk for James is just gravy