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  1. Keeper League Keepers

    I think it is between Collins or Carson. As a Ravens fan, I would actually opt for Carson if I had to make the decision today. If it was after OTA's and during preseason it would depend on what Baltimore does with Woodhead, Buck Allen and a returning Terrance West(a lot of mouths to feed). I think Carson will have zero competition in Seattle, well zero real competition.
  2. Brees OR Rodgers 1 pt PPR

    I am in the same situation. It is a very tough call for me since Brees has been just ok this year due to the improved NO running game and better Def. I am going to wait for the Friday report on Rodgers but at this moment I am about 70% on starting Rodgers, just think he has more upside.
  3. Do you think either is a start for week 14? Jamaal has had two very strong games week 12 and 13 but Jones was the better runner earlier in the season. I figure the Pack will run the ball a lot verse cleveland, thoughts on share percentage?
  4. Trade Mike Evans for Travis Kelce?

    In other news, I would be starting Funchess over Woods at flex if I were you.
  5. Trade Mike Evans for Travis Kelce?

    Do not make that deal. Evans is much more valuable to you then what he is offering. He has Kelce and Doyle and is trying to capitalize on being able to unload one of them. Neither is worth Evans even if he throws in Jerrick.
  6. Rate my team after trade minutes ago

    That is a good trade for you. Miller was indeed expendable and you got a top 5 (top 3IMO) WR. I am sort of amazed you were able to make this deal, the other owner had to have been strapped with injuries or zekeloss
  7. Kiko Alonso

    I am a Ravens fan and I am not even sure that hit was dirty. Did it look awful? Yes. Does the slo-motion replay look like Alonso had plenty of time to pull up? Yes. But full speed with a play that is within inches of the first down marker, I can't say that there was any intent by Alonso to injure Flacco. He was making a play to force a field goal. Flacco should have slid a yard or even two earlier but Flacco knew exactly where that marker was too and was trying to extend the drive. One other point I will make is that as as a Ravens fan I have seen Flacco slide a ton and he is top 5 worst at sliding to the point most of the time I am not even sure if he actually slid or not. It looked terrible and that is why people have such a knee jerk reaction that it was a dirty hit, personally I don't think the outcome of the play should determine the punishment. I have seen a lot of hits that were much later and even had intent to injure a guy but the defensive player wound up missing the mark and nothing more happens than a flag, no fine, no suspension. I don't think the NFL thinks that way though so pretty sure Alonso will be looking at 30K and a two gamer.
  8. I would make this deal. You have good depth at RB and at this point I think you need to be trading that depth to put the best starting lineup on the field for the playoffs and that lineup includes Brown at WR. Martin has a very favorable schedule so the downgrade to him from Gurley if Zeke would be suspended is not that great. I believe McCaffery will surprise the rest of the season.
  9. Time to cut bait on David Johnson?

    I am strongly considering dealing him in a keeper league $200 cap. Even with inflation, David Johnson is likely a keeper for at least 2 probably 3 more years in this league. I would get AJ Green, Julio Jones and Bilal Powell. I'm 6-1 though, so I am mortgaging the future for one good run but fantasy football playoffs are a crapshoot. My team was dominant last season and only finished 3rd thanks to running into a buzzsaw in the semis. It isn't such a no brainer trade as people may think.
  10. Trade to upgrade WR

    I'm just going to assume this is Martavius and not Dez, the answer is still no. Martavius will have his success in pittsburgh just as much as benjamin in CAR imo.
  11. Flex Adams, Buck, or The Hamster

    Diggs was ruled out wk 6. I'd go Martin
  12. Will Fuller or E Sanders ROS

    Huge Fuller fan but I give slight edge to Sanders ROS. That said the loss of Watt and Mercilus means HOU defense is a lot worse than the Broncos = more scoring opportunities in HOU. Still slight edge to Sanders but I understand the argument for fuller.
  13. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Brees or Watson wk 6? Yes I understand the futility of trying to pick between two potential top-5 QBs this week.
  14. PHI/CAR thread

    Ron Rivera is a far better coach then I could dream about, but I am not sure why Panthers weren't running quick slants and screen passes all day against the aggressive Eagles blitz packages to catch them overpursuing. McCaffery is tailor made for that work. No one has ever said this before and never will again but "I think the Panthers miss Ted Ginn Jr."