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  1. man im torn

    Lindsay. Ravens have difficulties with speedy outside the tackle RBs, plus no moseley on Sunday
  2. 4 player trade

    definitely his mom Don't let that dissuade you ACCEPT

    I always just adjust the scoring after the fact. 100% guaranteed result! Even a juggernaut squad could have a bad week. It's actually been 635 days since I lost a game, victory fridge open every Tuesday.
  4. Keeper League Trade Zeke for Bell?

    errr, I'm not sure everyone is understanding the question. If you could get Bell and Connor I would definitely do it but i'm guessing that offer would not be on the table. I'd have to know what the rest of your team looked like and whether it was worth it to play the long game and basically scrap this season to have Gurley/Bell next year and Bell in 2020. My gut tells me Bell holds out until the week 7 BYE week and then signs his tag. But that is totally speculative, so you have to look at it as throwing the 2018 season for 2019-2020. I usually side with the win now option and Gurley/Zeke seems a pretty solid base.
  5. Kamara Trade Advice. 12 man standard.

    I would give all of those players for Kamara, 5 for 1 and I still don't think someone would go for it.
  6. Brees for Bell?

    Definitely accept. Brees is good but once Ingram comes back I suspect his numbers are similar to last year and NO runs the ball a ton. Gone are the days of Brees passing for 5K yards. It will still be a headache for you deciding who to start at QB between Mahommes and Wentz but it would be awful with Brees and a 3 headed monster.
  7. Trade-- Is Gordon worth keeping?

    no chance you should make this trade. You're correct Burton v. Graham is a wash and more often than not you'll wind up picking the wrong one, just stick with Burton. As far as Eckler his value is completly tied to Gordon Chargers were up big and M.Gordon already had 3tds on the day, most weeks Eckler isn't getting that much work. Josh Gordon's value in NE is totally unknown but you should be able to get more than that is your dealing him
  8. I would not make this trade, Hunt is a RB1. Freeman if healthy is an RB2 and Crowell a RB2/3. you're trading quality for quantity which with that team you don't really need to do.
  9. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    it's official. TB12 has a new favorite target
  10. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    I am certainly drowning my sorrows this morning but I still can not get past the fact that Harbaugh opted to not kick a FG with 25 seconds left. I get it was only 2nd down but the ball had been spiked, clock stopped and your down 2 scores. You're in fg range best case scenario you recover an onside and have 1 maybe 2 shots at a hail mary td. you at least have to give yourself an opportunity to tie the game. I think Harbaugh is a good guy but I won't miss him when the Ravens miss the playoffs again this year.
  11. Spin Conner for Gronk?

    I might look at this again. Gronk or Kelce have huge value at TE, Connor's value is 100% tied to LeVeon. It would probably require a second trade to actually make sense for you but I could see flipping Kelce with Ajayi and getting Barkely, DJ, Kamara heck even Gurley based on who has these guys and their current TE. I think someone is much more likely to give you one of those top RBs for a top 3 TE and Ajayi then for Connor and Ajayi. It is a huge gamble that you can make this second trade happen so not advisable. If it were me, I'd do it, but I play pretty fast and loose.
  12. Another trade coming down the pipe

    No way I would do this
  13. I was noodling this more and while I'm always partial to making a buck or 30, I think your best option would be to just start a new league on Yahoo and abandon the old. I think you can retro to week 1 and just set the schedule before you enter the draft. I think the hassle would be brutal either way but at least you know everyone in your league has a yahoo account and can join the new league relatively quickly. If you go CBS option everyone will need a CBS login and to join the league.
  14. You can edit the entire schedule on CBS, of course it is going to cost you $180. Although I think I can give you a code that saves you $30 and I think I get a referral fee of $100. If you're actually considering this I will send you $70 of the referral when I get it which is probably not until January or something knowing CBS. At least that cuts your league fee to $80 though.
  15. WR2 Advice...

    Flacco v CINCI Home 229 Yds/Game 13 TDs 10 INTs (10 games) Away 174.2 Yds/Game 6TDs 13 INTs (9 games) Neither is fantastic mind you but @CINCI is nothing I want to be relying on for my WR or QB for that matter