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  1. TE help

  2. Drop Thielen for Golden Tate?

    Damn I had both of them and still won my league. I was also stacked at wr so sitting thielen. And cj Anderson was beast!!!
  3. Help!

    Ppr Elliott Henry Chubb Non ppr Elliott Chubb Henry
  4. Question

    Was thinking of doing something whacky for a trophy for the winner of the league. What are your thoughts on that? I was thinking of buying a cheap trophy and adding things to it.
  5. Who to start?

    Obj Crowder
  6. Defense

    Even without Garrett? Out of the two who would you pick.
  7. Which KC back?

  8. Defense

    I have the Rams. Not sure if I should stream someone else. Panthers Colts Browns Chargers
  9. Josh Allen or Sam darnold

  10. I'm stumped

    I like everything you posted but what makes you like Tyrell over Keenan Allen?
  11. I'm stumped

    You talking about my flex?
  12. I'm stumped

    I have a spot in the playoffs. But this last game is for seeding, and my team is kinda lack luster and I'm clueless on who to start. 1 point ppr 2 wr 2 RB 1 te 2 flex wr/RB/te I'm dropping brissett hopefully for Rashad penny. Hmo
  13. Wdis

    I changed my line up now, but you think Denver will bottle singletary up?
  14. Wdis

    Pick one WR and then one flex Tyrell Williams Devante Parker Devin singletary
  15. Josh Allen or Jacoby brissett

    Yea I thought the colts would produce more. Wow.