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  1. I think it's a lock I win what do you think

    No I haven't I just don't want to think I've lost. I like being positive
  2. I think it's a lock I win what do you think

    Hope Denver sucks
  3. I think it's a lock I win what do you think

    I'm at 133.96 He's at 121.64 He has the broncos def left. I'm sure I might win!!
  4. QB championship game help please!

    Baker all the merry way
  5. Should I tweak my lineup?

  6. Should I tweak my lineup?

    I'm dropping Dak for luck
  7. Trust Keenan allen

    I might roll the dice with allen.
  8. Mayfield or Allen

  9. Mayfield or Allen

    I just hope Allen doesn't run all over the Pats
  10. Mayfield or Allen

    I'm not sure who to start kinda leaning Mayfield
  11. I'm so eff'd

    I'm facing this team
  12. Keenan Allen

    Yeah he did nothing for me too. I'm bummed
  13. Start Cam or Josh Allen

    I'm starting Allen I dropped cam
  14. I'm so eff'd

    With Keenan Allen giving me a zero I'm pretty sure I have lost. What do you think of my chances with the rest of my lineup are? Josh Allen Todd gurley Joe mixon Davante Adams Adam thielen Ian Thomas Steven gostkowski Seahawks I can sub Aaron Jones for thielen And Minn can play instead of Seattle
  15. NO or Dallas d/st

    So I should roll with sea and Minn for the playoffs?