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  1. Wdis ppr

    No one thinks Allen will block up against the browns?
  2. Wdis ppr

    Pick 2 rb Gurley Conner Mixon Pick 2 wr Adams Allen Thielen Who to flex out of the 2 left
  3. Reed or Graham

    I say Graham
  4. Marshawn Lynch OR Aaron Jones 1PT PPR

    Jones is going to have a monster game
  5. Who to flex

    Hmm it kinda helps.
  6. Who to flex

    He's questionable
  7. Who to flex

  8. Who to flex

    D.Adams or J.Conner
  9. Wdis

    Cam Newton or Phillip Rivers
  10. Wdis

    Cam Newton or Phillip Rivers
  11. Mixon or Conner?

    Wdis ppr
  12. Who do I flex ppr

    D.Adams J.Conner M.Breida
  13. Which 2 should I start?

    Breida and Cooks
  14. Conner or Murray ppr

  15. Which TE to start this week ppr

    You really think so? Doyle is decent