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  1. Can I win

    So the score is 133-126.8 I'm up but he has Julio Jones tonight. Are my hopes going to be dashed? I really want to win!!!
  2. RB: Kareem Hunt or Alfred Morris

    Hunt for sure
  3. who do i start if fournette is out

    i have 2 flex spots in my lineup so perine and? M.lee C.Kupp or should i pick someone up
  4. who do i start if fournette is out

    i picked up ivory and yeldon wth all the rb's i have who do i start?
  5. Need Help picking RB and QB - WHIR!

    bortles smith and davis
  6. Who to flex

    diggs, graham is limited
  7. NEED 2 WR PPR

    diggs and sanu
  8. Any changes to this PPR line up?

    i like your lineup as is. its ready to go.
  9. QB and flex help. PPR

    bortles and lee
  10. Pick 3 of these 6 WR

    evans tate lee
  11. Desperate rb play

  12. Start Jordy?

    Flex him over Lewis
  13. Rodgers is back, need advice on fantasy playoffs

    Nelson Gordon Collins
  14. Semi-FInal Help needed!!!

    Brady is the safest choice but I think Rodgers has the potential for huge numbers even coming off his injury.
  15. Foles or Cousins?

    Meh I would fire up foles. Guy is going to put up decent numbers in wentzs absence