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  1. I'm so eff'd

    I'm facing this team
  2. Keenan Allen

    Yeah he did nothing for me too. I'm bummed
  3. Start Cam or Josh Allen

    I'm starting Allen I dropped cam
  4. I'm so eff'd

    With Keenan Allen giving me a zero I'm pretty sure I have lost. What do you think of my chances with the rest of my lineup are? Josh Allen Todd gurley Joe mixon Davante Adams Adam thielen Ian Thomas Steven gostkowski Seahawks I can sub Aaron Jones for thielen And Minn can play instead of Seattle
  5. NO or Dallas d/st

    So I should roll with sea and Minn for the playoffs?
  6. Start or sit Derrick Henry?

    It's hard to choose. He's so flukey.
  7. NO or Dallas d/st

    Wdis Buff Min Sea These three are on the wire if that helps
  8. WDIS Playoffs

    Allen Cohen Cook Jackson Patterson
  9. Aaron Jones or James white

    Gurley couldn't do much against da bears. But I think Jones will smash!!
  10. Round 1 help my line up

    You don't think thielen will amount to anything?
  11. Round 1 help my line up

  12. Round 1 help my line up

    I'm dumb forgot I have Conner. But I don't think he's going to be any good vs the pats coming off his injury
  13. Round 1 help my line up

    Not sure who to start. I'm getting rid of cam. I have Josh Allen and getting Dak from the wire. I'm also letting Baker Mayfield go too. Out of davante Adams Keenan Allen and Adam thielen I need two of them for my wide outs. Gurley is a lock for my first rb spot I have mixon and Jones for my second spot Then I have my flex spot open from whoever is left. I am weak at te with Vance McDonald and am picking up ian Thomas from the wire not sure who to play
  14. QB help

    I like allen. Kid rushes so much!!
  15. Help me pick

    I was thinking of sitting mixon. Maybe Allen could tear up Cincy today.