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  1. trade away kittle and coleman for oj howard and mack

    Nope. Run away as fast as you can!!
  2. Pick 4 out of 5 rb

    Singletary Peterson Mixon Ekeler Hyde
  3. SEA DST or GB DST?

    Green bay
  4. Brady or Rodgers?

    Same with Brady. It's a wash. I choose Rodgers.
  5. Williams or White?

    White. All he does is catch passes.
  6. Bench Mahomes???? WHIR

    I think Allen is the hot hand against Miami
  7. Ekeler Trade

    Take it right now
  8. Just traded Diggs for Montgomery..

    You got fleeced man. You lost the trade.
  9. Ty. Williams?????

    Keep him.
  10. Rams defense

    With the addition of ramsey, I think they might be better as a whole. Prove me wrong!!?
  11. Better RB WW pickup

  12. Lost dissly

    I really have no effing clue who to pick up now. Available- Hockenson Goedert Doyle Fant Knox Burton Both Seahawks TE
  13. Pick 2 of 3 WR

    Woods Mclaurin
  14. Wdis

    You think with gurley out cooks might get more targets?
  15. Dallas D or Carolina D

    I just listen to CBS sports radio. The are like the red zone for radio.