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  1. Dez for gronk trade?

  2. Tyreek Hill for CJ Anderson

    I think that you can get more than CJ for Hill. Maybe another Rb 2 Rb. I would ask for more since this trade straight up I think that you lose (giving up Hill and only getting back CJ) unless you are stacked at wr. I would look to get a flex rb along with C. J in the trade and scan the waiver wire.
  3. Dez for gronk trade?

    Fell that the trade is basically Gronk for Dez Bryant and with my roster I kind of feel like this is a fair trade.
  4. CJ Anderson for Blount?

    No...Anderson easily could have had 2 touchdowns Monday night. As long as he stays healthy a good rb2 keep Anderson.
  5. Dez Bryant trade. Would you do this?

    I think that you are giving away the best player in Dez to get K Allen. While stat wise if healthy Allen will put up similar numbers to Dez...I would rather have Dez... SO to come comes down to west vs Crowell in the trade and that is kind of even as well, so I'll say stick with what you have for now and don't make the trade.
  6. Dez for gronk trade?

    Was gng to propose (me) sending K. Rudolph and D. Bryant for Gronk and M. Wallace (throw in). Should I do it or stand pat? If I stand pat I almost can't play Rudolph bc I'll have 3 minn players in my starting line up. Purpose of trade...too many minn player Standard league (my team) Rb's McCoy, D. Cook, C. J Anderson, (Buck) Allen, C Carson Wr's D. Bryant, S. Diggs, D Parker, M. Jones TE K. Rudolph , Clay QB. Brees, Bradford
  7. Add/drop

    Thanks. I went ahead and made that roster transaction.
  8. Dez Bryant vs DEN or Devante Parker vs LAC

    I might in the same situation with Parker and D. Bryant as well. While I'm back and forth I'm on a wait and see approach for a week with Parker. If mia would have played week 1 I would have a better idea about this week in who to start. I watched the LAC vs Denver Game. Denver was vulnerable on the playaction (when Rivers had time to throw) and Dallas Line is better than LAC so I think that Dallas can be successful on the deep ball vs Denver. So I'm gng to start Dez.
  9. Trade Fournette for a WR

    I think that it would be a good trade. D. Adams's being the least preferred WR of the bunch. Not sure that he would agree to a straight up trade w/o u adding more. Maybe you can steal M. Thomas after his week one performance. He is going to have a great season starting with week to against New England. And like you said you have Brees.
  10. Week 2 starter help

    Thanks...I was leaning on starting Dez over Parker bc I just need to see Parker for one week to see the in season chemistry between him and Cutler.
  11. Add/drop

    Drop Jeremy Hill to add Javorius (Buck) Allen? Standard league my other rb's are; McCoy D.Cook C.J Anderson C. Carson
  12. Week 2 starter help

    Wr's S. Diggs (vs Pitts) D. Bryant (vs Den) D. Parker (vs LAC) M. Jones (he isn't starting at all) which 2 of 3 wr's should I start based on the matchups?
  13. More Wr Value?

    Down the road of bench purposes wr Marvin Jones or D. Moncrief I am planning to cut one to add another player to my roster so I was wondering which one to keep. Hard to get trade value for Moncrief due to Luck being out and when Luck is back playing Moncrief has value.
  14. Eifert for Dez Bryant

    Wr's S. Diggs D. Bryant D. Parker D. Moncrief M. Jones
  15. Eifert for Dez Bryant

    I was offered Golden Tate and David Johnson for D. Bryant Heard a report tonight that Coach Aryans expect D. Johnson back by christmas I have Rb's McCoy, Cook, C. J Anderson so not hurting for Rb's's My TE's are K. Rudolph and H. Henry Was going to counter with T. Eifert and Golden Tate for D Bryant What do you think? Should I counter offer with that that.