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  1. Hey, One of my league members dropped Golden Tate. I am low on faab dollars but my current wr's are A.J Green, Diggs, Parker, M Jones. Corey Davis...should I bid on Tate and drop Marvin Jones or just sit tight?
  2. Trade!! Should I accept

    HALF PPR It would be tough to make that trade. I think the winner of the trade would be the other guy. Trading a stud player For depth when both players that you receive won't come close to production(consistently ) than Brown...I would want More...at least one of the two players be better than what Is being offered.
  3. Huge trade offer

    ***New revised trade offer I now get A.J green, Dion Lewis, Duke Johnson (I would Keep CJ Anderson) he would get Dez Bryant, M Jones and Will fuller what about that? would still have Diggs, Parker as my other 2 wr's Corey Davis and Connor Kupp is available on waivers.
  4. TE for Rest of Season

    Henry....ASJ like @LeonardPart6 said is TD dependent. He is also McKnown (whoever using name is spelled) dependent. If he goes down ASJ targets will go down. Rivers knowa how to throw to his TE. Henry.
  5. Huge trade offer

    This same person tried get dez for AJ green earlier this year so yeah Aj would still be included if I took away fuller and and he kept Nelson...
  6. Mckinnon or D Martin

    Cleveland run defense is top ten...but Mckinnon could get a lot of yards via air. Browns give up a ton of screen yards to rb's...Mckinnon is the preferred choice over Murray bc of that if you were choosing between those two but you still have to wonder who will get the ball betwen him and Murray...Carolina's d is up and down. martin is the clear number one but will they just run the ball...and what if they are down early. martin safe flooR McKinnon has the highest ceiling...just don't know how many reps he will get. This is hard bc minn will grab a big lead and the next run the ball. Carolina can implode and d martin Is getting a lot of play at carries. slightly Mckinnon bc of the matchup. No matter what I can see martin getting a 17 carries for 65 yards kinda day safe floor type of stats.
  7. Huge trade offer

    Should I amend the trade and send a counter offer w/o Nelson but who do I exclude on my end from the trade? @Montana is da Man
  8. TE question

    ASJ...bc he is still the #1 target on the Jets. Corey Davis is coming back soon for tenn. he will get a ton of. Targets his way. Stick with ASJ
  9. Wentz Trade?

    Make the trade
  10. Is Derrick Henry droppable?

    To me Henry is a misc handcuff only if you own Murray. You have some good options and if the "jones" available is A Jones from g.b get him...bc he is more of run type rb that gb need due to their qb situation. Heck even if jones is Marvin Jones it is a more useful pick up. Unless Murray gets injured all that you mentioned on Your waiver wire is worth dropping Henry and adding any of them.
  11. Flex Start

    1.Diggs, 2. Lewis, 3.Duke,4. Buck in that order
  12. Landry/Thielen standard scoring WHIR

    As long as Parker is out Landry will look better in standard with possible TD grabs as he gets to underneath volume. Thielen to me will get catches even if Diggs is playing or not. And will Diggs be more of a decoy the first week back, if he is back this week. And they are playing the Browns. Minn will have chances and will get turnovers. Browns held Murray and Henry under 100 yards it close to it combined and have a top 8 I think run defense. They will pass and I think both are good starts if I had to choose one I woikd choose Thielen based upon the matchup.
  13. Huge trade offer

    My team (Standard) Qb-Brees wr's-Diggs, Parker, Bryant, Fuller, M Jones rb's CJ Anderson, McCoy, Buck Allen, M. Mack TE's S-Jenkins(jets), K. Rudolph k/Def Lutz/Jacksonville trade is this I receive Wr's Nelson, A.J green, Rb's dion Lewis and Duke Johnson (Browns) i send him wr's Dez Bryant, Will Fuller, M Jones and CJ Anderson. Should I make the trade or no?
  14. Who to start ????

    With Diggs not playing I think that there will be a scoring bump for k Rudolph, then theilen...to me theilen with no Diggs is a must start against Green Bay, when Green Bay' starting qb is iffy for the game. Perine shoidk get the volume ...but if they get down Thompson could get in there. I think Perine will have an ok day. Won't make a huge diffence in winning or losing and will put up ok numbers. jones I would start over Perine. Tate and Jones are the only 2 healthy Detroit wr's and and last week Jones was the most targeted. Could have a big week this week.
  15. Pick 2 of 3

    Stay away from Decker in your line up...