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  1. Dalvin Cook Trade

    That’s is simply an unnecessary trade. Don’t do it. I wound rather be receiving what you are giving. You team is fine. plug in Cobb for Baldwin and keep it moving...
  2. Start and roster move

    Thank you all!
  3. Start and roster move

    1. Standard 2 positions. RB-2 Flex Deciding between Connor, Burkhead G. Tate Have to pick 2 of 3. Which 2? 2. Also was considering dropping B. Powell and adding Mike Williams. I think he is gng to have a big year(and weekend) Rivers is my QB. I have G Tate, Brown, Diggs, C Davis as my wr’s. If I pick him up before game time I won’t have to bid for him. R.freeman, Connor, Morris, Mack, Powell, Burkhead. A Jones are my RB’s
  4. Hmmm. Collins, Connor, Gordon

    Gordon for sure, slightly Collins over Connor. Collins has done it before, Connor, volume and potential. Connor is on all 3 of my ff teams but the only team that I have both Collins and Connor I’m starting Collins.
  5. Fill in for Olsen?

    Is A steaming Eifert available? He wasn’t one of your options ..but see if someone cut him and he is somehow on waivers (facing colts)...ASJ. But if the weather in cle is better than it looks (Jesse James) cle gave up almost a TD a game to tight ends last year...so ASJ or Jesse James...
  6. Lineup Thoughts.

    I like G. Tate over Landry and Cole. Outside of that, I rather have any 3 of the bench RB’s. I would choose A.P. But Williams is solid as well. Barber a distant 3rd. maybe to consider...Williams knows the offense and is a known commodity of playbook and usage in that offense. AP is new to the offense and while he will do very well...this is the regular season and he was a late training camp pick up in terms of playing vanilla defenses in the preaseason and fully knowing the offense. So while both will do well..I think...experience on the offense could play a role.
  7. Trade Ajayi NOW while value somewhat high ..

    I think that Ajayi is the clear feature back after how he was used in game one and the their QB situation. The second TD run was impressive but overall he was ok. But he is the clear number 1 with a defense that will give the offense plenty of opportunities. I say it’s a long season and you can always look for better opportunities. But if you can trade him for something better I say go for it. If not I think that he is a solid RB2 with some days of RB1.
  8. Williams as Rb-2 and AP as flex. Williams will get a ton of carries as the uncontested feature back.
  9. Conner for Johnson?

    I agree...Conner...easy decision!
  10. Corey Davis or funchess

    Davis...number one wr. Just a matter of getting in the same page on a few missed opportunities with Mariota. He is the home run play and will get more consistent targets than Funchess.
  11. Which of these WRs do you believe in?

    Mike Williams and Christian Kirk. Mike Williams has so much upside. Now healthy. He will be able to show what he can do. Because that Chargers offense has so many weapons, with his large size, he will be 1 one 1 a lot and will win those battles. I like Kirk as well. But I believe Mike Williams and Den’s Courtland Sutton are the two young wr’s names that will play a big factor this year...at some point.
  12. Would you rather...?

  13. Collins Or Conner in the monsoon

    Collins and Connor...I agree with @BassMaster
  14. Trade Advice

    NOT Fournette. See if he will take Collins and Robinson...if not I would stand pat til next week...and revisit...Then if still interested.
  15. Trade for AB?

    Make that trade, and then go get another RB via trade. Agree with @NYpkBLUE22 with looking to trade Fitz to get that RB.