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  1. I ask considering The Eagles have only been in a couple. Think they lost 1 but won the other.
  2. You can't say most people wouldn't wanna sit in freezing weather to watch football. People have been do ing it for years.
  3. While I do like seeing it in warmer climates as it's nice to see that during the winter it's only fair not to see it limited to those places.
  4. People like you should be lined up and shot.
  5. Today there's a lot of criticalness against the NFL including penalties being called. Here's my thoughts. When you make a tackle you just do it normally. You don't go out of your way to try to hurt that player and if he gets hurt than he gets hurt. There's no way of getting around that, happens every year. 1 thing I don't like seeing are face masks being touched and running the risk of a helmet coming off. Think players who do that should be ejected from the game. Any thoughts.
  6. Cowboys and Redskins

    Don't worry about your wife. Just enjoy the victory. Question is will they continue to do well?
  7. The Hedi Game

    This game is the reason why the networks don't cut from games when they're still being played.
  8. Here I am watching that stupid Bears & Packers game on FOX, turn to CBS and there's a stupid infomercial on. Comeon! This shouldn't be. What does the NFL have to gain by limiting how many games get televised?
  9. That was what The Rams scored if not a little more.
  10. Weather maybe a concern today

    Are you aware of the fact football is played in all kinds of weather? Geez!
  11. Why Can't Some NFL Teams Do Well?

    Obviously it's bad ownership but why would anyone not wanna improve things especially if a team has been bad for a long time? Some teams like Cleveland has never been to a Superbowl, same with Detroit.
  12. Why Can't Some NFL Teams Do Well?

    I remember back in the early 80's the Bears weren't selling home games and were often blacked out locally. Eventually George Halas hired Mike Ditka and things began to change and in a few years they had their first Superbowl. I mention this because maybe the best thing to do is not go to games and it might convince the owners fix things.
  13. Especially those who've had little or no Superbowls or in some cases like Dallas who've had a lot of them but haven't been to the SB in more than 20 years.
  14. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Looked like a good game today, both Cowboys & Packers seem to have done well but it was so disappointing in the 4th quarter. Come on Cowboys, been too long since your last SB!
  15. RIP Bernie Casey