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  1. QB: Who to Start

    Who to start in my championship at QB? Russell Wilson or Garropolo? Garropolo at Rams vs a team that is sitting a lot of players. Wilson vs Cardinals, a team he usually has trouble with. Thanks
  2. Championship Help

    This is a standard league. No Flex
  3. Championship Help

    This week, I play my brother in the championship. His team is stacked and is a 20 pt favorite. Please view my lineup and league type in signature. Do I start Henry or Lewis at RB? Which 3 WRs do you use? Hopkins decided he wasnt going to play for the first time in his career so that hurts me quite a bit (I dropped him today) Thanks!
  4. who to start?

  5. Dak or Keenum?

    Not sure how Keenum will play in very cold temps. may be more run heavy
  6. Playoff Help

    Even with Maclin out?
  7. Playoff Help

    anyone else have thoughts?
  8. Dak or Keenum?

    Dak. Zeke will open up a lot of passing lanes for Dak. You will see a 2016 form of himself tomorrow I feel.
  9. Playoff Help

    Team in signature: Should I play Wallace in the rain, in a dream matchup OR Agholor vs Oakland Thanks.
  10. Fournette Out

    Leonard fournette is out today for violating a team rule. Get him out of your lineup
  11. i need 45.5 points to win

    O jesus. Sorry bud
  12. i need 45.5 points to win

    Did you get it corn?
  13. i need 45.5 points to win

    Yes sir, if it was at Denver, I would be more hesitant to say that. Good luck
  14. i need 45.5 points to win

    yes, u got the W. Congrats 🎉🎉🎉