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  1. Gus Edward Brate Doug Martin Tyler Boyd .5 ppr Thanks Folks
  2. Another Trade Question

    Well.. I ended up trading Elliott and Golliday And got Hopkins and Peterson. I wasn't really going to play golliday and maybe in a few weeks Peterson will get his o line back in shape and be a solid flex. Welp. We will see. Thanks folks
  3. Another Trade Question

    I have kupp J Gordon Boyde D Thomas Golliday What about Elliott o line and coaching. I feeling like it's going down hill. I know it was mid pack D last night. Wondering if I could sell a little high. Maybe just Elliott and keeping Howard.
  4. Another Trade Question

    And I have Doyle
  5. I get, ---OBJ and the pats kicker For He gets, ---Elliott and O. J.Howard Got Conner and CMC as my 2 RBs
  6. Need 2 WR

    Thank you Looks like you have some good answered bud. Take care
  7. Need 2 WR

    Kupp Josh Gordon Boyd Assuming all are health. Gordon seems to be the most Boom or bust chance. Thank you
  8. Need 1

    thank you
  9. Need 1

    Devonta Freeman Or James Conner .5 ppr
  10. Pick up Kerron Johnson

    No. Just 1 QB and TE Probably hanging onto him is best right now
  11. Pick up Kerron Johnson

    No IR yet. I have Elliott, Christian McCafferty, D. Freeman, Conner and Aaron Jones. WR is the week spot. Thomas, Josh Gordon, stills, Cobb and Kupp. Ya. My concern is the knees will be a problem all year. I know it is the other knee. So maybe the second half of the year will be great. Thank you for the replies. Haha Quince is out there too. Haha maybe him.
  12. And drop Doug Baldwin? He just hit the WW. No FAB. so just taking a shot Thank you
  13. I have Baldwin Thomas Kupp Cobb Josh Gordon Garson Thoughts on dropping 1 or 2 (Cobb) and picking up a Rookie wr? Moore Sutton ? Maybe Im over thinking it. Thanks
  14. Need 1 WR

    Standard scoring Hopkins Diggs Watkins Thank you