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  1. RB ROS

    Edward, Pollard and the rest. Mattison is picked up already
  2. RB ROS

    That's a good idea on the waiver wire idea. Madison is already picked up but maybe I'll grab Edwards. Thanks for the input.
  3. RB ROS

    I have Snell and Darrell Williams on my bench. Thoughts on dropping one of them to pick to Gus Edwards or Tony Pollard or both? I'm Not the owner of Zeke or Ingram. Snell, Williams are just bench guys right now. Thanks Jim
  4. Dropping question

    Sorry. I mean Jeffrey might be or this week. And I have Coleman already in my ir spot. Should I drop Jeffery and try for the Washington wr Terry .... Or San Francisco Rd mister? Or should I just hold Jeffrey
  5. I have tevin Coleman in the IR. Should I drop him or alshaw Jeffrey? My RBs are slim so thinking Jeffrey. Looking for input. Thanks Jim
  6. Sammy Watkins Value

    Pretty much what I thought. I'm the Freeman owner. Haha. That's why I'm in Inquiring, And the Conner owner is the Hill owner which is why I bring him up. No one is real desperate at wr so that's a bummer. I will play him this week and see what happens next week. Or maybe wr for wr. Maybe the Evens owner is scared. I guess juju too maybe. Thank's folks for some prospective.
  7. Sammy Watkins Value

    Im not married to conner or fournette but that's the rb the Hill owner has. That's why I bring them up. Ya. Iv been looking over the other team. Most of their rb are kind of thin. I will keep looking. Maybe just keep my fingers crossed and wait a week. Thanks for the responses
  8. Iv been waiting all day for someone to ask this question. What is Sam's value in a trade? I'm just trying to get a gauge on him. He is injury prone and Hill will be back... At some point. Running back is what I'm looking for. My thought is a James Conner or maybe Fournet? I don't know. I just want some feed back. If he gets hurt in Sunday and I didn't try I would hate myself. My WRs and fine so I can live or die without or with out him. And.. If it's an impossible question then keeping him is fine. He will do great until he gets hurt. Thanks folks Jim
  9. Season Long Fantasy Football Sites

    That code unfortunately didn't work. O well. Thanks for the info
  10. Season Long Fantasy Football Sites

    I will check them out. Thank you
  11. Season Long Fantasy Football Sites

    Thank you for the response. That's not a bad idea. But I don't have enough people to do a league on my own. I'm looking for a site that you join and they put you in a random league. I know Yahoo does it. But that don't have very many option. They seem to have just one format and that's it. Different league sizes. I wanted to try somewhere else, but checking for a place that is reputable.
  12. Hi all. Other that Yahoo, what is a good, trustworthy Money site for season long fantasy football? One where they run the league and take the money. I was checking out "Data Force" Do any of you have any thoughts or opinion on that? Thank you Jimmy