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  1. Who do I flex ?

  2. QB starter

    I'd go Smith
  3. Need QB help!!!!

    Non-PPR Kirk Cousins vs LAR Joe Flacco vs CLE Jared Goff vs WSH Trev Siemian vs DAL Thanks in Advance!!!
  4. Evans/Kupp for K. Allen/CJ Anderson PPR

    I'd do the trade if you can get Kupp from waivers. Good Luck!!!
  5. Joe Flacco or Kirk Cousins?

    Dont think Browns are giving Rushing Yards this season. So looks like a tough match for BAL too. BAL Defense should help them. Hope the RedSkins can do what the Colts couldn't do against RAMS
  6. Non-PPR Trying to decide on whom to go with this week. Both look shaky though. Any thoughts?
  7. Who should I start?

    Cook might have better matchup this week.
  8. TY Hilton & M Bryant lineups

    yeah will see how Brisett works out...also TY will have CB Patrick on his back
  9. TY Hilton & M Bryant lineups

    ya I guess I'll go with Williams and Bryant this week (CB will cover Brown that'll leave Bryant with more targets)
  10. Guys Is TY Hilton(my WR1) worth if Brisett is the QB? Thoughts on M Bryant(my flex) this week? If not, my other choices for WR & Flex are M Jones / K Golladay / T Williams(LAC) / Chris Carson(RB) Thanks in advance!
  11. RB & Flex help!!!

    Thanks guys....will go with Gore & Crowder. Good luck & Enjoy the games!!!
  12. RB & Flex help!!!

    I heard Colts O-line is weak & Rams D-line is strong...hence my hesitation to lineup Gore. True?
  13. RB & Flex help!!!

    I guess I'll go with West & Crowder. Hope for the best!
  14. RB & Flex help!!!

    Standard...will it make a difference when both the RBs are sharing with their snaps?