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  1. Last minute RB2 decision

    yeah Boone has the easier matchup but Jones could go off and score a few touchdowns.
  2. Last minute RB2 decision

    I can’t make up my mind.. Who would you rather play tonight Aaron Jones or Mike Boone?
  3. Championship RB2 help

    Yeah looking back Chubb killed them last time. I’m going Chubb/Kamara with Jones in the flex. It’s him or Moore.
  4. Championship RB2 help

    You'd sit Chubb?
  5. Henry’s out!

    I'd lean Boone too
  6. Championship RB2 help

    .5 PPR RB2 help A. Jones vs Vikings or Chubb vs Ravens?
  7. Championship help

    Brees Flex is a coin flip here - but I would go Miles if Howards out or Allen/Jones Def = Atl - they've been hot lately and you need points
  8. Championship Advice

    Kamara/Perriman/Moore Need 1 WR & a Flex
  9. Who to sit- PPR championship

    Chark because injury concerns and Hooper because I like Cook over him.
  10. Fuller or AJ Brown?

    Go Brown, he’s been very good as of late.
  11. Flex help

    I'd normally just roll with Kamara but he's not been sharp lately + Murray's been getting a bigger role. Moore's been a consistent 10+ each week but he's facing the Seahawks and Carolina's offense has been struggling.
  12. In My Semi's Need Advice!!!

    I would go Julio, Adams and AJ
  13. Flex help

    Need .5 PPR flex spot help Kamara, Moore or Woods?
  14. Diggs Hopkins Godwin

    I like Hopkins/Godwin
  15. HELP! 1st time Playoffs, Lineup advice?

    I like Brees here. He's legit and if they get behind SF they're going to have to pass a lot.