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  1. Need a win to get that money

    And its in PPR btw
  2. Playing for a nice cash prize in our money league. With Davante Adams and Kenny Golladay out I have to fill their spot with a RB. I would go with Damien Williams but I am uncertain about him sharing time with Spencer Ware. My options are: James White, Spencer Ware, Gus Edwards, and I just picked up Rod Smith. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Playoff help Pick 2

    Brees has been really good all year but aren't you a little worried because of the past 2 weeks and the saints seem to be wanting to run it as much as possible now?
  4. Playoff help Pick 2

    Down bye 30 so I need some points. Full PPR - Jaylen Samuels or James White? Drew Brees or Andrew Luck?
  5. Jaylen Samuels vs ??

    Yeah I like Samuels verse Oakland's run defense. I just didn't know how I felt with them using a committee. I'm holding off on Ware to see how he does this week. Gus gets a lot of volume but isn't involved in the passing game and has lost a few touchdowns to Jackson.
  6. Jaylen Samuels vs ??

    Need RB2 help - Full PPR Would you play any of these RBs over Samuels? I kind of like Jackson vs the Bengals after what he did to the Steelers but idk.
  7. Help pick my RBs this week

    Thanks for the opinions guys. I'm feeling Ware and Edwards with White as a close third.
  8. Flex Question

    I would go Robert Woods if you want a safe floor. He has gotten at least 4 receptions and 70 yards in 10 of the last 11 games. But in this case I like Ware more. He's the lead back on one of the NFL's best offenses playing the second worst run defense in the league.
  9. My RB core has imploded in the past few weeks. I drafted Le’von, Karem Hunt… Kerryon Johnson’s knee is banged up and who knows what I’ll get out of James White this week. Help me pick 2: Full PPR Spencer Ware James White LeGarrette Blount Gus Edwards Josh Adams Thanks in advance guys.
  10. Amari Cooper or DJ Moore?

    So glad you went Cooper
  11. Mahomes on BYE.. Need to pick up a QB week 12

    I would go Lamar Jackson here Oakland is the #31 run defense and look what he just did to Cinci.
  12. Full PPR Is it overpaying? What are your thought?
  13. Should I trade for a better RB2?

    I could probably get Mark Ingram or Dalvin Cook for Kenny Golladay. That seems like im overpaying for Cook though. The last place team is open to trading me Zeke for practically nothing but I have to make it fair to avoid collusion. Does AP and Kerryon Johnson for Zeke seem fair?
  14. 8 man PPR - With Kerryon Johnson now hurt would you trade for a better RB2 in case White goes down. Say someone like Mark Ingram, Dalvin Cook, or maybe David Johnson if his team loses today.
  15. Would you trade Hunt for McCaffery? PPR

    Is pretty much a lateral trade. Hunt faces Oakland 2x who's the second worst rushing defense. He also faces LAC and Sea who are 17 and 18. McCaffrey faces the Saints 2x who are the second best rushing defense. It's up to you who you like better but I would stick with Hunt if it were me.