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  1. Lose Conner or Chubb?

    Well the guy putting them out to trade needs RB help really badly so he might do it straight up. The other trade I could make might be like Aaron Jones+ a high upside WR like Ridley, Kirk or Moore for Michael Thomas. What do yall think of that?
  2. Lose Conner or Chubb?

    Can't believe I forgot to put the Scoring.. Its .5 ppr. I really like Chubb's potential this season especially with all of Cleveland's weapons but Conner's got all that volume/Pit's oline on his side. I think I'd rather get Julio in the trade.
  3. Lose Conner or Chubb?

    Would you rather use James Conner or Nick Chubb in a trade for Julio or OBJ? My RB1 is Kamara and I have Aaron Jones as well.