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  1. I am STARTING KROB this week

    Have one for me buddy... Gin & Tonic
  2. RB Help

    come on dude...Holmes Monday Night.
  3. working a trade

    Keep Plax...I'm a homer & he is gonna have a huge year...They are talking him up in the press, saying that he has the right attitude this year and is very hungry. Big Thing I tell you Big things check out my post
  4. Should I do it...I have Matt Hasslebeck as a backup.. What do you think? Culp can't continue to stink it up right?
  5. Trent vs. Denver (monday night in Denver) or Matt vs. the weak AZ in Seattle. I am leaning towards Matt but I'm thinking Monday night will be high scoring and Trent might throw 2 or 3...and my opponent has Eddie Kennison (possible counter) or should i stick with Matt Hasslebeck? Thanks!
  6. someone is offering me Kevin Jones, JJ Arrington & Steve Heiden for Willie Parker & TJ Duckett 12 team performance league start 1 qb 3rb, 3wr, 1te, def & k Here is my team Trent Green Matt Hasslebeck Priest Holmes Steven Jackson Willie Parker Lee Suggs TJ Duckett Torry Holt Roy Williams TJ Housh Bobby Engram Tyrone Calico Reggie Williams Alge Crumpler Indy d Carolina d rian lindell Holla back doggs thanx!
  7. Palmer no doubt...Have a great trip!
  8. I am leaning towards Hasslebeck at home vs. AZ... Trent is playing @ Denver Let me know...
  9. What is C. Palmer's trade value?

    I say a Chad Johnson
  10. There is only one way to go from here
  11. Add Chris Perry or Ron Dayne?

    I can't believe I'm saying this...Yes pick up Dayne...yuck! see my post dogg
  12. Would you take this trade?

    Keep Westbrook Dogg!
  13. it's funny all the KJones owner are shook right now.....Go For it! KJones will do better. see my post.
  14. WDIS WR/Flex

    I would go with Housh...he is also being used as a RB...gotta love it & Palmer is on FIRE! check out my post and let me know