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  1. Start which RB of these 4...?

    Okay, I'll roll with Lindsay. Thanks to all!
  2. Start which RB of these 4...?

    Yeah, it's between those two for me too. Seems like Clement may have the higher ceiling because in the red zone Lindsay is more or a check down receiver where Clement is the power back.
  3. (Standard League) Kerryon Johnson at MIA Lindsay at ARI Clement at CAR Ito at NYG
  4. Flex Help Non PPR

    Pick 1, por favor. For me, it's between Jeffrey and Brown but I wanted to list all options... Alshon Jeffrey vs NYG Devonta Freeman vs TB John Brown vs Ten Corey Clement vs NYG Mike Williams vs CLE
  5. Do I dare sit Diggs tonight?

    I started him, hoping for a better 2nd half.
  6. I'm thinking of starting Mike Williams vs San Fran - a much more favorable matchup.
  7. Flex Help In Standard League

    Lindsay is already a must play for me. The toss up is between Cole and Anderson. I'll be starting Anderson. Thanks for the input.
  8. Flex Help In Standard League

    Have to start Lindsay with Freeman and Burkhead out. So now it's up to Keelan Cole or Robby Anderson.
  9. Cole vs N.E. Robby Anderson vs Miami Lindsay vs Oakland All home games. I'm currently feeling Lindsay may have another great game...
  10. Cole was my gut pick. Done. Thanks guys.
  11. For the RB/WR 3 position, which one of these 2 would you rather roster, Ronald Jones or Michael Gallup? I currently have Jones in a standard league but I'm not sold yet - hard to make a decision based on pre-season. I'm considering dropping him for Gallup, but a few notables are available as well, including: Buck Allen, Blount, Keelan Cole and Jonathan Stewart.
  12. WR Starts

    in my standard league, I'm definitely starting Thielen and even thought it's less than an optimal situation, I can't sit Hopkins. But I'm considering starting Marvin Jones for Green. Both, Jones and Crabtree are projected to have big games this week on pretty much every major FF site. I have all 5 mentioned...