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  1. Mixon or Coleman

    Mixon or Coleman PPR
  2. Need to bench 1

    Probably Carson
  3. Agholor or A. Robinson

    PPR League Agholor vs Detroit A Rob at Washington
  4. Add Hockenson for Dede Westbrook?

    Coleman, Montgomery, James White at RB3 DeDe Westbrook is the only guy I'd give up at the WR position.
  5. Add Hockenson for Dede Westbrook?

    That's the thing. I have 2 very good Tight Ends in O.J. Howard and Mark Andrews, so I think it would be a wait and see approach to see which other Tight End I'd end up dropping in the next week or 2. I just think that Hockenson is the real deal and may end up being the better flex option than my other WR3/RB3s. It's a gamble, I know. I have a bunch of RBs of which a hurt Tevin Coleman is the low man. Is he the better drop? Possibly... a high ankle sprain is something that tends to linger.
  6. PPR League With Foles out, I feel like DeDe drops in value quite a bit.
  7. Flex Help

    I started Montgomery against my gut instinct. I think he'll do great this season. He seemed open in the flat a few times but Mitch really wasn't looking off A-Rob or Gabriel. I'm stacked at RB, with Barkley, Mixon, T. Coleman and White in addition to Montgomery. I'll probably wait a bit for him to get acclimated before I feel comfortable slipping him back in.
  8. Flex Help

    I'm banning myself from getting on the forum 2 hours before game time.
  9. Flex Help

    PPR league: Dede Westbrook, Allen Robinson or David Montgomery? Currently rolling with Robinson, but Montgomery is so tempting...