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  1. Pain in ass wr decision

    I like Lockett at home.
  2. Flex Help Week 1 of Play-offs!!!

    Yeah FF All Star team!
  3. Flex Help

    Sutton, Jeff Wilson or DJ Moore?
  4. Graham or Brate this week

    Leaning that way. it will be interesting to see how the offense changes this week. I've always thought Graham was under used. That being said, he does have a fair share of dropped balls...
  5. Standard League: Brate vs NO Graham vs ATL
  6. (the really bad word) Carson Wentz

    I would have taken 8 points. No... I would have taken 2.8 points, because I would have won with that. Unfortunately .84 is what I got from Wentz. And trust me, I get it, I don't need to hear the FF adage "Welcome to the randomness..." I was just plain upset. "F O C K E R out!
  7. I don't care if this gets me banned off this site forever. Because in the end, all of the advice given here doesn't matter. it's up to the players, be it the gamers or losers. So (the really bad word) you seven ways to Sunday Carson Wentz!
  8. Which 2 Wide Receivers - ROS

    Williams and Reynolds
  9. Diggs vs da Bears Sutton vs The Chargers Brown vs Cinci
  10. Wentz or Fitz?

    Oops just saw this question was posted... couldn't find where to delete this post.
  11. Fitz or cam

    I'm rolling with Fitz this weekend. I feel like his ceiling is a bit higher with that offense. I notice you also have Dalton, or maybe you dropped him for Fitz. I have Dalton, but I just can't play him with AJ Green out. Boyd does get a ton of looks and Ross has a couple of TDs this year. I may regret it... or I may change my mind!
  12. Looking for flex help again this week. Kerryon Johnson vs Minnesota or Courtland Sutton vs Houston Both have similar matchups.
  13. Fitzgerald or Carr

    I've got a QB on bye in my non ppr league. Who would you rather start, Fitzgerald vs Panthers or Carr vs 49ers? Flacco is avail too, but being a Steelers fan I can't be rooting for Flacco on the attacko!
  14. Start which RB of these 4...?

    Okay, I'll roll with Lindsay. Thanks to all!
  15. Start which RB of these 4...?

    Yeah, it's between those two for me too. Seems like Clement may have the higher ceiling because in the red zone Lindsay is more or a check down receiver where Clement is the power back.