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  1. Blizzard in KC!

    I play McCaffery over Fournette as well, correct? PPR 1pt league.
  2. Blizzard in KC!

    Nevermind! Lol. Williams is doubtful. Hes not going to play. I gotta go with drake i guess! Thanks for your help...
  3. Blizzard in KC!

    Ok. I was on the edge with drake because williams is coming back and the coach said theyre overusing drake in williams absence. And i think williams is the bigger back which helps in the snow... thanks for the advice!
  4. Blizzard in KC!

    Fournette or Drake?
  5. Pick one funchess, algalhor, cole, westrook final game

    I have a similar dilemma and im starting funchess. TB is a great matchup.
  6. AJ green? Start/sit

    This question seems crazy almost. Lol. But i am thinking about benching Green in favor of Mike Wallace. I dont like greens matchup and wallace will get targeted early and often against colts terrible D. Am i just overthinking here? My other receivers are tyreek hill and devin funchess.
  7. Ok so this has actually been my dilemma two weeks in a row now. It worked itself out last week when fournette didnt play. So i have 2 spots and 3 guys. Which 2 do i start? McCaffery, Drake, Fournette PPR 1 pt
  8. I have fournette, bell, drake, and mccaffery. Its a ppr league. I can only start 3 this week. Who do i start?

    Evans, Hogan, Ivory
  10. Ajayi or Lewis

    Id start lewis. Without shazier, pitt has no side to side speed. The patriot running backs are going to eat them up in the short passing game....
  11. Rough TE position

  12. Do i sit Wilson for Rodgers???

    Id definitely keep rolling with Wilson. The over/under is at 47.5 which is the third highest for any game. Considering wilson is 80% of that entire offense and it could easily turn into a shootout, i gotta start him. And Wilson is the number one fantasy qb so youre risk wouls be starting Rodgers...
  13. Rough TE position

    I admittedly have been starting poop at TE all season. I currently have to choose one between seals-jones, jesse james, or charles clay. Like i said, poop. But who do i start? I was going with james because pitts other TE is out and i swe that being a shootout...
  14. Start/sit advice ppr

    Thank you! Thats what i was thinking. Mccafferys usage has dropped at an alarming rate.
  15. Defense question

    Id take the vikings. Nice matchup considering cincy dont have an oline...