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  1. My flex

    Play humphries and lockett.
  2. Start Mahomes or Winston??

    Me too but just can't sit Mahomes..."gotta dance with who brung ya"
  3. Which QB?

    You'd probably be safe with any of those three but seems like Dak and team have something special going on right now
  4. Flacco

    He'll have decent games now and then but I don't see him as an every week fantasy starter, there's a lot of young talent in the league
  5. Standard: Need QB bad...

    Three votes for Allen
  6. Full ppr jeff Wilson also available, he might be the guy to flex, gets targets and Breida still out. lost Gordon and Hunt so hurting at RB
  7. Njoku vs MacDonald

    Anyone..Bueller, Bueller??
  8. I'm not in an ESPN league but have noticed a number of post in the Huddle mentioning issues with ESPN, even changes in point totals/standings.

    For PPR I would go Landry then Edleman
  10. Gus Bus or Ware this week?

    When I read the title I immediately thought Gus, but... This is a valid point and sways me towards Ware.
  11. Drop A.P.?

    Wash is a mess but looking at your RBs I'd hold onto him unless you have a hot pickup in mind. This week and next are decent match ups (I never thought I'd be saying that and referring to J'ville, but there a mess too)
  12. Playoffs?!?

    Your RBs are pretty good. With Mixon I think he'll basically have a target on his back but you have to start him out of sheer volume. ^ I agree with this At WR Landry (hopefully he picks up where he left off last week) and then Pettis/C Samuel, they are a coin toss for me. I am not high on Reynolds this week
  13. Njoku vs MacDonald

    I have Njoku in my line up. MacDonald was just dropped by another team. Would you pick up and start MacDonald or ride with Njoku? Both good matchups
  14. Blount or Ware ppr

    Between these two I like Ware, he is the tougher match-up but should see the volume. The Detroit offense has been an enigma to me and Blount is so TD dependent