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  1. It's possible, hope for a shootout game. I have he same 2 players also and need lots 'o points
  2. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Yep. Plus pretty much my entire team with the exception of Dak ironically bcuz the 'boys looked terrible
  3. Steelers or Patriots DST

    I feel like steelers at home may be better but it's close. Would you start philly D at Mia over NE?
  4. WDIS Drake or J Williams

    Cool I was planning Williams and wanted reality check. I appreciate your replies
  5. It's win or go home for me, WDIS as my RB2. Drake vs LAR Williams vs Tenn Snell is also available (vs Cleveland)
  6. Tyrell or James Washington

    Tyrell will probably go back to his early season form and find the end zone. I know this because I'm sitting him
  7. Last minute help

    Agree w Kirk, Freeman has really tough matchup w NO
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Huddlers!

    Happy thanksgiving all and good luck this week, it can be a make or break for anyone on the playoff bubble
  9. Flex choice pick 1

    Ppr Metcalf vs Minn tyrell Williams at KC jonathan Williams vs Tenn Currently going with Metcalf, what do you think? need win and going up against a stacked team,
  10. Roster advice

    I agree
  11. Which Qb Do I Start ?

    tough choice. I have wentz on one of my teams and I'm not thrilled about him this week. Allen is a tough matchup but he's been fantasy gold recently (granted he's played some bad teams). With Allen you have the benefit of some rushing yards and 1 or 2 rushing TD's..... at the expense of Singletary owners
  12. Toughest Matchup of the Fantasy Year

    I like your chances to not only avoid the slaughter but to win outright.
  13. Guice or Deebo in flex?

    True. If this were a year ago i'd say definitely but the Rams O, specifically goff just isn't what it was and facing a red hot ravens team this week. I guess it really depends on how much risk are you comfortable with
  14. Antonio Brown?

    NE won't sign him unless they somehow already have or get knowledge he won't be placed on the exempt list. That said, once this bye week is done I'll probably pick him up
  15. Guice or Deebo in flex?

    the safe play is Guice but I'd probably go with Deebo. I really like Deebo and although he is "Q" he is expected to play. He's had double digit targets with Kittle out. Kittle is also "Q" and I guess expected to suit up but the fact that he missed 2 games already makes me less confident he does (nothing I read, just gut). Problem is they are the Sunday night game which is a factor depending on the rest of your team