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  1. WR Depth - cut ties w Mike Williams

    I'm thinking Kirk as he seems to be on the same page as Rosen. We'll see on waiver Wednesday
  2. Last Minute Breida Trade?

    without a doubt YES.
  3. I guess I own the wrong WR named Williams on LAC! I don't need to move on from him but always looking to improve quality of bench you think Coutee, Kirk or Gabriel will be more relevant ROS than Williams? These are pretty much the top guys available. I appreciate any advice
  4. Sammy Watkins or Tyler Boyd??

    tough call. The NE D can definitely be thrown on as much as the Pitt D. Both games should be high scoring so either will a good choice. If your PPR I think (just a hunch) Boyd would get more targets.
  5. Start/Sit Flex help

    Just saw update that Cooks is "healthy" and will play
  6. Start/Sit Flex help

    Vikes played him when he wasn't 100% a couple weeks ago, a lot of people got burned in FFB. I would lean towards B Cooks or Boyd. If I had a LAR receiver I'd pretty much start him every week if healthy. And for Boyd, Cincy should put up some good points at home against Pitt. They both see decent target share although Cooks is more consistent. Don't know if this helps but I would be careful with D Cook.
  7. Kamara trade

    I wouldn't do it unless you're really hurting at WR.
  8. Trade For Kamara?

    ...But if I was the other party in the trade I wouldn't accept it...just being honest
  9. I like that trade! You're still set at RB and IMO very much upgraded at WR...Nice team
  10. Are these guys likely to play?

    I'd say Hopkins definitely will play. I also think Cooks and Ebron play but, needless to say I'd keep an eye out for any updates later today for any setbacks
  11. Tyreek for Beckham

    I would hold onto Hill pretty much for same reasons Lebowski gives. OBJ is a great WR but his talent is basically being wasted. Look at quality of QBs, their trending it opposite directions. Eli looks terrible and NYG are on verge of imploding...may already be there.
  12. Jamaal Charles worth stashing?

    I feel like some people will get excited and chase the name on this one. Purple is right that you do have some droppable players but I think Yeldon would have to go down to make him fantasy relevant
  13. Full PPR M Williams at Cle Agholor at NYG Drake at CHI Or I could pick someone up to play for a week... Smallwood and Alfred Morris are best available RBs Stills is probably best available WR What say you?
  14. Which Philly RB?

    Good question...same case in my league so I'll be following this thread. Maybe Smallwood and i only say that because Clement seems to pop up on injury reports.
  15. Don't know which trade to do

    Kelce is the legit TE1 and you have decent RBs even w/o Yeldon, I would take the Kelce trade also.