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  1. Start Williams or Coleman Full PPR

    I would play Coleman over Williams much for the same thing Montana said "We know he has the skills". Also your's being a full PPR league, in 3 of his last 4 games his targets are up.
  2. Pick 2 of these RBs

    I know it's a committee but I think Burkehead will continue to be fed the ball, Pats love him over the middle if a LB picks him up in coverage. After that I gotta think Williams because of volume.
  3. McFadden

    3-4 weeks ago there was talk about how much Jerry Jones likes DMC so I thought it was a no brainer to stash him. All that achieved was he sucked up a roster spot for a couple weeks. The way things evolved, I did the "rage drop". Barring injuries to multiple players, IMHO I think he's not worth it. Depending on your team, if you're looking for a stash you may be better off with someone like Ekeler. Gordon always seems to have some ailment but plays through it...but if Ekeler's touches are up this weekend that could be a good sign for him.
  4. Been sitting Benjamin until he and Tyrod developed some chemistry. Back to square one I guess. I don't know much about Peterman. Anyone think Benjamin will be "start worthy" at some point?
  5. Waiver Wire RB's

    Only one game so far without zeke but based on what Dallas did IMO I don't think DMC is worth a spot. I'm not into any Seattle rb so that leaves perine or burkhead. Burkhead will probably have a big game or two but with Pats there's no predicting when. Maybe stash Perine? Based on your team I don't think you would be starting either one but Skins have already lost one rb and Perine could be a good handcuff for you.
  6. Dion Lewis or Burkhead for ROS?

    Another Pats fan here (not a homer) and all round football fan. I agree with Griffin and think he nailed the roles. If they're all healthy I avoid Patriot RBs like the plague in FFB. Btw nice reference to Jonas Gray, my opponent had him that week, it brought back the fantasy pain I felt that day
  7. Am I Crazy for Considering this...

    I really like Kamara but are you considering because you need a WR? What does your bench look like? I see you have Hogan (who is doubtful) and Nelson (who has QB issue). Like Montana said it's not an awful trade and if you need a WR Baldwin is nice to have.
  8. Jordy worth a spot ROS

    Yeah I've been looking at the other rosters to see who might be interested. Robert Woods is available on the WW but I'm low in priority, still there's a chance.
  9. A couple weeks ago I wrestled with benching him (glad I did!). Looking at his schedule going forward there are some tough defenses he'll be facing. I've always considered him "match-up proof" but without Rogers not any more. Do you think he's worth the roster spot going forward? I know it depends on who's available on WW or as FA (in my league which you obviously can't see).
  10. Gilislee????

    I agree with Dolphin, even more so because you are in a ppr league
  11. Just had an NFL update on my phone indicating he may have torn ACL
  12. Who to start and should I do the trade?

    Dez just seems off. Keep Tyreek....unless he throws another int
  13. Alfred Morris or Kenyan Drake?

    Morris. Miami is still Miami