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    Thats a rough one, in the semi's (week 15) my son in law left about 80 points on the bench and lost. So just about every year I say I'm done, right now i'm going in the other direction considering joining an additional league (and staying with the leagues I'm already in). Several years ago I took a year off and was missing it probably around week 4.
  3. NEWS Thread

    I just read the article on Brown and can't help thinking it's another great opportunity that he'll eventually screw up
  4. Robinson or Slayton

    Thanks, I am looking for the safer play and I was thinking the same
  5. At WR non ppr Robinson vs KC or Slayton @ Wash (NYG going back to Jones)
  6. Championship Lineup options

    ^This^ Hey I appreciate that you responded to my post regarding Perriman. I will be starting Perriman but my other WRs are not as good as yours.
  7. Dick move or am I overreacting?

    I agree. He's still playing for the paycheck even if it's only $30+. If no $$ involved then yeah it would be a dick move
  8. non ppr Perriman vs Hou (i'm all in on the general consensus that he'll be the target heavy wr1 for pass happy Winston) over any one of the following... Robinson vs KC tough match up but he's been on a roll the last 4 weeks, not sure how/if that changes with Chicago eliminated Lockett vs Ari Nice in week 15 but terrible in the weeks prior Slayton @ Wash I'm still not sure what to think, the TD saved his line last week Going for the gold...any comments appreciated
  9. PPR Edelman or Perriman?

    I like Perriman over edelman who is banged up more than they let on...IMO
  10. i don't at all, I try to go best RBs the WRs, once I have starters i begin to pay attention to bye weeks although sometimes a player falls to you that you just can't pass up!
  11. 14 team, non ppr QB Wentz WR Robinson, Lockett, Slayton, Evans, Hardman, Cobb RB Chubb, Freeman, Breida, Washington TE Hooper K Forbath DST Eagles, Browns Make up of team obviously changed over the course of the season, but as a 7th seed I took out the 2nd seed in the quarter finals and then the 1st seed in the semis. Now up against my son (4th seed) for the championship
  12. Up 27 am I going to the championship?

    You got it...Good luck in the 'ship!
  13. Going to the chip!!...Wait oh shh

    That's a tough one...BUT strange things can happen in late season (real life) football. Game in hand at half so some starters get some rest...stuff like that.
  14. Will I win?

    So you're saying there's a chance... yeah I agree
  15. Yikes, am I going to win?

    So you're up 16 to start, confidence level not high but I think you got it unless Thomas goes off