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  1. In the semi's I posted my highest score of the season and took care of the Gurley team. In the finals I was done Sunday, posted my lowest score of the season, and was up by 25 going into Christmas day games where my opponent had Big Ben and Crabtree. I all but conceded thinking there's no way Big Ben and Crabs combine to score less than 25. I didn't see much of the Christmas day games and wasn't until I looked on Tuesday to see "Champion" next to my team! Only then did I realize Ben sat for most of the 4th qtr because they were up so much and Crabs had the big goose egg. Its a yahoo league consisting of family members only...winning some cash is great but bragging rights for a year is priceless
  2. Funchess or Woods?

    In the Championship game! I appreciate all the advice over the course of the season... Funchess - Do we think he's healthy? Felt like Carolina used him as a decoy last week. Only 4 targets and of those only 1 rec in what was a juicy match up. He dropped one in end zone, granted it was a vicious hit but can't be dropping those. He's got a great match up vs TB this week. Woods - Also a pretty good match up at Tenn. and he didn't skip a beat after being out a few games 7 targets, 6 rec, TD (only a 1 yard rec but I'm ok with that) I'm leaning Woods now thinking the target volume will be there. What do you think?
  3. Pick 2 WRs

    Which two would you start? Landry at Buf (I've been rolling w Landry all year but keeping an eye on weather in Buf) Hogan at Pitt Jordy at Car (pretty sure I'm starting him) Funch vs GB Westbrook at Hou Woods at Sea btw my RBs are Gordon, Hunt and Kamara, they fill my two RB spots and flex, after picking top two WRs would you put any left over in the flex?
  4. Free Jordy?

    Thanks for the input. If Kamara ends up not playing that opens my flex spot. I haven't heard any updates yet on Kamara
  5. Free Jordy?

    Seems like a no brainer but assuming Rogers plays, and I think he will, its first game back and at Carolina who has just as much to play for. This week is semifinals for me. I've been rolling with Landry and Funchess. I started Hogan this past week but maybe not this week, he looked very rusty. Looking at at my team would you take the chance on starting Jordy over Landry or Funch?
  6. Rank these Defenses

    IMO DET then TEN...BUF (seems Miami found and offense)
  7. Another I LOST WENTZ Thread

    I'm in the exact same situation and dropping Mariota for (planning on) Keenum. Smith is also available in my league and I wish Flacco produced fantasy points because he has great matchups.
  8. Down by 10, my opponent is done. I have Landry tonight, he should get me the win all by himself but it's also about the points. I plan on playing Hogan but also grabbed Amendola as an "insurance policy" if Hogan doesn't start. Question - assuming Hogan does play, would you start him or Amendola? I'm leaning Hogan but curious to get your input.
  9. James White or Duke J PPR

    Duke is the higher floor. Currently Lewis and Burkhead see the only sure starts in the NE backfield.
  10. Playoffs pick one

    NE def is tough but I like Drake as a volume start
  11. Pick 2 out of 3

    Same as above and above
  12. Dumb question

    I totally understand your situation. Last week I picked up Perine and started him over Hunt, I thought I was going to regret it especially when KC went up 14-0 so early but Hunt amazingly continued to do squat. In my league he finished with 9.3 and Perine with 9.9. Neither was impressive but the way Hunts game went, IMO he should've been in the 20 point range.
  13. Cincy or Buffalo

    IMO Buffalo at home vs Indy is the better start
  14. WRs are in signature. I'm not liking the situation in Buffalo so thinking about dropping Benjamin and picking up Westbrook (currently healthy and decent targets since he came back). My healthy starters have been Landry and Funchess, both with tough match ups this week. I've been holding on to Jordy in case Rogers does come back. would you do it? Drop Benjamin, pick up Westbrook?
  15. Playoff seeding help needed!

    i would think total "points for"