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  1. WDIS

    Any other thoughts?
  2. WDIS

    I hear the yuk. I have Portis on a bye this week.
  3. WDIS

    Do I take the chance that Dayne gets carries vs. KC on Monday night or do I think the Clev - Indy game in Indy will be a shootout thus giving Edwards a good chance to produce. I am also starting Heiden at TE this weekend if that makes a difference. We do get .5 per reception as well. What do you guys think?
  4. Need a reason NOT to do this trade...

    And just to clarify my position I do hate Lelie and think he is WAY over rated in that he's never really done anything, but I also think Burleson is way over rated and since he is hurting now and will miss Sunday's game those 2 are almost a wash and Deuce is much better than Dunn so get it done.
  5. WDIS at Flex?

    This is one time I'd actually go WR over RB. TT is coming off a good game and Burleson will be out which means he should get even more. I'd start Taylor.
  6. Need a reason NOT to do this trade...

    That is actually better for you. You keep LT and he keeps Willie. Obviously I rather have LT so it is better for you. Personally I HATE Lelie but I'd do the deal just for Deuce.
  7. Foster and Rogers FOR Anderson As you can see I have Dayne and Bell. I would then start Anderson this week over Edwards with Portis on bye. Rogers is my # 5 WR and I could grab a K-Rob or some other WR off of waivers.
  8. Mungro and Rhodes

    I know their OL isn't built for power short yardage running, but when your "FB" is Mungro you aren't going to get it done. I think they should sign a FB period but at the very least have a TE in the backfield on short yardage not Mungro, but I guess that doesn't matter now.
  9. Mungro and Rhodes

    Any chance the Colts sign a FB to block in short yardage?
  10. Dunn or Portis?

    Get Portis and deal Moss. 2 Skins isn't good anyway.
  11. Dayne or Griffin ?

    Between those 2 Dayne no doubt. Q is a depth chart guy who is coming off of major knee surgery less than a year ago and was cut in pre-season. Dayne has a chance to get some carries.
  12. Can you believe someone in my league...

    Fair enough. I don't see it but as always respect all opinions. And no more comments on this. Let's let it disappear. We are offending Hugh
  13. Can you believe someone in my league...

    Yup and since we don't have a rule about vetos we do just have to live with it. You should see my leagues message board right now. Not happy. And the guy who dealt Harrison only has Jordan at RB really, and had Bennett, Harrison, Moulds, and Keyshawn at WR. BUT again he can start that lineup. You can start 1 RB and 4 WR's in my league. On top of that even if you need a RB badly you don't deal a top WR for 2 time share RB's regardless. He could have gotten more for Harrison and he isn't required to start 2 RB's anyway so who cares go run and shoot with 1 RB and 4 WR's.
  14. Steve Heiden

    Disagree for the reasons stated above. Plus he did have 3 catches for 32 yards in week one which isn't great but is better than 1 catch or something and shows he is somewhat involved. Will he be great? No way, but he should be better than guys who get 1 or 2 catches a game.
  15. Can you believe someone in my league...

    I respect your opinion and if that's the way it should be so be it my bad. I just didn't know that if you are just stating something and not asking for advice it should be over there. Very good and thanks for the input.