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  1. Cooks or Michel for Flex?

    Snow supposed to stop before game time for Cooks in Denver, Michele injury status in question for Sunday night....what do you guys think?
  2. I've switched my strategy to putting Coleman as my RB2 and Michel as my Flex. It's snowing heavy in Denver so no Cooks for me (got AB and Evans as my WRs anyway). Then if Michel doesn't end up going I'll at least (maybe) have Allison to play my Flex. Fingers crossed.
  3. So as of now I've got Michel as my RB2 and Cooks as my Flex. I'm kind of worried about both of them and I've got Coleman/Collins/Allison available on my bench. Was thinking of starting Coleman over one of either Michel or Cooks....what do you guys think?
  4. Michel or Collins?

    .5ppr, flex spot. Collins @ Pit or Michel vs. Miami? Thank you - will help in return
  5. McCaffrey for Brown?

    Yeah I agree. What if me giving up Reed for Ertz was also part of that deal?
  6. McCaffrey for Brown?

    .5 ppr change anything?
  7. McCaffrey for Brown?

    10 team, .5 ppr, standard roster, 6 pt. TDs Team: Stafford DJ CMC Evans Cooks Reed Collins Def K/ST Ingram Coleman Geronimo Allison OJ Howard Sony Michel Ted Ginn Jr. Mayfield **Should I trade CMC for Antonio Brown? Really on the fence about it. Could get OBJ instead, too.
  8. McCaffrey for OBJ?

    Ingram's schedule when he comes back is absolutely brutal
  9. McCaffrey for OBJ?

    10 team, .5 ppr, standard roster, 6 pt. TDs Team: Stafford DJ CMC Evans Cooks Reed Collins Def K/ST Ingram Coleman Corey Davis Geronimo Allison OJ Howard Empty slot (recent trade) Empty slot (Garrapalo)
  10. 10 team, .5 ppr, standard lineups, 6 pt. TDs My team: Stafford DJ CMC Mike Evans D. Thomas J. Reed J. Conner kicker defense Coleman Ingram Collins Corey Davis G. Allison O.J. Howard bench spot His team: Mahomes Hunt Miller Hopkins Thielen Graham Watkins defense kicker A. Rodgers Kupp J. Brown Ekeler Powell Ebron J. James **He won't trade any stud, but I need help at WR. He offered Collins for Kupp and Collins for Brown (I'd like Collins for Watkins I think). Should I take any of these trades? Also, I've been trying to get a deal done for Thielen or Hopkins w/o giving up DJ or CMC - any ideas there? Thank you in advance!
  11. Thinking about starting Coleman over DJ. I've got Mcaffrey and Connor going. Anybody sitting DJ this week?
  12. Gotta start two - I'm thinking Mcaffrey and Conner because of matchups. Hard to sit DJ and, to a lesser degree, Coleman this week...need advice! (Got myself into this pickle because I started Collins Thursday night for some reason)
  13. Player who fell the furthest in your draft?

    Agholor in the 13th. James White in the 15th. Chris Thompson in the 10th. Not sure if those are super low but they seemed low to me. I remember one of them being at the top of the board forever - like 3 rounds past ADP. I think it was one of those 3. Also, in both my leagues I feel like I could've snagged Tevin Coleman in the 16th. I got him in the 9th and 10th rounds of my drafts.
  14. Who's it gonna be? I've already got DJ, CMC, Collins and Ingram so I won't need to start any of them any time soon. But I like having RBs for various reasons.
  15. My bench is: Rivers Ingram/Coleman/Morris/Conners Davis/Funchess/Crowder