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  1. Don't really want to start Fournette, so I'm deciding between Bernard and Duke Johnson...
  2. Drop Brate for Ebron?

    That's a tough one...I've got both rostered right now. I'd prbably hold on to Brate. Apparently O.J. Howard is expected to have to block quite a bit on Sunday, which means Brate will be running most of the TE routes. I'd stick with him but when it's this close of a call just go with your gut...
  3. Brate or Ebron?

    I've got Olsen, too, but I'm not considering starting him. So, Brate or Ebron this weekend? Thanks..!
  4. Start 2: Fournette/Howard/Drake

    Haha I'm thinking Drake, too, but I don't subscribe to an RB getting garbage time points...
  5. Start 2: Fournette/Howard/Drake

    Thank you...same to ya!
  6. Fournette vs. Seattle Howard @ Cinci Drake vs NE I have no idea. I kind of want to sit Fournette. I've already got Mccoy going. Thinking the Bengals suck against the run and Burfict will be out. Drake has a juicy matchup. That's where my logic is...
  7. Crowder tonight?

    Hmmm...that's a tough one but I'd go Crowder. Cousins' has had 20+ fantasy points every start of his career vs. the Cowboys and Crowder is his favorite target as of late. And they had a great chemistry last year which seems to be back again (don't know what was happening early in the year).
  8. Sanders or Shepard?

    It should be noted I could pick up Josh Doctson, too...
  9. Sanders or Shepard?

    .5 PPR. Got Mike Evans starting in my other WR slot... Thanks guys
  10. 3 of Fitz/Fuller/Shepard/Sanders

    .5 PPR
  11. Need to start 2 WRs and a flex. These are the options. Fitz vs 49ers Fuller vs Colts Shpeard vs Rams Sanders vs Eagles Thank you!!!!
  12. Flex: Drake/Sanders/Shepard

    Nice thank you.
  13. Who should I start at FLEX in a .5 PPR league? I had Fournette but he's inactive today.
  14. I need someone to talk me out of...

    Not sure what the question is....I add and drop kickers like it's my job and I'm leading my league in points by far. Doesn't really matter and kickers are too unpredictable. Even the best kickers will have only 2 extra point attempts some games...