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  1. Should I trade Kerryon/Andrews for Dak/Edelman?

    He also offered me Thielen/Singletary for Kerryon/Andrews (I do have Waller and Hockenson)...
  2. Honest opinion on this trade PLS!!!

    It's a close trade and I'd honestly be happy with Waller. If you can get Kittle after this without giving up too much then that's good.
  3. Honest opinion on this trade PLS!!!

  4. waiver wire- Barber or Gore?

    Barber unsure of FAAB
  5. Which QB to trade?

    Yeah that's way too much. Green then Juju if that doesn't work.
  6. 2nd team in sig. Best QB available is Garoppolo. The other offer he sent me was Dak/Chubb/Graham for Kerryon/Freeman/Andrews.
  7. Trade Hardman for James Washington?

    Ok got it. Hardman regardless!
  8. Trade Hardman for James Washington?

    Ah, ok. Got it. I'd certainly hold on to Hardman. Does no draft pick compensation mean you forfeit the round you drafted a keeper or it doesn't matter?
  9. What do you all think? 2nd team in sig I'm thinking no.
  10. Mahomes/Chubb for Barkley

    Good trade but no I would not. Lamar and Chubb MAYBE
  11. Hopkins for Kupp and Cooper

    Kind of close but no. Ask for more
  12. Who would you rather have??

    1 by a signicant margin.