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  1. Looks like Hilton wont be doing anything for us tonight

    He's fine. He took a series off it looked like.
  2. If Conner doesn't play, which RB?

    Looks like the just named Williams the starter a few minutes ago. Should I still roll with Hines?
  3. If Conner doesn't play, which RB?

    Yeah always good advice. I'm rolling with Hines based on his known role and possibly extra touches with Mack out...who knows but I'm desperate and the winner of my matchup this week is in the playoffs...loser is out.
  4. So who’s the starting Colts rb tonight ?

    I'm rolling with Hines. Lost Kerryon, Freeman, DJ, and Conner...left with Coleman as the only one who is playing this week and had to decided between the three Colts RBs and Ballage. I'm gonna go with Hines based on his known role and possibly a few more carries.
  5. If Conner doesn't play, which RB?

    I'm thinking Williams to be honest. Hines a close 2nd...it's a tough one for sure.
  6. Ballage Wilkins Jonathon Williams Hines McKissic Laird Snell Barber .5ppr Crappy options I know. I can move Conner to my flex, meaning I could potentially start an Indy back tonight

    Doesn't matter. Always start 2 QBs
  8. Do I have a chance of winning?

    You will win for sure ppr or standard doesn't matter
  9. Where are my prediction Guys at?

    You're in better shape than me. Down over 100 with Wilson and Coleman going.
  10. Drop Minshew for Ryan?

    Why do you have 3 QBs? And drop Minshew for Ryan easy. If it's a 1 QB league...you should have 1 QB or maybe 2 if you have the space for some reason.
  11. Kirk or Tate .5 ppr

    Kirk vs. SF Tate @ DAL Both are great pass defenses, but I'm leaning towards Kirk because they run so many plays and I see them being down the whole game without their top 2 RBs (maybe 3?).
  12. Absolutely not. You need something like Carson and a first round pick and that's probably not even enough...are you completely out of the playoff race? Are you blowing up this season? Is it a keeper league? Need more info
  13. Accept this trade? Need help!!!!

    Sounds like you'd be the one getting Julio. That guy is crazy and please take advantage of it. Only if you're getting Julio as others have said.
  14. One last check Irish.... .5ppr I've got Conner/Coleman/D. Freeman in over Edmonds and TY Johnson. Roll with it?