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    Doesn't matter. Always start 2 QBs
  2. Do I have a chance of winning?

    You will win for sure ppr or standard doesn't matter
  3. Where are my prediction Guys at?

    You're in better shape than me. Down over 100 with Wilson and Coleman going.
  4. Drop Minshew for Ryan?

    Why do you have 3 QBs? And drop Minshew for Ryan easy. If it's a 1 QB league...you should have 1 QB or maybe 2 if you have the space for some reason.
  5. Kirk or Tate .5 ppr

    Kirk vs. SF Tate @ DAL Both are great pass defenses, but I'm leaning towards Kirk because they run so many plays and I see them being down the whole game without their top 2 RBs (maybe 3?).
  6. Absolutely not. You need something like Carson and a first round pick and that's probably not even enough...are you completely out of the playoff race? Are you blowing up this season? Is it a keeper league? Need more info
  7. Accept this trade? Need help!!!!

    Sounds like you'd be the one getting Julio. That guy is crazy and please take advantage of it. Only if you're getting Julio as others have said.
  8. One last check Irish.... .5ppr I've got Conner/Coleman/D. Freeman in over Edmonds and TY Johnson. Roll with it?
  9. Screwed Up need help

  10. My buddy is 5-2 and has Jackson and Ingram on BYE and Thielen out. He also just found out Teddy isn't playing. He's playing a 3-4 team who has no BYES and a decent team with a shot to win. I'm right behind the 5-2 team at 4-3. So...his opponent picks up Cousins to play keep away, and I follow suit and drop my defense and Kirk (nobody in this league will pick him up so I will get him back next week) to grab Tannehill and Daniel Jones. Then another leaguemate sees what's going on and drops 2 scrubs for Rudolph and Carr, leaving really only Schaub to be picked up. Honestly all of the QBs mentioned have a similar range of outcomes so it's not like we really screwed him over, but he was pretty pissed about it. I told him I do this kind of stuff every year all year (play keep away, pick up handcuffs just before a primetime game, etc.). He's saying it's collusion and I'm telling him to relax and that none of us even talked about it, it was a domino effect type of thing. And honestly a funny one IMO. I just need a little affirmation here. Half the league aren't keen on these types of strategies so they are seeing it as unfair. I told them/him to be quicker on the wire, especially since they've always made comments about how I pick up every good player (7 year league of friends).
  11. Start 2 of D. Freeman, Coleman, Edmonds

    Alright guys...final opinions. Freeman or Edmonds? Pretty sure I'm going to start Coleman so just need to decide between these two.
  12. Screwed Up need help

    Williams and Moore then try to trade one of your TEs