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  1. Idk if worth sitting eckler or Chubb and start him in flex or do I take shot in dark and switch Everett out at te?
  2. I'm picking up goff as Qb and Steelers d hopefully in a ppr league. My biggest debate if I want to start hooper over eckler or Chubb after last week
  3. My problem is do I start hunt over Boone if Boone is only starter
  4. Mclaurin and jones heavy depend on game flow in opinion where Chubb gets ball win or losing just be nice to see more goalie touches than hunt
  5. Little but I think he a safer best to get 10 13 points by running game if browns are smart and want to win do unexpected and throw him the ball
  6. Who to start

    Ppr league if Boone Is starter do you start him or hunt?
  7. Who to start

    Ppr league gurley against 49ners or hunts vs ravens
  8. Gurley Chubb Hunt Samuel (if Conner is out) Montgomery
  9. Gurley Chubb Hunt Samuel (if Conner is out) Montgomery
  10. Wr help

    Do you start Allen Robinson with bears or sanu with pats
  11. Not sure who to start this week pick 3 rbs from following ppr league Chubb Eckler Samuel (if conner is out still) Gurley Montgomery
  12. Pick one

    Currently starting Samuels Chubb rb thielen, Shepard, and A. Robinson IIat wr So I'm on the fence who to start in flex Hopefully a healthy thielen or eckler Also have have michel,moore and Montgomery wild card options Would you change anything else?
  13. Who to start

    Also have michel too if lol feel like edmonds or michel might get more points than gurly