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  1. Who to start

    Pick 3 to start in ppr Ty Hilton vs oak Robert woods vs GB Fuller vs Mia D thomas vs KC
  2. Who start rb

    Just learn that Riddick is out I have kerryon on my bench would you start him over Michel? In a ppr league
  3. Who to start at the Flex

    I like Taylor in what could he a shoot out with Pat's if Chicago is still rolling hot
  4. Who's starting Olsen this week? I have Kyle Rudolph but I like the opportunity with Panthers not really having a elite receiver to throw to
  5. Who to start

    Who to start this week D. Thomas or fuller
  6. I have Patrick as my starter and can as a back up do I drop cam for goff?
  7. Ppr I do not have bell but Is Conner worth holding onto over mixon or will bell actually play for Steelers when back
  8. Amari Cooper droppable?

    I did in two leagues Coutee looks good just question if houston can support 3 wideout constistly he hurt me last week bc I have fuller coute ate into targets maybe go back and fourth with fuller coutee
  9. Pick 3

    Pick three rb Elliot Gordon Conner or Michel
  10. Got offered Joe Mixon for kerryon Johnson. Do I take it or hold on to kerryon and hope for lead back role. I feel like Johnson would be more productive if he became a lead back
  11. Pick 2

    Johnson and yeldon
  12. Who start rb

    Ppr league who do I start in flex Michel or Conner? Also have Kerryon but seems higher risk than other two
  13. Who to start

    PPR who would you start Hilton, fuller, R.woods, or D. Thomas
  14. Would you change anything?
  15. Kittles in shoot out with chiefs or rudolph in potential blow out with the bills?
  16. Who to start

    Demaryius thomas or will fuller?
  17. QB Help

    Bill's have been terrible see more ground game in 2nd half Cam is the better of the two
  18. Dez bryant

    Anyone holding onto Dez Bryant? Kinda thin at rec worth a spot on bench? Kinda assume or hope by week 5 or 6 he would be with a team
  19. Who start rb

    Dont ask me how but I have Zeke gordon Howard Conner seemed like bo brainer on Zeke and Conner cant decide on 3rd in flex
  20. Who start rb

    I'm not sure who to start Jordan Howard against the cardinals or Melvin gordon against rams assuming he is good to go
  21. Who start rb

    That's my problem lol heavy usage with gordon against a good looking rams defense or Howard against a weaker defense
  22. Who start rb

    If bell stays out for week one would you start james Conner or jordan Howard
  23. Ppr who start to flex Ty hilton vs browns Benjamin vs philly D thomas vs nyg
  24. Evan engram vs chargers Ty hilton vs 49ers
  25. Who to start

    Who do you start