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  1. WR2 help

    hey guys. should I start Nelson Agholor vs San Fran or Ted Ginn jr vs Chicago this week at WR2 im leaning Agholor but they both are going up against pretty bad Ds. thoughts?
  2. Lynch+Crabtree for Julio+B. Allen?

    I think Baltimore is going to be playing Collins more and more down the line But I agree on taking it.
  3. Higgins or Cohen flex

    Anyone have suggestions? I'm leaning toward Cohen vs Pit , but Higgins could have a pretty big day against the Colts if he plays like he did last week.
  4. Justin Tucker for Tarik Cohen

    Also thanks for the help y'all . This is my first time playing FF
  5. Justin Tucker for Tarik Cohen

    Yeah berg I'm projected to have the most points again for the second week. But I'm a little concerned about Carlos Hyde. His division has a lot of good defenses. My rb1 is McCoy. So all I have left is Mixon for matchups. So I think Cohen would be an upgrade. Waiting for league to vote now. Most want me to offer Mixon and Tucker for Cohen and his kicker
  6. I kind of want Cohen and the guy is asking for Tucker in return. Anyone have some insight on the possibility of Cohen being a consistent contributor week to wee? I already have mccoy/hyde/Mixon. Is he worth it?