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  1. Waiver Wire Commissioner help!

    And one more thing! I have seen a lot where people have all waiver nights selected from Tuesday - Sunday. They claim this is the best way to have their settings as it stops people from getting first come first serve players at 2am. Question is: Tuesday night Kareem Hunt is on Waivers. No one puts in a claim. When does he go back to a Free Agent, so people can pick him up on a FCFS basis? Wouldn't he just go straight back on the waiver wire considering we would run waivers again on Wednesday night? Someone please tell me I am overthinking this. Thanks
  2. First of all, I have read many posts about waiver wire settings for fantasy football, and can't find exactly what I am looking for. This is our 6th season using CBS, and we really haven't looked this deep into it. I have been commish for 2 years, and people are asking questions that I feel I should have the answers to! I will try and make this as easy as possible for anyone who thinks they can help. Currently we have our nights to run waivers on Wed, Sat, and Sun I am just looking for answers as to what happens with players, "who are not on a team's roster in the league." Example: Let's assume Kareem Hunt is not on anyone's roster, and is available. Wednesday night comes (our first waiver night) and no one puts in a claim for him. Thursday morning, Kareem Hunt is a free agent. Still no one picks him up. With my current settings, when does Kareem Hunt go back on the waiver wire?. Considering my next waiver night is set to Saturday. Guess I am really trying to find out when NON ROSTERED players go back and forth from FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (FA's) to locked on the WAIVER WIRE. Thanks