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  1. Fantasy Playoff Streaming Defenses

    I picked up Steelers and will ride them out thru the end. Hoping they have something to play for 👍🏼
  2. Fantasy Playoff Streaming Defenses

    I am keeping the Steelers as their schedule seems favorable.
  3. Not taking for granted being in playoffs but still laying groundwork. I have been streaming D's this year. I believe almost any D except NE is subject to consideration to be benched during the playoffs this year. (see Chicago :-( ) I normally have not carried 2 D's but am considering this year. What are you thoughts/votes on D's most valuable during playoffs for ESPN? (4 week playoff, 2 weeks for each of the playoff games) Some teams like Chicago, Buffalo, NE of course, Minnesota, SF Currently available: Rams, Lions, Eagles, Jets, Seahawks, Broncos. Teams to perhaps trade for: Colts, Panthers, Bears???, Bills, Titans, Cowboys 12 team standard ESPN Record 5-2 QB L Jackson, J Allen RB Barkley, Conner, M Gordon, K Johnson, L Murray WR. Thielen, Godwin, McLaurin, Diggs TE H Henry, Waller K Nugent D Steelers, Chargers
  4. Conner Value?

    I think Seattle gave Connor love by saying he has Connor and he would decline it. While I like Connor a lot, the same owner have Gordon, DJ, and their backups/equals would seem good for him. You have to be aware tho that Gordon MAY return to form and Edmonds is money if DJ remains injured due to his back. If winnning now is important tho and since Connor is off his bye, he is golden IF he remains healthy. Pit has a favorable ROS schedule. Be sure to scoop up Connors back up. Samuels will return soon. Good luck.
  5. Defense for Playoffs

    Not only do they have a great playoff schedule, they will need to CARE which also matters. I picked them up last week for the same reasons you stated and I will hold them.
  6. I would stay with Jones and Kelce but it is close for sure. If u are an Ertz fan or huge Bell fan u may want to do or if your gut is saying do it......just do it and don’t look back.
  7. Would you take this trade?

    Jump brother befor he changes his mind!!!
  8. P. Dorsett or Djax ROS?

    Sounds like u thought about it and the argument is sound. Do it quick and if that pans out you are ahead of the game. You may be able to package Woods with another player to upgrade with either clear #1 or other position. Try to move 1 or 2 but not where u get nothing. Good luck and let us know how it pans out.
  9. Wentz and Gordon for mahomes and breida

    Carson and Wentz for Mahomes and Breida? Not if u need better chance of winning the next 4 weeks. If your record is 6-0; 5-1; 4-2, u might consider it. If not? No no no. If for Mahomes and Freeman and u are 3-3 or better, why not 🤷‍♂️. Just my op.
  10. Chark or gore for flex

    Chark attack all the way against my Bungles 😢
  11. Add Drop dilemma

    Sorry, thought about PPR is that your WRs in PPR would be better than your 3/4 RBs
  12. Add Drop dilemma

    Are u desperate for a win? If yes drop Murray if not playing him. U likely are not in any PPR format due to your WRs. If not desperate just roll with the bills and try to trade Murray to AK owner.
  13. P. Dorsett or Djax ROS?

    While I agree with Dorsett I just don’t get the 😓 sweat. Why? You have 4 clear cut better, more consistent WRs in any format. They are more stable. Pick up the healthy one and then see if a backup rb with value is available (Edmonds, Gallup, etc)
  14. Kirk but Ekeler fine too. Do u have a coin? Slight edge and safer for Kirk because they may set Gordon free any day now.
  15. Big Trade Do I do it?

    What is your record??? Just do it if it looks like u will make playoffs.....Chubb is off bye this week. Do it dude.