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  1. Pick 3 of these RB's. PPR. D. Freeman T. Gurley R. Mostert M. Boone L. Bell Also, pick 1 WR. A. Robinson S. Diggs W. Fuller
  2. I managed to snag Boone off waivers further complicating my backfield. Full PPR. Pick 3 of D. Freeman v. JAX T. Gurley @ SF R. Mostert v. LAR M. Boone v. GB L. Bell v. PIT Pretty sure I am not playing Bell but I figured I would throw him in there. I'm also leaning A. Robinson over S Diggs. Decisions decisions...
  3. Start: Broncos or Steelers DST?

    I like Broncos this week but both solid options.
  4. PPR. A. Robinson v. KC S. Diggs v. GB orrrr....start both and bench Mostert in flex?
  5. Need lineup help for the Super Bowl

    You got me all messed up now haha. You really think Bell is worth a start against that Pit D? Hes been running like trash lately too...
  6. Need lineup help for the Super Bowl

    Hmm interesting. What do you make of my RB situation? I'm really starting to lean Mostert over Bell...
  7. Ive got serious lineup second guessing going on. Let me know what yall think...PPR league. Current lineup...should I change anything? QB: Mahomes @ CHI RB1: L. Bell v. PIT RB2: T. Gurley @ SF WR/RB Flex: D. Freeman v. JAX WR1. T. Hill @ CHI WR2. A. Robinson v. KC TE: G. Kittle v. LAR D/ST: Broncos v. DET K. W. Lutz @ TEN Bench: Mostert v. LAR D. Washington v. LAC S. Diggs v. GB W. Fuller @ TB My main concerns are Bell and Gurley. Is Mostert the better option? I also have sneaking suspicion Fuller is going to go off because of great matchup but is he worth the risk? Diggs could too....argh!
  8. PPR. Choose one of these 4 to start alongside Tyreek Hill. Darius Slayton vs. MIA Allen Robinson @ GB Terry Mclaurin vs. PHI Stefon Diggs @ LAC
  9. Who wins this round 2 matchup?

    It doesn't. Just like to see what people think. P.S... Lolo Kids is on in my house 24/7
  10. Rate this trade

    I send out: Phillip Lindsay Sony Michel Alshon Jeffery I receive: Todd Gurley Chris Thompson Who won here?