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  1. Le'veon Bell for Mike Evans?

    Yea since ur deep in WR and need a good RB i would make the trade..itll make ur team much more balance
  2. OBJ trade

    Yea but u dont HAVE to start 4 WRS keep that in mind
  3. Lineup help for week 3

    Thank u..8 man league NPPR.. I picked up zeke in the 3rd round (i had the 4th pick) when everybody questioned it because he was suppose to b suspended.. Now who's laughing 😂😂
  4. Lineup help for week 3

    Sorry I forgot to mention, its a NPPR
  5. Lineup help for week 3

    Right.. If u would have told me that before the start of Sunday i would of laughed at u
  6. So i haven't changed my lineup since i started this season other than my flex (i had L.Miller week 1 i had D.Cook week 2 as flex).. Who would of known shady and zeke would of had a horrible week..but i lost week 2 because i didn't change my roster.. I haven't had a chance to put my lineup as my signature idk if u can do it on ur cell but here is the lineup.. QB: Cam RB: McCoy/Zeke WR: A.Brown/J.Landry TE:D.Walker Flex:D.Cook Def: Cards K: M.Bryant Bench: (RBs)L.Miller, T.Cohen, D.Henry, A.Abdullah (WRs)M. Bryant, A.Jeffery (TE) C.Fleener
  7. Bell for Pryor and CJ Anderson

    Yea if the guy is willing to give Bell for Pryor and C.J. then do it.. U have good WR to plug in after trading away Pryor..
  8. Who would u rather have as ur RB?

    Thanks for the reply.. I own zeke and shady.. I agree with ur response, Shady is banged up and hurt his wrist at the end of the 3rd quarter of week 2s game.. I believe he's still dealing with a groin i jury, correct me if im wrong, and the bills offense is horrible.. They lost Sammy Watkins, personally i think they need to upgrade in the QB position,and they dont have a very solid WRs.. At the end of the day he's muffin Shady 😂😂 Zeke looks like he's going to play the year and serve his suspension like Brady did with he deflate game B.S.. I respect ur opinions.. I had Gordon last year and he was solid just about every week..
  9. OBJ trade

    I agree with robotpimp.. I would do the trade.. U have depth in WRs.. If Keenan Allen can stay healthy hes a solid WR2 and J. Landry is no joke.. I have Landry in my lineup aswell. With Cutler throwing the ball he will target Jarvis alot.. Even if hes about to demolished by a lineman or linebacker hes known to just throw up for grabs.. He did target him 15 times, connecting 13 times..
  10. Im not going to mention which pair of RB I own.. That being said, which pair or RBs would u rather have in ur roster.. L. Bell and M. Gordon or E. Elliot and L. McCoy
  11. Streaming D!

    I have the cards defense also but im not sure if they will have a good FF game for me. Cincy is looking bad so its safe to say Packers D is a safe choice. Im thinking about benching the cards this week
  12. It looks like Hopkins is due for a huge break out week soon..hes getting ALOT of targets..alot of catches..PPR ur no brainer is Hopkins and Cohen..NON PPR ill say Hopkins and Cohen simply because they r getting the touches..sooner or later they will explode.. Those 2 r huge playmakers
  13. Im PPR ill rather have Cohen over Miller for the rest of the season..
  14. Trade thought?

    I personally like devontae more than benjamin he has more upside i think...with benjamin u already k ow what ur getting and cam isnt throwing the ball well at all.. Ill trade benjamin and martin for aj and abdullah
  15. Trade advice

    Yes i would accept asap! Ur WR roster is very good aswell..like eanenson said try n bundle a couple wr for a RB trade..or try n stretch that trade and c what RB he has n add him to the deal while shipping out one of ur WR.. Wr & RB for WR & RB