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  1. I've got Winston & Luck. Winston has been up and down this year and has an extremely rough ROS out look. So should I drop him to grab: A.) Carson Palmer B.) Tyrod Taylor C.) CJ Breathard D.) Brett Hundley E.) Trevor Siemian Or should I just roll with Winston thru his grueling schedule and AC joint sprain til Luck returns healthy? I'm leaning towards dropping him for Taylor & his relatively easy ROS, but Breathard has really good upside imo. What would y'all do?
  2. Ok, so knowing Ty Montgomery is playing today, should I roll out Thompson now instead?
  3. PPR league I'm definitely leaning towards starting Jones. But Thompson is coming out of his bye week and playing the 49ers soft defense. Jones is taking on the much tougher Vikings. Peterson might bust something nice out against Tampa in his first appearance in AZ, but I'm not wanting to bank on that. So I'm just wondering the consensus pick out of these 3.
  4. Should i even consider this trade

    Definitely a No. Counter with something else if you want. Say maybe Montgomery, Allen & Mariota.
  5. Bell trade

    Yeah I'd keep Bell.
  6. If you're in a keeper league don't even think about getting rid of Hunt. Only for a kings ransom would I do that. Hunt looks to be a top 5 RB for multiple years to come, if not the number 1. He's on a great young offense, with a good defense. The Chiefs will be good for a while, so his production is no fluke. He may have some bad injury in the future, but that looks to be like the only thing that'll really slow him down. Plus in that trade you're paying for big names not necessarily production. Gronk is great, but often doesn't play & Zeke is Zeke. He'll get his but he's gonna have a suspension looming sometime this year or next you'll have to deal with. I would not recommend you do this trade.
  7. Bell trade

    Depends on the rest of your team & league settings. PPR Kamara is more valuable. Initial gut instinct without knowing anything else says NO. Certain circumstances may make you feel otherwise though.
  8. Waiver Wire RB Help

    I'd grab Peterson for sure. Reason being since he arrived in Arizona he's now listed as the immediate starter. So he holds atleast RB3 status in my book. McGuire is more of a toss up. If I had to roll the dice on one of these offenses I'd go with Arizona all day.
  9. I'm a huge believer in Andrew's ability when he's healthy. But he's not healthy and might not be for the duration of this season. So should I give up on him for a highly productive, so far I should add, Alex Smith? I know Smith is a on a great team right now, but I also know he hasn't been a great fantasy option thru out the years. What's y'alls opinion? Winston is my other QB btw.
  10. Should I start: Joe Mixon @ Buffalo Or Aaron Jones @ Dallas This is a PPR league
  11. Julio&Howard for Hunt ?

    Thanks for the advice y'all. I'm just really sold on Hunt being the best things this year in fantasy and feel the need to do what's necessary to get him. I feel I could coerce my step bro into doing a Howard for Nelson trade merely for the fact he has OBJ and his only decent RB's are Montgomery and Carson. Both Nelson and Howard had nearly a doughnut a week ago, then went off this week. Plus it'd fill a true need on both teams. I'm gonna try the Jeffrey & Howard move first. But if that fails I'll go Julio&Thompson and see if he bites. I'll hold off on Howard& Julio til the last resort. I'll ask for Sanders in return if that's the case.
  12. Julio&Howard for Hunt ?

    Winston, Julio, Jeffrey, Thielen, Watkins, Garcon, Kupp, Ertz, Fournette, Howard, Thompson (redskins), & Mixon. I agree that Jeffrey probably wouldn't get it done. But would Watkins possibly do it? He's played well with the rams, only missed one ball so far. I would say Thielen but the guy who has Hunt has Diggs. Or should I try a Julio & Thompson combo and then trade Howard for a WR? Say Jordy Nelson, I could pry him from another team for Howard.
  13. Julio&Howard for Hunt ?

    Ok, so would Jeffrey & Howard level it out a bit more? I'd rather not trade Julio, but I just feel I'll have to in order to get Hunt.
  14. Trade Advice

    Team A: Julio & Howard Team B: Hunt & Sanders I'm a firm believer Hunt will be the best fantasy player this year and I'll do what's necessary to get him. I'd rather not trade Julio, so would a Jeffrey&Howard for just Hunt work better in value ? I'm trying to sell high on Howard. I don't trust him with Cohen stealing reps & his dinged up shoulder. I know I have to do this quick since Howard plays Thursday. So what do y'all think?