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  1. I'd probably roll with Funchess as well. He has a great match up, plus volume. Though when Foles started for the eagles in 2014 he completed nearly 75% of his passes over the middle of the field, which bodes well for Ertz, & the Giants are dead last against defending TE's. So you should be in a good spot no matter who you choose to play.
  2. Bortles vs Houston Or Winston vs Atlanta Or Mariota @ San Fran
  3. Jeffrey or Nelson?

    Jeffrey @ NYG with Nick Foles @ QB Or Nelson @ Carolina on Rodgers first game back? PPR league.
  4. Ertz or Doyle?

    Ertz @ NYG with Nick Foles @ QB Or Doyle vs Denver tonight? PPR league
  5. RB Conundrum

    Indecision has me asking the question: Should I roll with Perine as my RB2 like I have for the past month, or put in CJ Anderson or Theo Riddick? Perine vs Arizona Riddick vs Chicago Anderson @ Indy (Thursday)
  6. QB question

    I'm up in the air on who to start. It's either: Mariota @ Arizona Or Winston vs Detroit Who would you start?
  7. Perine or Peterson?

    PPR league: Perine vs Giants Or Peterson vs Jags
  8. QB's

    Who to go with? Eli @ Redskins Or Mariota @ Colts
  9. This is a PPR league. Peterson against Houston Or Thompson against New Orleans
  10. Who to start?

    PPR league: Julio Thielen Jeffrey Sheppard Need 3 of these guys and I can't make up my mind on who to start.
  11. Mariota or Manning ?

    Not sure who to roll with. Who would y'all start?
  12. I've got Taylor & Winston, so I'm in need of a QB bad. Also have Jones, Nelson,Thielen, Jeffrey,Garcon, Fournette, Mixon,Thompson, Peterson & Ertz. Guy has Watson, Rivers, Carr , Allen, Landry, Crabtree, beasley, ivory, Gordon, Murray, riddick & Henry. Was thinking maybe Jones for Watson straight up, but I'd rather hold on to Julio. Do y'all think Jeffrey & Peterson would work & be worth it?
  13. I'd shoot for the stars and try for Wentz or Watson straight up, maybe Wilson or Brady. If the other guy has another decent QB, he might just bite. Obviously try and target a WR depleted team. It'll be hard to get a decent receiver in addition to a top flight QB. Hope this helps; good luck.
  14. Wondering the consensus on this trade. Would you do it? This is a PPR league
  15. I'd keep Jones over Hill personally. But I'd agree to target someone around the likes of Melvin Gordon. He's in the same value range as Julio this year.