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  1. RB Conundrum

    Indecision has me asking the question: Should I roll with Perine as my RB2 like I have for the past month, or put in CJ Anderson or Theo Riddick? Perine vs Arizona Riddick vs Chicago Anderson @ Indy (Thursday)
  2. QB question

    I'm up in the air on who to start. It's either: Mariota @ Arizona Or Winston vs Detroit Who would you start?
  3. Perine or Peterson?

    PPR league: Perine vs Giants Or Peterson vs Jags
  4. QB's

    Who to go with? Eli @ Redskins Or Mariota @ Colts
  5. This is a PPR league. Peterson against Houston Or Thompson against New Orleans
  6. Who to start?

    PPR league: Julio Thielen Jeffrey Sheppard Need 3 of these guys and I can't make up my mind on who to start.
  7. Mariota or Manning ?

    Not sure who to roll with. Who would y'all start?
  8. I've got Taylor & Winston, so I'm in need of a QB bad. Also have Jones, Nelson,Thielen, Jeffrey,Garcon, Fournette, Mixon,Thompson, Peterson & Ertz. Guy has Watson, Rivers, Carr , Allen, Landry, Crabtree, beasley, ivory, Gordon, Murray, riddick & Henry. Was thinking maybe Jones for Watson straight up, but I'd rather hold on to Julio. Do y'all think Jeffrey & Peterson would work & be worth it?
  9. I'd shoot for the stars and try for Wentz or Watson straight up, maybe Wilson or Brady. If the other guy has another decent QB, he might just bite. Obviously try and target a WR depleted team. It'll be hard to get a decent receiver in addition to a top flight QB. Hope this helps; good luck.
  10. Wondering the consensus on this trade. Would you do it? This is a PPR league
  11. I'd keep Jones over Hill personally. But I'd agree to target someone around the likes of Melvin Gordon. He's in the same value range as Julio this year.
  12. Pick 2 PPR Question

    Agreed, Cleveland is no slouch. In fairness though they also played Bell in first game back with the team after no training camp or preseason I do believe. Either way, I just feel a Jim Schwartz lead defense is gonna be tougher, especially the second time around.
  13. I agree Pittsburgh's D has been good this year, but not so much against the run. They're ranked 5th best matchup in yahoo leagues. I had Jordan Howard earlier this year (before I traded him for Jordy Nelson) and sat him against Pitt and he had a monster game; Fournette also tore them up. So that's why I'm hesitant to sit Mixon, but I know Thompson has been a hell of a lot more productive. Just Thompson has played Philly once this year & did well. So they're probably gonna key in on him. Makes this decision tough to me.
  14. Pick 2 PPR Question

    I'd go Ivory for sure, then a toss up between Thompson @ Philly or Murray @ Cleveland. Murray's in a better position imo but isn't 100% healthy & has Henry pushing for touches behind him. Thompson already played Philly this year, so they might be scheming against him this time.
  15. Big Trade Involving Fournette - WHIR

    I wouldn't, not in a standard league. Brown isn't as valuable as Fournette to me in standard settings. If it was PPR this would be more even imo & I'd think long and hard about it. Still, I don't think I'd do it. Even with him sitting this game out, Fournette is just too good to let go.